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January 2005 News

  1. LES markets uranium enrichment facility By Ruth Campbell Odessa American January 31, 2005 -- This is when uranium hexafluoride gas is whirled inside complex rotor assemblies and centrifugal force pushes molecules containing the heavier isotope to the outside, according to the globalsecurity.org Web site.
  2. Recruiters looking for future soldiers By John Andrew Prime Shreveport Times January 30, 2005 -- John Pike, founder of the Washington-area GlobalSecurity.Org, a strategic analysis group, says the Guard is responding to unprecedented challenges and that only time may tell whether it will be able to rebound or be forced to change to meet the times. "I don't think money is the answer," said Pike, who said restructuring tours to bring troops home sooner may not be the answer either if the military plans to use fewer Guard and Reserve forces and more active duty in coming years, as has been announced.
  3. US jets flying over Iran to spot targets, says source By Julian Borger The Guardian (London) January 29, 2005 -- "It make sense to get a look at their air defences, and it makes the mullahs nervous during the EU negotiations (over the suspension of Iranian uranium enrichment)," said John Pike, the head of GlobalSecurity.org, an independent military research group.
  4. Iraq elections: US debate focuses on plan B - to stay on or to go? By Julian Borger The Guardian (London) January 29, 2005 -- But an independent research group, GlobalSecurity.org, which tracks Pentagon contracts and military movements, claims there are about 12 of the bases under construction. "They are suggestive that the American presence is going to dominate for years not months," said John Pike, the head of the organisation. He added that the bases were not the only evidence that US troops planned a long stay.
  5. Koreans quietly help in Iraq By Susan Taylor Martin St. Petersburg Times (Florida) January 28, 2005 -- Source: GlobalSecurity.org, Times chart
  6. Les Américains hésitent face au programme nucléaire iranien By Eric Leser Le Monde January 28, 2005 -- "De nombreuses personnes, au sein de l'administration et en dehors, considèrent, de toute façon, qu'il n'y aura pas de solution diplomatique", affirme John Pike, président de globalsecurity. org.
  7. Indonesia: Aceh devastation could spur peace By Christian Schmollinger Energy Compass January 28, 2005 -- According to security analysts GlobalSecurity.org, the class of ship used for the survey -- the USNS John McDonnell -- provides data "that helps to improve technology in undersea warfare and enemy ship detection."
  8. Thai base used in tsunami aid mission was Vietnam-era R&R stop By Juliana Gittler Stars and Stripes January 27, 2005 -- According to globalsecurity.org, the base has served as a stop for warplanes en route to Afghanistan and Iraq for operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.
  9. Battle bot: the future of war? By Gregory M. Lamb Christian Science Monitor (Boston, MA) January 27, 2005
  10. 'Super Stallion' helicopter - a workhorse that takes a lot of care to stay in the air By John J. Lumpkin The Associated Press January 26, 2005 -- "It's an awfully big helicopter. It's got a lot of things on it that can break," said John Pike, a military expert at globalsecurity.org. "The thing has had safety problems."
  11. Cat and mouse game over Iran By Richard Sale UPI January 26, 2005 -- So the United States, backed by Israel, is deadly earnest about neutralizing Iran's nuclear weapons site. "The administration has determined that there is no diplomatic solution," said John Pike, president of the online think-tank globalsecurity.org.
  12. China's Ever-Growing Oil Needs May Result In A Global Shortage By Doug Tsuruoka Investor's Business Daily January 26, 2005 -- "It's a hard issue to ignore if one contemplates a billion Chinese driving gas-hogging SUVs," said John Pike, who heads GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington-based policy research group.
  13. Vote will be step toward freedom By E. Thomas McClanahan The Kansas City Star January 25, 2005 -- John Pike of Globalsecurity.org -- one never shy with a prediction -- offered what seemed the most likely scenario. "A lot of people will vote," he said. "There will be more people voting than we expect (in the Sunni areas). There will be a lot of violence. You're going to wind up with an entity dominated by Shia politicians, with a substantial underrepresentation of Sunnis. But they won't be completely excluded."
