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1996-97 - Ministry of the Defense Industry
(MOP - Ministerstvo oboronnoy promyshlennosti)

The nomenclature "Ministry of Defense Industry" has been used by several different agencies over the years, each with rather different responsibilities. Whereas in Soviet times the nine arms industry ministries probably employed over 10 000 personnel, by 2005 the equivalent number appeared to be little more than 500. Since the adoption of these new administrative arrangements, there were frequent complaints that the state had effectively lost control of the arms industry; it was alleged that the agencies were understaffed and that there was a lack of clarity as to the respective responsibilities.

Roskomoboronprom - Russian Committee of the Defence Industry, 199293
Goskomoboronprom - State Committee of the Defence Industry, 199396
Ministry of Defense Industry, 199697
Zinovy Pak 8 May 1996 17 Mar 1997

In May 1996 Goskomoboronprom was upgraded to create the Ministry of the Defense Industry (Minoboronprom). In 1995 defense industrial production fell by 21 percent compared with 1994, when production in turn was 25 percent lower than 1993.

In January 1996, orders were 25 percent below the level for January 1995, and in the first half of 1996 the Ministry of Defense had not completed payment for its 1994 and 1995 deliveries from defense plants. Hardest hit were the shipbuilding, radio, electronics, and ammunition industries. Between 1991 and 1994, annual production of main battle tanks dropped from 900 to 40, of infantry fighting vehicles from 3,000 to 400, of fighter aircraft from 225 to 50, and of helicopters from 350 to 100. Those statistics partly reflect the intentional reduction of forces that began in the late Gorbachev era before the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact in 1991, but they also indicate the overall deterioration of the industry.

Official figures showed that Russia had cut its military spending from 7.9% of gross domestic product in 1990 to 3.7% in 1997.

The State Committee for Defense Industries (established in 1992), which became the Ministry of Defense Industry in 1996, was disbanded in March 1997. The former ministry had wanted to unite more than 320 defense production facilities, research institutes, and design bureaus into 30 state-controlled corporations. At least five such conglomerates had been set up but that prospects for further consolidations seemed dim.

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