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Sukhoi Su-29

In 1990 the Sukhoi Design Bureau started work on designing the Sukhoi Su-29 two-seat training and sports aircraft, which would be a further development of the Su-26 M. In 1991 Sukhoi began the construction of two prototype aircraft, which were intended for flight tests. Additionally, two more were built prototype - for static testing.

At the end of 1991 held its first experimental flight of the prototype Su-29, and in May 1992 was held on the flight of the first production machine. In 1994, a prototype of the Su-29KS, which was equipped with ejection seats SCS-94, the development association "Star". Continuous updating of this aircraft with data seating was designated Su-29M.

To date, produced more than 60 aircraft such as Su-29. They are operated in Russia, in Australia, the UK, the US, South Africa and other countries as a trainer aircraft. In 1997, the Argentine Air Force decided to purchase seven planes Su-29, to improve the training of pilots. On the Argentine aircraft set screw made in Germany, a new canopy crew, made in Sweden, wheels and chassis avionics (including GPS receiver satellite navigation system from the USA.

Manufacturer Sukhoi
Engine 1hPD M-14P
Wingspan 8.20 m
Length 7.29 m
Height 2.74 m
Wing area 12, 24 m
Empty weight 735 kg
Normal takeoff weight 862 kg
Crew 2
Speed ??limit: 450 km / h
maximum speed in level flight: 385 km / h
Flight range 1,200 km
maximum rate of climb 1,600 m / min
Service ceiling 4000 m
Max. operational overload 12
  • Su-29KS - advanced Su-29 ejection seat SCS-94 (1994).
  • Su-29M - serial Su-29 ejection seat SCS-94.
  • Su-29AR - modification for the Argentine Air Force.

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