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Project 22460 Rubin class patrol

Rubin PRODUCT LINE is designed for the protection of national borders, territorial waters and the continental shelf, rescue operations, as well as environmental monitoring and elimination of consequences of natural disasters. Ship of this class is able to combat terrorism and sea piracy. Officially it refers to border (patrol) patrol ships of the territorial sea of the second rank.

The rapid pace of construction of the ship (from September 2007 to January 2009 ?.) were secured thanks largely to high quality technical documentation developed by the project organization "North PKB, where widely used 3D design system FORAN (actively used in combat surface ships projects from 1998 onwards). Analogues of this new generation ship to that time in Russia was not. One of the main features YOU Rubin is the presence on Board of the airstrip for light helicopters, for which can be equipped with a hangar. And all this was put on a ship with a displacement of less than 700 tons. Swedish Visby Corvette "similar tonnage, which until recently was considered the smallest battlecraft with a helicopter on board, hangar no helipad only.

Another important feature is the presence of aft oblique slip, which can be installed rigidly inflated boat speedboat designed, for example, for quick delivery inspection party on ship-breaker. And a search helicopter and 2 boats on board substantially extend the capabilities of this relatively small vessel.

The ships have a high level of modernization project, resource and technology e-3D modeling, starting from the earliest stages of design, provided the rational placement of mechanisms and systems in the body and repairability. If we talk about the appearance of the ship, its striking modern architecture, relevant technology stealth with a maximum reduction in visibility in all ranges of irradiance and decreased levels of physical fields.

Given the difficult climatic conditions in various regions of Russia, from Kamchatka to the Caspian Sea and the Baltic Sea, the ship is designed so that it can be operated even in broken ice with a thickness of up to 20 centimeters. Armament consists of a single shestistvol'noj 30 mm AK-630 artillery system and two 12.7 mm machine guns Kord. If necessary (for example during wartime mobilization) on the ship can accommodate ANTI-SHIP launchers "uranium" with a range of up to 130 km.

Sea trials showed good seakeeping. It contains some of the best in its class main engines company MTU (Germany). This, together with the best lines of the hull allows YOU Rubin for a long time to maintain a high enough speed is about 25 knots with waves up to 4-5 points. On calm water the ship at speeds up to 30 knots. Runout vessel with full speed to "stop" was about 250 meters and the transition time from full forward on the "full back"-just 90 seconds.

Manageability also fully complies with the requirements of the customer. The diameter of the circulation amounted to 4.5 hull length at full speed and full time reversal (360 degrees) using a thruster-less than a minute. Small moves (up to 5 knots) ship is controlled by a "joystick" and allows you to be kept at a specified point, which is very important when search and rescue operations.

A very important advantage is the high level of automation. Modern mostikovaja system TRIMS allowed to bring the level of automation to class A1, which made it possible to reduce the number of crew members who bear the constant watch in undercarriage cabin, up to three. When there is management of all systems and mechanisms of the vessel that requires a high level of professionalism of each Member of the crew.

The PRODUCT LINE of Rubin comfortable living conditions-there is even a sauna with a swimming pool. The entire crew is housed in a comfortable cabin block. All cabins with modern ergonomic furniture, individual bathrooms with shower cabins, providing 24-hour hot water and air conditioning. There is a video surveillance system that allows you to record any movement both inside the vessel and maintain external surveillance, including a fly-by of the reconnaissance and landing the helicopter.

Ships developed in "the North PKB long familiar with our marine border guards. Back in 1983-1990, marine parts of the KGB of the USSR border troops consisted of the project PRODUCT 11351 (code "Nereus), created to protect the 200-mile economic zone based on the frigate project 1135. Due to the renunciation of the antisubmarine missile complex was able to host the hangar with the permanent basing search and rescue helicopter Ka-27PS. The ships were very successful: with high seaworthiness, with strong arms, capable of delivering service in virtually all weather conditions. New generation PRODUCT 22460 project will primarily protect Russia's territorial waters.

