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Federal Agency on Industry (Rosprom)

The Federal Agency on Industry (Rosprom), which is subordinate to the Ministry of Industry and Energy, is a federal executive body tasked with performing the functions of service, oversight and management in the industries of mechanical engineering, metal, chemical, petrochemical, biotechnological, medical, light, timber, paper and pulp, woodworking, aircraft, shipbuilding, electronic, telecommunications, radio, ammunition, special chemicals, chemical disarmament and conventional armament industries. It is also responsible for fulfilling Russia's obligations dictated by the Biological Weapons Convention and the Chemical Weapons Convention.

In February 2004 President Putin disbanded the Control Systems Agency, the Shipbuilding Agency, the Conventional Weapons Agency, and the Munitions Agency, and transferred their functions to Rosprom. In addition, the aircraft construction sector was removed from the Russian Space Agency (Rosaviakosmos) and reorganized under Rosprom. Each of these Agencies was replaced by an analogous Directorate under Rosprom [the Federal Industrial Agency]. Boris S. Alyoshin was appointed head of the agency on 12 March 2004.

Large vertically integrated companies ("concerns") were created in the major fields of the Defence industry. Despite the Government's growing influence over the Defence industry, some important issues remained un-resolved. By mid-2005 the Intergovernmental Financial and Industrial Defence Groups were in a limbo, as no decision had been taken as to which government authority should oversee their activities and what will happen to these groups. However, some of the groups were working successfully and manufacture goods competitive on the world markets.

The Federal agency on industry carries out the following basic functions:

  1. renders state services in the sphere of developing and ensuring manufacturing, scientific-technical and innovative activities, including those using the newest world achievements of science and technology;
  2. performs law-application functions in the field of realization of the state industrial, innovative and military-technical policy, conducting registers of the defense-industrial complex organizations, experimental aviation airfields, and also other registers, lists in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  3. performs in the field of the Agencys activities the functions of the primary manager of the federal budget means and the customer of the state defense order, corresponding interstate and federal special programs, as well as construction sites and facilities of the federal address investment program;
  4. provides along with other state customers accomplishment of the state armament program and the state defense order;
  5. provides within the limits of its competence realization of the state policy in the field of agreements on division of produce;
  6. coordinates mutual deliveries of special component products and material resources for manufacture of military purpose production within the framework of production cooperation of organizations of the states-participants of the Commonwealth of Independent States;
  7. makes decisions on issues of circulation of special materials and special purpose equipment for manufacturing armament, ammunition to it, military materiel, spare parts, component products and instruments to them, explosives and waste products of their manufacturing, as well as means of detonation, industrial purpose gunpowders and pyrotechnic products;
  8. determines in the prescribed manner the organizations - developers and manufacturers of military purpose production, participating in implementation of foreign trade contracts on delivery of military purpose products, and ensures coordination of fulfilling these foreign trade contracts;
  9. considers questions about granting to Russian organizations - developers and manufacturers of military purpose production, belonging to the Agency - the right to carry out foreign trade activities concerning military purpose production and prepares in the prescribed manner corresponding documents;
  10. realizes on behalf of the Russian Federation the proprietors powers concerning the rights to corresponding results of intellectual activities of the organizations subordinated to the Agency, within the limits and in the order, established by the federal legislation;
  11. participates in the implementation of international contracts of the Russian Federation in the field of the Agencys activities;
  12. provides accomplishment of actions on mobilization preparations, civil defense, storage of mobilization reserve material assets, protection of the data constituting the state and service secret, organization of departmental security.
  13. other basic functions concerning the Agencys sphere of activities.
The agency within the limits and order, determined by the federal laws, acts of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation, performs the powers of proprietor in relation to the federal property necessary for providing the execution of functions of federal governmental bodies, including the property transferred to federal state unitary enterprises, federal fiscal enterprises and state establishments subordinate to the Agency.

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