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Severnoye Design Bureau

    SpKB Severnoye Design Bureau 
    State-Owned Unitary Enterprise
    6, Korabelnaya Str., 
    Saint-Petersburg, 198097, Russia.
    Phone:   +7 812 184 73 44 / +7 812 184-11-40
    Fax:   +7 812 183 12 77 / +7 812 184 83 12

The State Owned Enterprise Severnoye Design Bureau is a leading firm in Russia company in designing of the modern fleet. The Severnoye Design Bureau (SDB) emerged in the shipbuilding industry in April 1946. The Severnoye Design Bureau has been Russia's leading designer of combatant surface ships of all major classes. More than 550 ships with total displacement of about 1.5 million tons have been built in accordance to the designs of the Bureau. These range from escort ships with a displacement of 1,200 tons to nuclear-powered cruisers, and include corvettes, frigates, destroyers, dry freight ships, chemical tankers, scientific research vessels and refrigerator ships. Until recently, Severnoye has been designing large surface combatants for the Russian Navy and for export, though it has also developed and is ready to build a new multirole small ship (corvette).

The State Owned Enterprise Severnoye Design Bureau, working with Russian and foreign ship yards, offers a whole range of engineering services: from a development work on contact projects to a set of detail drawing for ship yards, maintenance of technical works for vessels under construction. The Bureau maintains military-technical cooperation with India, Vietnam, China and other countries, and has ties with leading shipbuilders worldwide. SDB developed engineering documentation for the Indian Navy's frigate. In March, 1999, a formal keel-laying ceremony for the first of the three frigates was held at the Baltiisky shipyard.

Pr 22356Multi-purpose frigate
Pr 22500patrol ship
Pr PS-500Patrol ship V.I.Mutikhin
Pr 11442Mnuclear missile cruiser V.A.Perevalov
Pr 22350Multi-purpose frigate
Pr 11356frigate Patrol ship V.A.Perevalov
Pr 22160Patrol ship, far sea
Pr 22460patrol ship
Pr 1164V.I.Mutikhin
Pr 11351A.K.Shnyrov
Pr 11551V.P.Mishin
Pr 1155V.P.Mishin
Pr 61MEA.D.Shishkin
Pr 113B4A.K.Perkov
Creating a modern warship is the work and intelligence of many teams and thousands of specialists in various branches of the shipbuilding industry. But the main role in the design of the ship is played by the design office - the designer is the creator of the engineering structure. And Severnoe PKB has been successfully solving all the tasks assigned to it for seventy years. The projects of the Bureau have always been ahead of their time - almost every one of them was embodied in metal into a landmark, landmark ship, a milestone in the history of not only domestic, but also world military shipbuilding, a recognizable business card of the Northern PKB.

Continuing the glorious traditions, and today, in each new project, created no longer on the drawing boards, but on the most up-to-date computer technology using the computer-aided design system, the most advanced technical equipment and weapon models are laid.

For great merits in the creation and production of new equipment, contribution to strengthening the defense capacity of the motherland, the Bureau was awarded the State Government Awards: "Order of Lenin" (1963); The Order of the October Revolution (1985); On April 20, 2006, the President of the Russian Federation gave thanks to the staff of the Bureau for their great contribution to the development of domestic shipbuilding; On March 24, 2011, for the great contribution to the development of the shipbuilding industry by the Government of the Russian Federation, the staff of the Bureau was awarded a diploma.

The ships of the Bureaus projects carry out their hard service in all the fleets of the worlds ocean, demonstrate the flag and ensure the defense capability of Russia. JSC Severnoye PKB, being one of the essential links in the structure of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, designed and able to implement the development strategy of domestic shipbuilding, supports and shares the plans of JSC USC to further develop the shipbuilding industry of the Russian Federation, to intensify technical progress in the field of naval armaments, to Russia as a great maritime power.

The Bureau has not only a glorious past. "Northern PKB" confidently looks to the future. Realization of the achievements of scientific and technical progress, the use of modern approaches to design are the real steps towards the further technical evolution of the enterprise, which will make every effort to create the Russian naval power.

JSC "Northern PKB", fulfilling the tasks of the state defense order, carries out work aimed at ensuring the further development of domestic shipbuilding and maintaining the combat power of the Russian Navy. North PKB is confidently looking to the future. The implementation of scientific and technological progress in the field of naval armaments, the introduction of modern, innovative approaches to the design of competitive models of equipment - these are real steps towards the further technical development of the enterprise.

Patrol ships, destroyers, large anti-submarine ships, heavy nuclear missile cruisers, called "killer of aircraft carriers" - this is the basis of the Russian Navy. All of them were conceived and developed here, in St. Petersburg, at the Northern Design Bureau. For over 65 years, the largest, most powerful and most modern warships have been designed here. A recognized leader in domestic shipbuilding, the Northern PKB is confidently looking to the future and continues the glorious traditions of the great shipbuilders of Russia.

At the end of the last century, in the Northern Design Bureau, the project 976 destroyers of the Modern type, large anti-submarine ships of the Project 1155 type of the Udaloy type, and missile cruisers of the 1164 type of the Moscow type were successfully developed and put into serial production. Another major achievement was the creation of third-generation ships: the large anti-submarine ship 1155 (1) Admiral Chabanenko, the heavy nuclear cruiser Peter the Great, project 1144 (2).

