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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Nuclear Weapon Tests

  • Lop Nur Proving Ground
  • Nuclear Weapons Test Chronology
  • Nuclear Weapons Subcritical Testing
  • TESTDATESeismic
    CHIC 116 Oct 645 - 25Tower30 m42.350 88.300U235 Fission DesignCode 596,214 - 1,550 kg device
    CHIC 214 Oct 6525 - 35Airdrop Tu-4150-350 m41.50088.500217 missionCHIC 1 airdrop, 3200 kg
    CHIC 309 May 66100-250Airdrop H-6 1000-1500 m41.50088.500TN Dev1st attempt to burn TN fuel
    CHIC 427 Oct 665-12Missile DF-2150-350 m41.50088.500 1,290 kg device
    CHIC 528 Dec 66100-300Tower100-150 m41.50088.500TN DevTwo-stage Li6 Trigger device
    CHIC 617 Jun 674.70400-3,300Airdrop H-6?? m40.74489.775TN DevNGB/DF-3 wh 1st full yield TN 2-stage / tower??
    CHIC 724 Dec 675-25Airdrop H-630 m41.50088.500TN DevTwo-stage failure / tower??
    CHIC 827 Dec 682,770Airdrop H-66-8 km41.50088.500TN Dev 524-23 NGB/DF-3 wh 1st w/ plutonium, 2,000 kg
    CHIC 922 Sep 695.2020UGTUGT41.37688.318--1st UGT, Purpose unknown
    CHIC 1029 Sep 694.373,400Airdrop H-66-8 km40.72289.515TN DevNGB/DF-3 wh
    CHIC 1114 Oct 704.603,000Airdrop H-6 ?? m40.52089.779TN Dev 524-modNGB/DF-3 wh
    CHIC 1218 Nov 7115-20Surface100-150 m41.50088.500Effects/DiagnosticsTN device
    CHIC 1307 Jan 728-20Airdrop Q-51.0-1.5 km41.50088.500Weapons Proof Fission device
    CHIC 1417 Mar 72170Airdrop 1.0-1.5 km41.50088.500-- Probable H-6
    CHIC 1527 Jun 734.802-3 MT Airdrop H-61.0-1.5 km40.79889.809NGB/DF-3 wh
    CHIC 1617 Jun 744.50200-1000 Atmospheric m40.518 89.619TN BM warhead ??
    CHIC xxxx xxx 75 n/aAtmosphericDF-5 related failure
    CHIC 1727 Oct 755.002-10UGTUGT41.40 88.667 fission device
    CHIC 1823 Jan 762-10 tower ??? m41.50088.500miniaturization trigger, UGT vented ??
    CHIC 1926 Sep 7610tower30 m41.50088.5001st DT/Li6 test93,000 troops in effects test
    CHIC 2017 Oct 764.910-20UGTUGT41.65 88.66 1st in granite
    CHIC 2117 Nov 764.72000-4000Atmospheric1.0-1.5 km41.65 88.66 new H-bomb test, DF-5 delivery?
    CHIC 2217 Sep 7720 - 200tower30 m41.50088.500"missile warhead miniaturization breakthrough"
    CHIC 2315 Mar 78over 20tower30 m41.50088.500Tower burst success
    CHIC 2414 Oct 784.95-50ShaftUGT41.4588.631st in granite shaft
    CHIC 2514 Dec 78over 20tower30 m41.50088.500TN trigger"Bullet project" ERW test
    CHIC 2613 Sep 790Atmospheric m41.50088.500 free-fall parachute failure - Deng Jiaxian
    CHIC 2716 Oct 804.441000Atmospheric8 km40.71989.651 "new hydrogen bomb", missile warhead
    CHIC 2805 Oct 824.53-15UGTUGT41.50088.500ERW related
    CHIC 2904 May 834.420-100TunnelUGT41.67988.368ERW related
    CHIC 3006 Oct 835.520-100UGTUGT41.5588.76ERW related
    CHIC 3103 Oct 845.215-70UGTUGT41.571 88.7212d generation, "gas burst" breakthrough
    CHIC 3219 Dec 844.75-50UGTUGT41.737 88.4251st neutron bomb principle
    CHIC xxxx Nov 85 n/aAtmosphericCANCELLED
    CHIC 3305 Jun 876.3250-400UGTUGT41.518 88.713JL-1 warhead?
    CHIC 3429 Sep 884.71-20 TunnelUGT41.7588.461st neutron bomb experiment
    CHIC 3526 May 905.415-65ShaftUGT41.5688.68
    CHIC 3616 Aug 906.250-200ShaftUGT41.5681.56
    CHIC 3721 May 926.5700-1800UGTUGT41.51388.774ICBM warhead
    CHIC 3825 Sep 925.41-2UGTUGT 41.716 88.336boosted non-spherical primary
    CHIC 3905 Oct 935.890UGTUGT41.788.6DF-31 ICBM MIRV warhead
    CHIC 4010 Jun 945.790UGTUGT41.6488.86DF-31 ICBM MIRV warhead ?
    CHIC 4107 Oct 946.090UGTUGT41.5589.07DF-31 ICBM MIRV warhead ?
    CHIC 4215 May 955.760-80UGTUGT41.6388.87DF-31 ICBM MIRV warhead ?
    CHIC 4317 Aug 955.520-80UGTUGT41.6088.86DF-31 ICBM MIRV warhead ?
    CHIC 4408 Jun 965.7?UGTUGT41.6588.76DF-31 ICBM MIRV warhead ?
    CHIC 4529 Jul 964.71-5UGTUGT41.6988.35

    Nuclear testing is a necessary step to verify the performance of nuclear weapons and conduct research on new nuclear weapons, but conducting nuclear tests can easily lead to condemnation from public opinion at home and abroad.

    In June 1959 the Soviet uNion stopped technical aid to China. In order to arouse the nationalistic spirit, China's first atom bomb was named the "June 59" mission. On 15 August 1958, a small special train from Henan's Shangqiu, carrying a prospecting team of 120 military personnel and various equipment, pulled up at Xiadong station near Dunhuang and starting the prospecting work in the nuclear testing field. At that time, those carrying out the mission were told "not to disclose it to their parents, nor pass it down to their children." The publication "Contemporary China's national defense science and technology" said that there were three nuclear tests did not reach their intended purpose. The first failure was on 24 December 1967, the hydrogen bomb test only achieved fission and did not achieve fusion. This failure was identified by Western intelligence. Chinse sources report a that at the end of 1970, a hydrogen bomb exploded in a Lop Nur experiment, but the expected thermonuclear reaction did not happen. The hydrogen bomb had failed and the problem had to be investigated. In 1975, as part of the effort to accelerate the DF-5 ICBM warhead test, the first of three tests failed. It was later identified that the test technology was wrong. In 1975 a later test was conducted which was a success.

    The third failed 13 September 1979, because the parachute did not open, nuclear bomb material scattered on impact. Ren Wande: "Giant nuclear science shield", first disclosed the second defeat, March 18, 1972. According to the description, an advanced gas-assist [ie booster] nuclear bomb only fissioned and did not achieve fusion. Leading designer Deng Jia was the first to find the nuclear bomb, and held pieces of debris. He suffered serious radiation illness. Initially this event was not included in the lists of tests published internationally, because there was no nuclear reaction, and strictly speaking, could only be counted as a nuclear accident. But this time in accordance with the nuclear test preparations, indeed a nuclear test failed, and the nuclear industry department has strict historical data.

    The last atmospheric hydrogen bomb test was originally scheduled for 1983 years and was postponed until November 1985, when it was accurately readied but was canceled due to political reasons.


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