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2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines

2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines cased their colors during the unit's deactivation ceremony aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii held on 21 January 2022. The battalion deactivated in accordance with Force Design 2030 as 3rd Marines became 3rd Marine Littoral Regiment, the Corps' first such unit. The transformation of the MLR called for the deactivation of certain units and capabilities in order to modernize the force for the future fight. The MLR, integrated with naval forces, aim to contribute to sea control and sea denial within actively-contested maritime spaces. The new unit, 3rd MLR will train and evolve to be ready to fight as part of 3rd Marine Division, III Marine Expeditionary Force. This re-designation is meant to reflect the Corps' continued effort to ensure the Marines remain capable of fighting and winning on the battlefields of the future, should the need arise.

Activated 1 May 1942 at New River, North Carolina, as the 3d Training Battalion, Division Special Troops, 1st Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force. Redesignated 17 june 1942 as the 2d Training Battalion, 3d Marines, Fleet Marine Force. Deployed during August-September 1942 to Tutuila, American Samoa, and reassigned to the 2d Marine Brigade. 3d Marines reassigned during March 1943 to Fleet Marine Force. Redeployed during May 1943 to Auckland, New Zealand. Reassigned during June 1943 to the 3d Marine Division. Redeployed during July-August to Guadalcanal. Participated during the following World War II campaigns: Bouganville; Northern Solomons; Guam; Iwo Jima.

Relocated during December 1945 to Camp Pendleton, California. Deactivated 31 December 1945

Reactivated 20 July 1951 at Camp Pendleton, California, and assigned to the 3d Marine Brigade, Fleet Marine Force. Reassigned during January 1952 to the 3d Marine Division Deployed during July-August 1953 to Camp Fuji-McNair, Japan. Redeployed during March 1957 to Camp Sukiran, Okinawa. Redeployed during March 1958 to Camp Kinser, Okinawa. Relocated during November 1959 to Camp Pendleton, California and reassigned to the 1st Marine Division Fleet Marine Force.

Redeployed during January 1961 to Camp Schwab, Okinawa, and reassigned to the 3d Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force. Deployed at various times between 1961-1967 as the Battalion Landing Team of the Seventh Fleet. Deployed during April 1965 to Da Nang, Republic of Vietnam. Participated in the War of Vietnam, April 1965-October 1969, operating from Da Nang, Camp Carroll, Quang Tri, Cam Lo, A Shau and Khe Sanh.

Relocated during October 1969 to Camp Pendleton, california, and reassigned to the 5th marine Amphibious Brigade, Fleet Marine Force.

Reassigned during April 1971 to the 1st Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force. Relocated during May-June 1971 to Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, and reassigned to the 1st Marine Brigade, Fleet Marine Force elements deployed to the Western Pacific during various times. 1st Marine Brigade redesignated 30 August 1985 as the 1st Amphibious Brigade. 1st Marine Amphibious Brigade redesignated 5 February 1988 as the 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade

Participated in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Southwest Asia, January-March 1991. Reassigned during october 1994 to the 3d Marine Division.

CARAT '99 was a series of bilateral exercises in which U.S. forces train with military forces of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. CARAT '99 demonstrated U.S. commitment to security and stability in Southeast Asia while increasing the operational readiness and capabilities of U.S. forces. The first phase of the 1999 Cooperation Afloat Readiness And Training (CARAT) exercise began 28 June 1998 with an opening ceremony at the Lumut Naval Base on the west coast of Malaysia. Marines of Landing Force CARAT embarked in USS Comstock and USS Frederick consist of a command element from III MEF in Okinawa; a reconnaissance platoon from 5th Force Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Marines; a ground combat element from Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines; an assault amphibious vehicle platoon and combat engineer platoon from Combat Support Company, 3rd Marines; and a light armored vehicle platoon.

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