The creation of projects 1144 and 1144 (2) was a response to the series of nuclear cruisers built across the ocean, and required new ideas from domestic developers. The design idea was already able to capture the tactical and technical elements in the outline design, as well as the classification of the new ship. And the increase in displacement and an integrated approach to weapons allowed the developers to finally determine its functions. This nuclear-powered cruiser with powerful missile weapons was designed to protect and maintain the stability of our fleet, including in the ocean, in the far sea zone, to destroy large enemy groups.

But the three cruisers that entered the combat fleet of the domestic fleet in the mid and late eighties were put on conservation already in the nineties. Only Peter the Great, created at the very end of 1998, was able to continue combat duty. Its length reaches 262 meters, and a displacement of 25,860 tons provides excellent seaworthiness, excellent survivability and high standards of habitability. The power plant includes two nuclear reactors, four power plants, auxiliary boilers, turbines, steam and gas turbine generators. This giant is able to provide electricity and heat to a whole city of 200 thousand people. The limitation of the autonomy of navigation for its nuclear reactor does not exist at all.

The complex is armed with a new missile weapon: anti-aircraft S-300F and anti-ship "Granite", which allows not only to organize a massive group missile attack with a target distribution in a salvo, but also to confidently hit well-defended targets. The range of firing missiles "Granite" reaches more than 500 kilometers.

Severnoye creates, first of all, the security of the state. Developing the surface fleet, Severnoye are developing a high-tech industry, and there is confidence that Severnoye are ahead of time. That Severnoye ships will serve many more decades to come, at least 40-50 years.

Just 20 years ago, our country was going through difficult times. The difficult 90s brought the design bureau a lot of difficulties, but in the conditions of conversion, the management managed to maintain the most important thing - a team of professionals. Severnoye did not disdain any work. They worked for the municipal economy, for the water utility, for the Pishchevik plant, for the Stepan Razin plant. Did any design work.

Despite the difficulties, the design bureau made a strategically important decision and, starting in 1997, began working in the Faram three-dimensional design system. Having retained the highly qualified specialists and powerful scientific and technical potential, having established contacts with leading shipbuilding companies, scientific and technical centers, St. Petersburg shipbuilders were able to reach a new level of their development. They successfully produce competitive models of military equipment in the field of shipbuilding, promptly respond to the needs of not only the Russian Navy, but also work by order of the fleets of foreign states.

Severnoye have a contract with the Indian Navy. Frigates 11356 were designed and built, three of them were transferred at the beginning of the 2000s, and three more are being built at the Yantar Kaliningrad plant. High appreciation of a foreign customer became the basis for the conclusion of this contract. The ships are equipped with the new Bramos Russian-Indian anti-ship missile system. The leading frigate of the TEK series was transferred to India in 2012.

The ships of the Northern PKB have long been familiar to border guards. From 1983 to 1990, the naval border troops of the KGB of the USSR included patrol ships of project 1135 (1) Nerey. Created to protect a two hundred-mile exclusive economic zone and designed on the basis of a patrol ship of project 1135, they were distinguished by excellent seaworthiness, serious weapons, and the ability to carry out combat missions in difficult weather conditions.

Another project 22460, the Rubin border patrol ship, built by special order of the FSB border service at the Almaz shipbuilding company in St. Petersburg, is also intended to guard the State border. His automatic installation of AK-530 and two machine guns with a caliber of 12.7 mm Cord allows him to be indispensable in the fight against terrorism and maritime piracy. Search helicopters and two boats on board greatly expand the capabilities of the ship.

The modern corvettes created by the design bureau, patrol ships with a displacement of 500 to 2,000 thousand tons, according to experts, will be able to occupy up to 25% of the light surface ship market.

The designers have accumulated tremendous experience in the design of warships and in the development of civilian vessels, which is why today Severnoye PKB OJSC has become one of the essential links in the structure of the USC state corporation, which is called upon to implement the development strategy of all domestic shipbuilding. Technical documentation allows the construction of ships and vessels at shipyards located both in Russia and abroad. The geography of contacts of the Northern PKB is extensive: Norway, France, Germany, Spain, Korea, USA, Great Britain, Brazil, Chile, China.

In India, almost the entire submarine fleet was designed and built with Severnoye's participation. Until now, Severnoye was working there on new projects, a ship is being built, and our people are there. In Vietnam a group is providing technical support and copyright supervision; as in China. They built it in Kazakhstan, too, a ship goes from there to the Caspian.

Efficiency in solving emerging problems, continuous feedback improves the qualifications of the designers themselves, affects the final result. This, of course, reduces the construction time, increases the safety of ships and their survivability. New time poses new challenges. The modern frigate "Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov", created by the designers of the Northern Design Bureau, is unique in its quality and technical perfection. It was launched on October 29, 2010. Severnoye is building frigate 22350 for the Russian fleet at the Northern Shipyard, and there is no prototype for it. This is a completely new ship, very modern, in general, a ship of the XXI century Thanks to its multi-purpose orientation, it will replace a whole detachment of large patrol and anti-submarine ships, and will open a new direction in the development of the Russian Navy.

Modern Russia is building new ships. Builds, as it was during the time of Peter the Great, Admirals Nakhimov and Ushakov. The design and construction of a modern fleet is the locomotive that will surely stretch the whole process of the formation of modern Russia, will help it switch to innovative tracks. After all, a warship is only the tip of the iceberg, whose name is the scientific, technical, innovative and industrial potential of the state.

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