  14. Boots on the ground By Newsday Graphic/Gustavo Pabon; Researched By J. Stephen Smith Newsday (New York) January 24, 2005 -- SOURCES: DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, WWW.GLOBALSECURITY.ORG, THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION, PROJECT ON DEFENSE ALTERNATIVES
  15. Report: Closing PR facility could hurt littoral testing By Michael Bruno Aerospace Daily & Defense Report January 24, 2005 -- AUTEC's two testing sections provided in-water tracking over an area of up to 120 and 230 square nautical miles, respectively, according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  16. Bush to seek about $80 bln for military operations By Adam Entous Reuters January 24, 2005 -- John Pike, a defense analyst with GlobalSecurity.org, said the Pentagon might need even more money later this year "because we just don't know the rate at which the insurgency will grow or subside, and we don't know the rate at which the Iraqi security forces can be stood up."
  17. China sets date for second crewed spaceflight By Kelly Young NewScientist.com January 24, 2005 -- China's step-by-step approach to developing their human spaceflight capabilities reduces the risk of problems, says Charles Vick, senior fellow for space policy at Globalsecurity.org, based in Washington DC, US.
  18. Army's most modern high-tech forces discover hard lesson By Tom Lasseter Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service January 23, 2005 -- www.globalsecurity.org/military/agency/army/brigade-ibct.htm
  19. Ist Iran als nächstes dran? Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung January 23, 2005 -- Der Fachdienst "globalsecurity.org" etwa erörtert auf seiner Internet-Seite seit längerem die Möglichkeit von Luftschlägen gegen Iran.
  20. Blair's loyalty tested as Bush menaces Iran By Tony Allen-Mills Sunday Times (London) January 23, 2005 -- "The attack is better done by the US than by the Israelis with US connivance," said John Pike, a defence specialist who is convinced that Washington is waiting for an early diplomatic breakdown in order to launch an attack.
  21. Kein guter und kein schlechter Polizist By Spillmann M. NZZ am Sonntag January 23, 2005 -- Ähnlich skeptisch bewertet die auf Sicherheitsfragen spezialisierte Organisation Globalsecurity die Ausgangslage.
  22. Some suggested sites ... Stars and Stripes January 23, 2005 -- www.globalsecurity.org: Information about units, camps, the politics and geography of Iraq.
  23. War costs could cut missile projects By Shelby G. Spires The Huntsville Times January 23, 2005 -- John Pike, a military expert who runs GlobalSecurity.org, said the cuts may just be a Pentagon ploy to "look like they are cutting programs so as to keep a handle on spending and the budget deficit. "This is another one of those times that an administration tries to say that things are so bad they may have to sell the Washington Monument," Pike said. "Well, they don't really have to sell the Washington Monument, but they just want to make it look that way."
  24. In Terror Fight, Domestic Roles for U.S. Troops By Eric Schmitt The New York Times Company January 23, 2005 -- In the past, the command has also provided support to domestic law enforcement agencies during high-risk events like the Olympics and political party conventions, according to the Web site of GlobalSecurity.org, a research organization in Alexandria, Va.
  25. Security 'Gold Rush'Yields Nuggets for Some By Tim Starks Congressional Quarterly Weekly January 22, 2005 -- Despite the increase in spending, expert after expert has released reports arguing that homeland security "is radically underfunded," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a nonpartisan think tank. "I thought that it was true, and it continues to be true."
  26. "Iran im Fadenkreuz" By Kamer H. Neue Zürcher Zeitung January 21, 2005 -- Sie lautet : www.GlobalSecurity.org.
  27. Explosives Spiel der Mullahs By Peter Mackler Agence France Presse January 21, 2005 -- John Pike, director of the GlobalSecurity.org think tank, said a campaign against Iran's nuclear, chemical, biological and missile facilities could be launched in a matter of "months, not years."
