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Valentin Ivanovich Mutikhin

Mutikhin Valentin Ivanovich (1935-2012) was a constructor, shipbuilder. Laureate of the USSR State Prize (1986). He worked in the Northern Design Bureau. He was the chief designer of projects 1164 (Atlant, until 1979 - deputy chief designer) and 11641.

The tactical and technical task for the preliminary design 1164 Atlant was issued to the Northern Design Bureau in October 1972. Director of the Northern Design Bureau A. K. Perkov was appointed the chief designer of the project. However, the performance of this post was a purely nominal duty. Prior to this, he had not designed a single ship as the chief designer. In fact, the design work on Atlanta fell on the shoulders of the Deputy Chief Designer V. I. Mutikhin, who became the chief designer of the Project 1164 missile cruiser. Captain, 2nd rankA senior research officer of the Central Research Institute of VK was appointed as the chief observer of the project. N. Blinova. The development of the preliminary design took only a few months - it was approved on April 13, 1973. Project 1134B was taken as the basis of the drawing.

But there were no similarities between projects 1134B and 1164. In project 1164, almost everything was new or different. A new weapon: anti-ship missile system, main anti-aircraft missile system, artillery - required a cardinal general arrangement of the new scheme, not only in the “superstructure” part, but also in the hull. This task turned out to be very difficult. It was possible to finally fix the appearance of the ship only in the technical design, the development of which took more than a year and ended on August 21, 1974.

Until 1979, the chief designer was A.K. Perkov, then he was replaced by V.I. Mutihin. After the retirement of the chief designer of the Northern PKB A.K. Perkov , the main concerns for the design of the Atlanta fell on the shoulders of the deputy chief designer V. I. Mutikhin, who thus became the chief designer of the project 1164 - Soviet missile cruisers. Project 1164 (Atlant) is a cruiser with gas turbine installations, armed with anti-ship missile systems Bazalt. In total, three cruisers of this project are currently part of the Russian Navy: Moscow, Varyag, and Marshal Ustinov.

He was Chief designer of the PS-500 patrol ship project and a number of other projects.

He died in 2012. He was buried at Martyshkinsky cemetery.

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