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Sukhoi Design Bureau - Projects

In November 1949, a government's resolution scrapped the Design Bureau, not to be resurrected till May 1953, when it was set up with new production facilities. The Design Bureau got a new lease on life with the advent of supersonic jet aviation. The development of a new generation of fighters and interceptors was set by several resolutions of the USSR Council of Ministers back in 1953. The tasks were set by two design bureaus: A.I.I. Mikoyan and restored shortly after the death of I.V. Stalin OKB-51 P.O.Sukhoi.

Returning to active work in the rank of chief designer, P.O. Sukhoi also did not begin to exchange for trifles and laid down four parallel projects, or rather, two vehicles - a fighter and an interceptor, each in two versions - with an arrow-shaped (series "S") and a triangular (series "T") wing (interestingly, that later, in OKB-51, apparently, they preferred to forget about the "deep" sense of these lettering, so later the T-8 (Su-25) and T-10 (Su-27) did not appear with triangular wings).

First Series - Pre-1949

ANT-5 Fighter
ANT-25 multipurpose aircraft
ANT-37bis HOMELAND aircraft for long-haul flights
I-4 Fighter
I-14 Fighter
I-330 Fighter
I-360 Fighter
P-1 experimental fighter
P-42 plane Record
NW-2 Light Bomber
SB Assault bomber
Su-1 Fighter
Su-2 Light Bomber Reconnaissance
Su-3 Fighter
Su-4 Light bomber attack
Su-5 fighter-interceptor with a combined power plant
Su-6 Assault
Su-7 (FIRST) fighter-interceptor
Su-8 Heavy attack
Su-9K (FIRST) Me-262 fighter-bomber
Su-10 frontline bomber
Su-11(FIRST) fighter-bomber
Su-12 ground artillery fire Spotter
Su-13 fighter
Su-15 (FIRST) fighter-interceptor
Su-17 (FIRST) Experimental fighter
UTB-2 Tu-2 bomber trainer

Second Series - Post-1953


aka SKD-717 ultra-large passenger project

P-1Product II interceptor prototype

record airplane

Strelka - Arrow / Swept Wing
S-1Su-7 interceptor prototype
S-6interceptor prototype aka S-60
S-16 6-8 passenger project [aka S-86]
S-21supersonic bizjet project
S-22Su-7 variant prototype
S-23Su-7 variant prototype
S-25Su-7 variant prototype
S-37 Berkut experimental fighter
S-51 supersonic passenger jet project
S-54 multipurpose combat training aircraft
S-55 multipurpose export fighter
S-56 Shipborne Fighter
S-60interceptor prototype aka S-6
S-62UAV HALE [project]
S-70UAV Okhotnik-B
S-80 multi-purpose transport aircraft
S-80GP multipurpose transport aircraft
S-843 passenger multi-purpose project
S-86 6-8 passenger project [aka S-16]
S-90 medium ekranoplane project
S-99 vague rumor / stray voltage ??
S-986S-80 variant with M-14P engines
Treugolnaya - Triangular / Delta Wing
T-3Su-9 Fighter prototype
T-4 bomber-missile
T-4M Missile carrier scout
T-4MS Missile carrier scout
T-6Su-24 bomber prototype
T-10 Su-27 fighter prototype
T-37experimental fighter-interceptor
T-43Su-9 Fighter prototype
T-47Su-11 Fighter prototype
T-49 adjustable isentropic air intake
T-50 PAK FA fighter prototype
T-58Lexperimental fighter
T-58VDexperimental fighter with OHR
Sukhoi - production aircraft
Su-7 tactical fighter
Su-7B fighter-bomber
Su-7BM fighter-bomber
Su-7BKL fighter-bomber
Su-7BMK fighter-bomber
Su-7U Combat training fighter
Su-7UMK Combat training fighter
Su-8 Super-heavy attack
Su-9 fighter-interceptor
Su-9U Combat training interceptor
Su-11 fighter-interceptor
Su-12 Scout spotter
Su-13 fighter-bomber
Su-14ground attack PROJECT
Su-15 fighter-interceptor
Su-15T fighter-interceptor
Su-15TM Fighter Interceptor
Su-15UM training fighter
Su-15UTI training fighter
Su-17 fighter-bomber
Su-17M fighter-bomber
Su-17M2 fighter-bomber
Su-17M3 fighter-bomber
Su-17M4 fighter-bomber
Su-17UM training fighter Su-18
Su-19 fighter-bomber project
Su-20Su-17 fighter-bomber export version
Su-22Su-17 fighter-bomber export version
Su-24 frontline bomber
Su-24M front-line bomber
Su-24M2 frontline bomber
Su-24MK front-line bomber
Su-24MP aircraft jammer
Su-24MR reconnaissance aircraft Frontline
Su-24M (TK) Tactical tanker
Su-25 Assault GRACH
Su-25BM Towing targets
Su-25SM Assault
Su-25T Assault
Su-25TM Assault
Su-25UB combat Forward Training
Su-25UTG trainer aircraft
Su-26 sports trainer aircraft
Su-27 multi-role fighter
Su-27IB tactical fighter-bomber
Su-27K Deck fighter-interceptor
Su-27M multi-role fighter
Su-27SK fighter Multipurpose
Su-27SMK multipurpose fighter
Su-27UB combat training destroyer
Su-27UBK Combat training fighter
Su-27UBM Combat training fighter
Su-27UBM1 Combat training fighter
Su-27UBP Fighter Interceptor
Su-28 Su-25UT (Frogfoot B) trainer
Su-29 trainer aircraft
Su-30 fighter-interceptor
Su-30K multi-role fighter
Su-30KI multipurpose fighter
Su-30KN Multirole Fighter
Su-30MK multirole fighter
Su-30MK2 multi-role fighter
Su-30MKA multipurpose fighter
Su-30MKI multi-role fighter
Su-30MKK multipurpose fighter
Su-30MKM multirole fighter
Su-31 trainer aircraft
Su-32FN multipurpose strike fighter
Su-33 fighter Deck
Su-33KUB deck fighter
Su-34 frontline bomber
Su-35 multi-role fighter
Su-35s ("BM") multi-role fighter
Su-35UB combat training destroyers
Su-37 multipurpose fighter TERMINATOR
Su-38agricultural aircraft
Su-39 attack aircraft
Su-47 Berkut experimental fighter
Su-49 trainer aircraft
Su-52 trainer aircraft
Su-57 PAK FA fighter
Su-75 Checkmate LTS
Su-80 Multifunctional cargo aircraft
SUPERJET 100 medium-haul passenger aircraft

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