  28. Explosives Spiel der Mullahs By Winfried Weithofer Stuttgarter Nachrichten January 20, 2005 -- Der Verteidigungsexperte und Direktor des Instituts GlobalSecurity.org, John Pike, erklärte: "Ich denke, sie werden es tun. Ich bin skeptisch, ob Diplomatie erfolgreich sein kann." Die Bush-Berater seien davon überzeugt, dass die Machtbasis der Mullahs brüchig ist. "Und sie sind sicher, dass man bald zuschlagen sollte."
  29. Secret Dugway role may expand By Christopher Smith The Salt Lake Tribune January 18, 2005 -- "Everybody is trying to get a piece of the counterterrorism and homeland security pie, and anybody who has a claim of expertise in the field would be a fool not to try to build out on it," said Pike, director of the nonpartisan GlobalSecurity.org. "At Dugway, you have miles and miles of buffer space, and I think it's an obvious place to do something like this."
  30. A Permanent Presence By Ari Berman The Nation.com January 18, 2005 -- On the day of the debate the Christian Science Monitor spotlighted the findings of defense specialist John Pike, whose website, GlobalSecurity.org, located twelve "enduring bases" in Iraq, including satellite photos and names.
  31. USS Mesa Verde christened Saturday By Tom Vaughan The Cortez Journal January 18, 2005 -- The USS Mesa Verde is 684 feet long and 105 feet in the beam. It has a top speed of 22 knots (24.2 mph) and is loaded with firepower and other capability. According to GlobalSecurity.org (www.globalsecurity. org), the San Antonio class LPDs will be "the most survivable amphibious vessel ever put to sea.
  32. Deployments truly bring the war home By John Andrew Prime GANNETT NEWS SERVICE January 18, 2005 -- Repeated nationally as more National Guard units are thrown into the fray, these losses could have an impact disproportionate to their numbers, said John Pike, founder of the Web-based GlobalSecurity.Org, created in 2000 to provide nonpartisan information on military, political and terrorism-related issues.
  33. The return of the censor By Aluf Benn Haaretz January 18, 2005 -- And this is all in the days of the Internet, when up-to-date photos of the Dimona reactor are online at globalsecurity.org, as is Sde Micah, described at the site as an Israeli missile base, with detailed explanations and professional analysis.
  34. Washington Asked Late President to Beef Up Troops in Vietnam Korea Times January 18, 2005 -- The memorandum's contribution to South Korea's military modernization, however, is estimated small, according to a U.S.-based think tank GlobalSecurity.org.
  35. ANALISIS Planes estadounidenses de atacar Irak se toman cada vez mas en serio Por Laszlo Trankovits Deutsche Presse-Agentur January 17, 2005 -- "Creo que lo haran. Soy esceptico sobre que la diplomacia vaya a tener exito", aseguro el experto en defensa y director del instituto GlobalSecurity.org, John Pike.
  36. NEXT STOP: IRAN Yank commandos already in place, mag says By James Gordon Meek Daily News (New York) January 17, 2005 -- But Bush aides are "compulsively optimistic" that the mullahs have a fragile hold on power, and they are sure to strike soon, predicted defense analyst John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org."I think they're going to do it," he told The News. "I'm skeptical that diplomacy will succeed."
  37. Tragedies of war may become all too common By John Andrew Prime The Shreveport Times January 17, 2005 -- Repeated nationally as more National Guard units are thrown into the fray, these losses could have an impact disproportionate to their numbers, said John Pike, founder of the Web-based GlobalSecurity.Org, created in 2000 to provide nonpartisan information on military, political and terrorism-related issues.
  38. A year in the face of death By Elizabeth Sullivan Plain Dealer (Cleveland) January 16, 2005 -- www.globalsecurity.org/military/ops/iraq_casualties.htm
  39. Isyarat sebelum tragedi By Ahmad Fauzi Mustafa Berita Harian January 16, 2005 -- Ia dapat dilihat menerusi laman web http://globalsecurity.org/eye/andaman-sri-lanka.htm
  40. SHOW: ANDERSON COOPER 360 DEGREES 7:00 PM EST CNN January 14, 2005 -- JOHN PIKE, DIRECTOR, GLOBALSECURITY.ORG: It's no surprise that they would be looking at all kinds of ideas to how to incapacitate enemies on the battlefield. Some of them might actually work. And the problem is that in developing any of these weapons systems, you know in advance that half of them are bad ideas. You just don't know in advance which half are the bad ones.
