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Sukhoi Su-29

The two-seat Su-29 sports and aerobatic aircraft is intended for training, training and participation of pilots in aerobatics competitions and demonstration performances at air shows, as well as for maintaining flight skills by pilots of military and civil aviation.

In 1990 the Sukhoi Design Bureau started work on designing the Sukhoi Su-29 two-seat training and sports aircraft, which would be a further development of the Su-26M. The aircraft was created on the basis of the Su-26M and borrowed many structural and technological solutions from its predecessor. At the same time, thanks to the widespread introduction of composite materials - the share of which in the Su-29 aircraft exceeded 60%, the weight of an empty aircraft increased by only 50 kg. When flying with one pilot, the aircraft is not inferior in its characteristics to the Su-26M.

In 1991 Sukhoi began the construction of two prototype aircraft, which were intended for flight tests. Additionally, two more were built prototype - for static testing. At the end of 1991, the first prototype Su-29 took to the air, and in May 1992 the first production aircraft flew. In 1994, a prototype of the Su-29KS, which was equipped with ejection seats SCS-94, the development association "Star". Continuous updating of this aircraft with data seating was designated Su-29M.

To date, produced more than 60 aircraft such as Su-29. They are operated in Russia, in Australia, the UK, the US, South Africa and other countries as a trainer aircraft. In 1997, the Argentine Air Force decided to purchase seven Su-29 planes, to improve the training of pilots. On the Argentine aircraft was a propeller made in Germany, a new canopy made in Sweden, wheels and chassis avionics (including GPS receiver satellite navigation system from the USA. In 1999, the supply of Su-29 aircraft to Argentina was completed.

Manufacturer Sukhoi
Engine 1hPD M-14P
Wingspan 8.20 m
Length 7.29 m
Height 2.74 m
Wing area 12, 24 m
Empty weight 735 kg
Normal takeoff weight 862 kg
Crew 2
Speed ??limit: 450 km / h
maximum speed in level flight: 385 km / h
Flight range 1,200 km
maximum rate of climb 1,600 m / min
Service ceiling 4000 m
Max. operational overload 12
  • Su-29KS - advanced Su-29 ejection seat SCS-94 (1994).
  • Su-29M - serial Su-29 ejection seat SCS-94.
  • Su-29AR - modification for the Argentine Air Force.

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