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Operation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan 4 [OEF-A 4]
US Forces Order of Battle
29 August 2003

This is a "best available" order-of-battle of forces deployed in CENTCOM's part of Central and Southwest Asia, as well as EUCOM forces in Turkey participating in Operation Northern Watch. The amount of publicly available information concerning aircraft types and specific units has diminished to the point that it is no longer possible to provide a high fidelity profile of current deployments. There are evidently significant gaps in unit identifications, as well as non-trivial uncertainties as to numbers of specific types of aircraft. The presence of significant numbers of civilian contractor personnel at various facilities in the region further complicates accounting for total personnel numbers.

Excluding forces deployed in direct support of Operations Iraqi Freedom, there are about 11,000 military personnel in the CENTCOM area of responsibility.

Ground forces include a brigade-sized unit located throughout Afghanistan. Rotations occur every 6 months and take over a month to complete. A name for the rotation has yet to be identified. It is believed that the total Army presence in the region is nearly 9.600 soldiers.

The US Air Force's Expeditionary Air and Space Force (EAF) concept and organization sets a guideline for Air Force deployments to operational locations. The EAF is comprised of 10 Aerospace Expeditionary Forces (AEF) each with lead combat and support wings including on-call wings that could be deployed if required. While deployments for active duty units generally lasts roughly 90-days while Reserve and Guard units deploy typically for 30 - 60 days, though the Air Force's adoption of Blue and Silver rotations from July 2003 until mid-March 2004 have each of these rotations deployed for 120 days each. AEF Silver is currently deployed and will not be relieved until mid-March 2004 at which point AEF 7 and 8 will rotate into the region.

Recent Developments

A brigade rotation is currently underway. 1st Brigade, 10th Mountain Division has begun deploying to the region. Some 600 soldiers began arriving after the beginning of July. The unit will replace the brigade from the 82nd Airborne.

  • A November 23, 2003 press release from the 10th Mountain Division indicates that the 1st Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment is currently deployed Afghanistan.
  • The 1-501st Parachute Infantry Regiment deployed to Afghanistan in late October 2003 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. The unit will be in the region for six months.
  • Information obtained from the Public Affairs Officer for the 10th Mountain Division indicates that the brigade rotation is well underway. Roughly 3,000 soldiers from the division are in Afghanistan, with some 2,500 from the 1st Brigade and another 400 soldiers from the 2nd Brigade providing training to the Afghan Army.
  • The 1st Battalion, 504th PIR has not been in Afghanistan for some 6 months. It has been removed from the listings.
  • 200 soldiers from the 2nd Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Rgt returned to Fort Bragg on July 10, 2003 according to a press release issued by the 82nd Airborne on July 14.
  • A photo from late July 2003 indicates that the 104th Fighter Squadron is currently operating from Bagram AB. Unfortunately, it is not clear when Air Force assets are arriving and departing the region, so it is thought that the 81st Fighter Squadron may have departed the area sometime ago.
  • A Company, 41st Engineer Battalion has been identified as operating in Afghanistan, as has the 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry, and 3rd Squadron of the 17th Cavalry Regiment. All of these units are part of the 10th Mountain Division.
  • The 719th Medical Detachment is in Afghanistan. It is a vetinary unit.
  • The 527th Engineer Battalion returned to the United States on August 29, 2003 according to the Associated Press on the same date. The first elements to come back numbered roughly 300 soldiers with the remaining 200 soldiers to return with a week of the first detachement. The unit deployed in January.

US CENTCOM - Ground Forces
Combined Forces Command - Afghanistan

Combined Joint Task Force 180
Co K, 4-159th Aviation Rgt
175th Engineer Co [CJ-7 Cell?]
452nd Combat Support Hospital
719th Medical Det.
704th Explosive Ordnance Co
705th Explosive Ordnance Co
731st Explosive Ordnance Co
441st Ordnance BN
327th Signal BN
728th Military Police Co
797th Ordnance Co (EOD)
450th Civil Affairs BN
Task Force 44
909th Forward Surgical Team
946th Forward Surgical Team
427th Medical Logistics
4th Psychological Operation Group
301st Psychological Operations Co
element, 1st Corps Support Command
264th Logistics Task Force
307th Logistics Task Force
Logistics Task Force 46
659th Maintenance Co
375th Quartermaster Co
Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force - Afghanistan
Task Force 121
Task Force Angel
5th BN, 19th Special Forces Group~ 300
1st BN, 20th Special Forces Group~ 400
element of 3rd Special Forces Group
U/I Naval Special Warfare Unit
Task Force 11
Task Force 64
element of Aust Special Air Service Rgt
Coalition Task Force Warrior [1BDE, 10 MTN]~ 5,000
A Co, 3rd BN, 62nd Air Defense Artillery Rgt
1st BN, 87th Infantry Rgt
2nd BN, 22nd Infantry Rgt
1st BN, 501st Parachute Infantry Rgt
3rd Sq, 17th Cavalry Rgt
3rd BN, 6th Field Artillery REGT
10th Forward Support BN
C Co, 159th Aviation Rgt? - CH-47
3rd BN, 229th Aviation Rgt? - AH-64A
126th Finance BN
50th Signal BN
A Co, 41st Engineer BN
Coalition Joint Civil-Military Operations Task Force
403rd Civil Affairs BN
407th Civil Affairs BN
Coalition Joint Task Force Phoenix
element, 2nd BDE, 10th Mountain Division ~ 400
2nd BN, 87th Infantry Rgt
210th Forward Support BN

Land Based Aircraft

Location Unit Squadron Aircraft Personnel
20th Special Operations Sq? - MH-53M
Afghanistan - Bagram Airfield
455th Air Expeditionary Group
455th Security Forces Sq
18th Civil Engineering Sq
48th Civil Engineering Sq
104th Fighter Sq 8 - A-10 ~ 150
Marine Attack Squadron 513 6 - AV-8
Afghanistan - Kandahar Airfield
Marine Air Control Sq 4
Kyrgyzstan - Manas
376th Air Expeditionary Wing
U/I Fighter Squadron ? - F-15
U/I Fighter Squadron ? - F-16
U/I Fighter Squadron [EPAF] 18 - F-16
22nd Air Refueling Sq ? - KC-135
Pakistan - Jacobabad AB
321st Air Expeditionary Group
11th Reconnaissance Sq ? - RQ-1
15th Reconnaissance Sq ? - RQ-1
U/I Unit? - C-130
U/I Unit? - MH-153E
U/I Unit? - UH-60
U/I Unit? - CH-47
U/I Unit? - F-16
Uzbekistan - Karshi-Khanabad AB
U/I Unit

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