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Marine Air Control Group 48 [MACG-48]

Marine Air Control Group 48 is located aboard the Philip H. Sheridan Reserve Center, Highwood, Illinois and is charged with administering, coordinating, and supervising the training of attached Reserve squadrons. MACG-48 has the mission of coordinating all aspects of Air Command and Control and Air Defense within the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing. Additionally MACG 48 provides the command and staff functions for the Group Commander when deployed as part of the Aviation Combat Element (ACE) of the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF). MACG 48 is composed of 5 squadrons and 1 battalion located on 10 sites in nine states from California to Massachusetts. The Group staff consists of approximately 55 active duty and reserve Marines who normally drill on the first weekend of each month.

Units attached to and collocated with MACG-48 are Marine Tactical Air Command Squadron 48 (MTACS-48); Headquarters, Marine Wing Communications Squadron 48 (MWCS-48); and Marine Wing Communications Squadron 48 Detachment A (MWCS-48 Detachment A), rear.

Marine Tactical Air Command Squadron 48's [MTACS-48] mission is to establish and maintain facilities for administration of command at the Marine Air Control Group level and to provide personnel and equipment for the Tactical Air Command Center (TACC). The TACC is the senior Marine Air Command and Control agency. It is within the TACC that the Marine Tactical Air Commander supervises, coordinates, and commands all Marine Air operations. The squadron mobilized during Operations Desert Shield/Storm.

Marine Wing Communications Squadron 48's [MWCS-48] mission is to provide communications for the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing Command and Control System. MWCS-48 has provided communications for all major 4th Marine Aircraft Wing/4th Marine Division exercises. Mobilized during Operations Desert Shield/Storm, the squadron's personnel augmented and reinforced Marine units serving in Southwest Asia.

Marine Air Control Group 48's other squadrons are: 4th Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion, located in Pasadena, California; Marine Air Control Squadron 24, and located in Virginia Beach, Virginia; Marine Air Control Squadron 23, located in Aurora, Colorado; and Marine Air Support Squadron 6, located in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

A majority of Marine Corps assets were committed to Southwest Asia during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. The resulting loss of manpower stateside necessitated the mobilization of reservists to support other contingencies, both in the States and around the world. Marines from MTACS-48 and MWCS-48 were activated February 12, 1991, making up MWCS-48 Detachment B and attached to II Marine Expeditionary Force. They were tasked to support Exercise Battle Griffin '91 in Norway. Detachment B was deactivated March 29, 1991. MWCS-48 Detachment A was activated January 26, 1991 and also attached to II Marine Expeditionary Force. Detachment A was deactivated June 25, 1991.

MACG-48 is one of six Group commands within the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing. The 4th Marine Aircraft Wing is one of the three integral commands of Marine Forces Reserve, headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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