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5th Battalion, 14th Marine Regiment

5th Battalion, 14th Marines is prepared, upon activation, to provide artillery fires "on time, on target", in the execution of the artillery battalion's tactical mission to provide direct support to a maneuver element or general and reinforcing fires to a senior artillery organization.

Fifth Battalion, 14th Marines was originally located in downtown Los Angeles at Chavez Ravine. In 1994 the Northridge earthquake damaged the battalion's facility there and caused the unit to move to the Long Beach Naval Station. When the Naval Station was closed as a result of the Base Realignment and Closure Program the battalion headquarters moved into temporary facilities aboard the Naval Weapons Station, Seal Beach, CA. The battalion occupied the current site on the Weapons Station, the Sergeant Foster Reserve Training Center, during October 2000.

The 14th Marines mission is to augment and reinforce active Marine forces in time of war, national emergency or contingency operations. The 14th Marine Regimental Headquarters, located in Ft. Worth, TX accomplishes its augment and reinforce mission by acting as the Force Artillery Headquarters (FAHQ) for a supported Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF). As the FAHQ, the Regimental Headquarters provides the supported MEF commander with a means to command and control both Marine and Army tube and rocket artillery. Fifth Battalion, 14th Marines will augment and reinforce active Marine forces, as directed, in time of war, national emergency or contingency operations.

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