  41. Military members believe overseas extension will not affect PSU By Stephanie Liberatore Penn State Digital Collegian January 14, 2005 -- About 40 percent of the estimated 150,000 troops in Iraq are Army reservists and national guardsmen, according to www.globalsecurity.org
  42. Pentagon details U.S. deaths in Iraq By Tom Bowman The Baltimore Sun January 13, 2005 -- John Pike, an analyst for GlobalSecurity.org, which focuses on emerging security challenges, said it is not surprising that insurgents are resorting to explosives. "How else are they going to get at us?" he asked. "They're not much in the way of stand-up firefights.
  43. Region girds for new round of base closures By Rick Rogers The San Diego Union-Tribune January 13, 2005 -- The Pentagon's cuts, set to be announced in mid-May, will only solidify San Diego County as the premier military hub on the West Coast, said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense think tank in northern Virginia. "I think the big fish will eat the little fish, and the big fish are San Diego on the West Coast and Hampton Roads, Va., on the East Coast," Pike said. "San Diego is going to be the predator and not the prey."
  44. More people should be talking about U-tapao The Nation (Thailand) January 12, 2005 -- As many people will recall, during the Vietnam War, U-tapao functioned as a major staging base for B-52s carrying out bombing raids over North Vietnam (http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/facility/utapao.htm).
  45. Crisis in Southeast Asia By Peter van der Hagen Michigan Tech Lode January 12, 2005 -- At 6:54 a.m. local time on Dec. 26, an earthquake of magnitude nine occurred off the West coast of Sumatra, as recorded by GlobalSecurity.org.
  46. Historic elections on horizon By Kevin Merzlak Michigan Tech Lode January 12, 2005 -- This comes after a busy December in which 73 U.S. military personnel were killed according to globalsecurity.org.
  47. Interview with John Pike SHOW: FOX HANNITY & CO 9:51 PM EST January 12, 2005 -- Now joining us to help figure out what this is all about is the director of Globalsecurity.org, John Pike is with us.
  48. Colorado Guard suggests bounty for recruitment By Tom Roeder The Gazette January 12, 2005 -- The Guard and Army Reserve weren't designed for rotational duty as peacekeepers, said John Pike, executive director of the defense think tank GlobalSecurity.org. "They were designed to fight World War III," he said. "They're not going to be able to get people to join the damn thing if they get to go to Iraq as a result."
  49. Historic Moments The Honolulu Advertiser January 09, 2005 -- Sources: The White House Historical Association, the White House; www.pbs.org, www.globalsecurity.org, CBS.MarketWatch.com and GNS research
  50. U.S. denies creating Iraqi 'death squads' By Pamela Hess UPI January 10, 2005 -- Delta Force was created in October 1977 in direct response to worldwide terrorist incidents. It specializes in hostage rescue, barricade operations and reconnaissance, according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  51. Soldier from LV dies in Iraq By K.C. Howard Las Vegas Review-Journal January 10, 2005 -- The air assault unit traditionally has been used to help transitions to war and evacuate noncombatants, according to GlobalSecurity.org, a nonprofit security think tank in Alexandria, Va.
  52. God signed name in tsunami, sent it as punishment: Sri Lankan Muslims Agence France Presse January 10, 2005 -- The picture was taken by the DigitalGlobe Quickbird satellite on December 26 at 10:20 am local time, shortly after the moment of tsunami impact. It can be viewed at the website http://globalsecurity.org/eye/andaman-sri-lanka.htm.
  53. Tsunami: For Whom the Bell Tolls By Joyce Marcel Arab News January 08, 2005 -- Now we're entering the scummy part - where we assign blame, where we hear of corrupt officials siphoning away relief money from starving orphans, where we learn of thieves and rapists who are taking advantage of the homeless and where we hear of "the possibility of anti-foreign resistance (i.e. Sri Lanka), especially in rebel-occupied areas, may prevent the delivery of aid and assistance," according to the web site Globalsecurity.org.
