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Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos)

Russian Space Agency (RKA)

The Russian Space Agency (RKA), led by General Director Yuri Nikolayevich Koptev, began as a relatively small organization (a few hundred personnel) with largely administrative functions, but, particularly during 1994, the agency began assuming greater power as several industrial concerns joined its modest scientific research center association. The growing number of bilateral and multilateral accords with other national space agencies, e.g., the International Space Station, has also increased the influence of the RKA. The official responsibilities of the RKA were codified in August, 1993, in the Russian Federation Law on Space. During 1993 RKA drafted the long-range civilian space program objectives through the year 2000.

A government mandate ordered the Russian Space Agency to incorporate the aviation industry within its framework in 1999. It was renamed the Rosaviakosmos. During the administrative reforms of 2004 responsibility for the aviation industry was transfered to the Federal Agency on Industry (Rosprom). The newly-named Federal Space Agency Roscosmos) was dedicated solely to space activities and operations. Anatoly Perminov was appointed head of the agency.

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