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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Chinese Weapons Effects Testing

CHIC 12 conducted on 18 November 1971 was assessed in the West as a weapons effects test. The purpose of the nuclear explosions test is twofold: First, to fully test the performance of nuclear weapons and provide the basis for the development and finalization of nuclear weapons; second, to explore and grasp the laws of destruction and destruction of nuclear weapons and comprehensively develop relevant technologies in nuclear protection (broad protection) and nuclear counterattack. Of China's 46 nuclear tests, more than 30 effects tests were conducted.

The General Staff Department, the General Logistics Department, the affiliated units of the State Science Commission, the Air Force, the Navy, the Artillery Corps, the Corps of Engineers, the Armored Corps, the Communications Corps, the Chemical Defense Corps, the Rail Corps, the Second Artillery Corps, the Academy of Military Sciences, the Bayi Film Studio Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Communications, Studio Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Water Resources, Construction and Construction Department, Building Materials Department, Ministry of Petroleum, Fourth Machine Department, Fifth Machine Factory, Six Machine Factory, and Seven Machine Shop , Ministry of Health, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Ministry of Food, Broadcasting Authority, Cooperative Headquarters, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the relevant institutions of higher learning 26 units.

A total of about more than 10 million people directly participated in the trials, of which about 10,000 people directly engaged in first-line test.

The effects of the project to test the general fall into six categories. That is, the destructive factors of nuclear weapons, biological effects, engineering effects, weapons and equipment effects, communications effects and material and equipment effects. Accumulated more than 1,600 items. A total of more than 20,000 effects organisms (of which more than 8,000 dogs, more than 200 monkeys, small animals more than 12,000), the effect of 908, including 104 permanent fortifications, field operations 738, a civil air defense work, aircraft 84 Sorties There are 65 ships in the superstructure, including 5 speedboats, 57 cabins, 3 ships of 051 ships, 263 sets of various types of armored vehicles, 488 artillery pieces, 94 radars, 24 missiles, 24 wired and wireless Over 1600 sets of communication equipment, 500 circuits, 14 buildings of all kinds, 4 test stations of subway, 4 simulation dams and 56 railway bridges), including 17 model bridges, 146 vehicles of all kinds, and a large number of light weapons, Landmines, ammunition, foodstuffs, medicines, crops, supplies and military equipment.

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