  54. Simmons will have tough time fulfilling campaign promises By Katherine Hutt Scott Gannett News Service January 07, 2005 -- Defense expert John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, agreed with Simmons' assertion -- up to a point. "He'll have a better idea who to call, who to write," Pike said of Simmons. But he added, "I have no doubt if the other person had been elected and been of a mind, they could have hired a staff person and done about as well."
  55. U.N. to Inspect Iran's Parchin Military Site By Louis Charbonneau Reuters January 05, 2005 -- According to globalsecurity.org, a Web Site run by a private Washington-based research group, the massive Parchin complex, around 30 km south of Tehran, is the center of Iran's munitions industry.
  56. North Korea's Hiding Places Found? SHOW: CNN WOLF BLITZER REPORTS 5:00 PM EST January 05, 2005 -- JOHN PIKE, GLOBALSECURITY.ORG: That might have worked back in the 1980s, but with precision munitions today the North Koreans have just narrowed down the number of aim points for our smart bombs.
  57. SHOW: LOU DOBBS TONIGHT 6:00 PM EST CNN January 05, 2005 -- JOHN PIKE, GLOBALSECURITY.ORG: That might have worked back in the 1980s, but, with precision munitions today, the North Koreans have just narrowed down the number of aim points for our smart bombs.
  58. Tsunami spares secret U.S. base By Scott Foster and Robert Windrem NBC News January 04, 2005 -- John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org has noted that islands like Diego Garcia have natural defenses: "Small islands with steep slopes usually experience little run-up [from tsunamis] - wave heights there are only slightly greater than on the open ocean. This is the reason that islands with steep-sided fringing or barrier reefs are only at moderate risk from tsunamis."
  59. Sea of Sorrow By Michael Elliott, With reporting by Aravind Adiga/Kahawa; John Dickerson/ Washington; Ilya Garger; Neil Gough; Hanna Kite/ Hong Kong; Robert Horn/ Bangkok; Zamira Loebis/ Banda Aceh; Andrew Marshall/Khao Lak; Alex Perry/ Tamil Nadu; Ulla Plon/ Copenhagen; Sonja Steptoe/ Los Angeles; Aatish Taseer/ London; Jason Tedjasukmana/ Jakarta Time Magazine January 10, 2005 -- Sources: Vasily Titov, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; U.S. Gelological Survey; AP; Reuters; Globalsecurity.org; University of Washington
  60. Irak, la democracia imposible By Javier Espinosa El Mundo January 03, 2005 -- Y es que no se trata ya solo de las victimas mortales -que al 13 de diciembre ascendian a 1.294 soldados- sino de los heridos, cuya contabilidad se ha convertido en un secreto casi sagrado para el Pentagono, aunque expertos como John Pike, director de GlobalSecurity.org afirman que podrian oscilar entre 20.000 y 30.000.
  61. Terrorism Fight Prods NSA to Look Beyond Its Fortress By Christian Davenport The Washington Post January 03, 2005 -- Intelligence spending has mushroomed in the years since Sept. 11. Previously, intelligence spending hovered around $30 billion a year, said John E. Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, an intelligence policy think tank. Since then, it's grown to about $40 billion annually, he said.
  62. Caldwell soldier back home after being hurt By Jessica Burchard The Marietta Times January 03, 2005 -- Thousands of other soldiers have suffered similar injuries, according to www.globalsecurity.org, a non-profit Web site researching the United States military. The site estimates nearly 30,000 soldiers have been injured in the Iraq war. The site counts casualties due to wounds, injury or disease.
  63. Politiek & samenleving Elsevier January 01, 2005 -- www.globalsecurity.org Op zoek naar het laatste nieuws over crisissituaties waar ook ter wereld? Op deze Engelstalige site veel actuele informatie over onder meer Irak, Afghanistan en Israel. Voor de liefhebber: onder 'public eye' staat het archief van de picture of the week, met vele satellietfoto's van onder meer steden, nucleaire reactoren en belangrijke hotels.