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US Forces Korea Order of Battle (as of 19 December 2011)

US Forces Korea

TOTAL ~28,000-28,500

US Forces Korea - Ground

TOTAL ~20,500-22,000
Eighth United States Army
4th Battalion (Airfield Operations), 58th Aviation
175th Financial Management Center
Joint US Military Affairs Group - Korea
Korea Field Office (CID)
Korea Service Corps Battalion
129th Medical Detachment
Special Troops Battalion - Korea
US Army Corps of Engineers - Far East District
1st Signal Brigade ~3,000
36th Signal Battalion
41st Signal Battalion
304th Integrated Tactical Signal Battalion
6th Signal Center
35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade ~1,000
2nd Battalion, 1st Air Defense Artillery
6th Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery
65th Medical Brigade ~3,000
501st Military Intelligence Brigade ~3,000
3rd Military Intelligence Battalion
368th Military Intelligence Battalion
524th Military Intelligence Battalion
532nd Military Intelligence Battalion
719th Military Intelligence Battalion
ROK/US Combined Forces Command  
Combat Support Coordination Team #1
Combat Support Coordination Team #2
Combat Support Coordination Team #3
2nd Infantry Division ~7,000-8,000
2nd Infantry Division Special Troops Battalion
1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division
1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion
4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry
2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry (Mechanized) M2A2 BFV
1st Battalion, 15th Field Artillery M109A6
Task Force, 1st Battalion, 72nd Armor M1A1 MBT
302nd Brigade Support Battalion
210st Fires Brigade
6th Battalion, 37th Field ArtilleryM270 MLRS
1st Battalion, 38th Field ArtilleryM270 MLRS
F/333rd Field Artillery (TA)
579th Signal Company
70th Brigade Support Battalion
2nd Combat Aviation Brigade
602nd Aviation Support Battalion
1st Battalion (Attack), 2nd Aviation
2nd Battalion (Assault), 2nd Aviation
3rd Battalion (General Support), 2nd Aviation
4th Battalion (Attack), 2nd Aviation
19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command ~3,500-4,000
Special Troops Battalion
501st Corps Sustainment Brigade
Material Support Center, Korea
United Nations Command
UNC Security Battalion - Joint Security Area ~40
US Army Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
599th Transportation Group
837th Transportation Battalion
Marine Corps Forces - Korea
Special Operations Command - Korea
Army Special Operations Forces Liaison Element-Korea (ALE-K)

US Forces Korea - Air

Wing Squadron Location Aircraft Personnel
Land Based Aircraft
Seventh Air Force
731st Air Mobility SquadronOsan AB, ROK
694th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group Osan AB, ROK
5th Reconnaissance Squadron Osan AB, ROK? - U-2
Detachment 1, 33rd Rescue SquadronOsan AB, ROK? - HH-60G
8th Fighter WingKunsan AB, ROK
Operations Support Squadron ? - C-12J
35th Fighter Squadron 24 - F-16CD
80th Fighter Squadron 24 - F-16CD
51st Fighter WingOsan AB, ROK
Operations Support Squadron ? - C-12J
25th Fighter Squadron 20 - A-10
36th Fighter Squadron 24 - F-16CD
Thirteenth Air Force*
36th WingAndersen AB, Guam
36th Operations Group

US Forces Korea - Naval Forces

Command Unit Squadron Aircraft Personnel
US Naval Forces, Korea (CTF-78)
Commander Fleet Activities, Chinhae


  • * Thirteenth Air Force is not technically assigned to US Forces Korea, but is included in this ORBAT because of its proximity and relevance.

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