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3rd Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment

The mission of 3/23 4th Marine Division is to provide trained combat and combat support personnel and units to augment and reinforce the active component in time of war, national emergency, and at other times as national security requires; and have the capability to reconstitute the Division, if required. The unit achieves a high state of proficiency in basic infantry skills, with a concentration on Marine Infantry Battalion crew-served weapons systems in order to activate/mobilize on short notice for employment in "any clime and place" for operations of an air-landed or amphibious force.

Inspector-Instructor Staff mission is to supervise, instruct, and assist the reserve unit in attaining the standards of operational excellence prescribed by Marine Corps regulations. To inspect and render technical advice to the reserve unit in all command functions including personnel procurement, administration, logistics support, public affairs, and training. To ensure maintenance of a high state of readiness for immediate mobilization and to execute such collateral functions as may be directed by higher authority.

The design of the 3rd Battalion, 23rd Marines Arms incorporates heraldic symbols that reflect its purpose, locations, and affiliations. The white shield symbolizes the purity of mission in protecting the ideals and people of the Country. Scarlet trim on the shield honors the sacrifice of blood by members of the Battalion and the Marine Corps. The crossed rifles represent the Infantry mission of the Battalion and honors its World War II and Persian Gulf War service depicting the M-1 Garand and M-16A2 Rifles. The unsheathed Arabian Sword illustrates the combat action recorded by the Battalion while activated during the Persian Gulf War. The Fourth Marine Division emblem honors the command affiliation under which the Battalion was formed and normally serves. The five stars (including the fleur-de-lis) in the pattern of the Southern Cross has dual meaning. It honors the affiliation of the Battalion with the Second Marine Division to which it was assigned during the Persian Gulf War. Additionally, each star of the Southern Cross represents a city where the Battalion's companies are located. The Fleur-de-Lis represents New Orleans, where the Battalion is headquartered. The banner declaring "Non Sibi, Sed Patriae" (Not for Self, For Country) symbolizes Citizen Marine Reservists through the South who stand vigilant and ready for our Country's call. The colors of the Arms - WHITE, BLACK, GREEN, GOLD, AND SCARLET - are associated with the United States Marine Corps.

Activated 22 July 1942 at New River, NC

Relocated July 1943 to Camp Pendelton, CA
Assigned August 1943 to 4th Marine Division
Deployed January 1944 to the South Pacific
Participated in the Following WWII Campaigns: Kawajalein Saipan Tinian Iwo Jima
Relocated October 1945 to Camp Pendelton, CA
Deactivated 10 November 1945
Reactivated 1 July 1962 to San Bruno, CA
Assigned 1 July 1962 to 4th Marine Division
Relocated January 1976 to New Orleans, LA
Deployed To Southwest Asia
Assigned to 2d Marine Division
Participated in the Following SWA Campaigns: Operation Desert Shield/Operation Desert Storm
Relocated May 1991 to Camp Lejeune, NC
Reassigned May 1991 to 4th Marine Division
Relocated May 1991 to New Orleans, LA

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