The tradition of naming ships "named" border gemstones that originated with us at the beginning of the 20th century, was continued and after the great patriotic war. So, in the mid-1970-h godov specifically for Morchastej the USSR KGB border troops built a series of ships of the project 1124P-"Emerald", "Diamond", "Pearl", "Ruby", "Amethyst", "Sapphire". When the question arose about how to name the new ship resurgent edge fleet, it was decided to continue the glorious tradition.

With the year 2010 PRODUCT Rubin serving at sea, took part in securing the Olympics the year 2014 in Sochi. According to data from a PIT of FSB of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION plans to build up to 30 ships of the project. For the head of "Ruby," YOU are already logged into operation "diamond" (summer 2012) and "Pearls" (fall 2012), followed by the "Emerald" and "Amethyst", in the fall of 2014 g. launched "Sapphire", built four more ships, and three new PRODUCT placed orders.

And developers and builders of the ship assured that Rubin and subsequent ships project will honor 22460 wear their nice names. On 26 June 2012 at JSC "Shipbuilding Company" Almaz "will sign the act of receiving and transmitting the first serial ship of a new generation of project 22460, Head. # 502 "Diamond" for the Border Service of the FSB. In 2012, of the SF "Almaz" transferred PS FSB border two boat project 12200 "Sable" head. ## 213, 214, and continues to build a second serial ship pr. 22460 head. "Pearls" # 503. (JSC "Shipbuilding Company" Almaz ")

In May 2016 shipbuilding company "Almaz" in St. Petersburg, completed the construction of eight patrol ship project 22460 "Reliable" for the FSB Border Service. After the launching of the ship will go to the south of the country, where it will be used for the protection of objects, "Chornomornaftohaz". "The ship is equipped with the latest technology and control systems for surface surveillance, efficient power plants, provides a comfortable living environment and living conditions of crews, which can effectively perform the tasks of the Russian maritime border protection", - said the Border Guard Service in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

The ship was designed by St. Petersburg Severnoye Design Bureau. It is suitable both for the protection of state borders and territorial waters, as well as for use in operations to combat terrorism and piracy. On board there is a helicopter control system is automated. The displacement is 630 tons, speed - 30 knots, cruising range - 3.5 thousand miles, autonomy -. 30 days, length - 62.5 m. The "Diamond" continued to build three more ships of the project 22460 for the FSB Border Service. The company specializes in the construction of high-speed patrol boats, yachts and working vessels and is considered a leader in the construction of amphibious hovercraft.

New coast guard vessel (PSKR) "Reliable" enlarged composition divisions Coast Guard Border Guard Department of FSB of the Russian Federation for the Kaliningrad region. This was reported on 10 December 2016 by the press-service management. "The solemn event dedicated to the arrival of a boundary patrol ship 2 rank" reliable "to the place of permanent deployment took place on the territory of the inner harbor of the port city of Baltiysk", - said in a statement. The ship is ready to proceed with his crew to the protection of Russian borders, noted there.

"Robust" was built for the border guards of the Baltic shipbuilding company "Almaz" (St. Petersburg). From May to December 2016 he performed the program running the factory and state tests. The ship has a displacement of 670 tons, a length of 62 meters and a cruising range of up to 3000 miles. With the installation of artillery, modern navigation and communications systems, as well as the possibility of placing the deck of the helicopter, it will be on duty for the protection of maritime borders of the Russian Federation in the Kaliningrad region.

The total length of the state border of Russia in the region is 648.3 km, of which 170.5 km are protected by the coast guards of regional border department of the FSB. These units guarding the sea border of the Russian Federation, supported by the state border regime and border regime in the territorial waters of the Baltic Sea and the waters of Kaliningrad and the Curonian Lagoon.

From the beginning, the border guards conducted more than 4,100 control and verification activities on board ships, found more than 20 of the state border regime violations suppressed more than 470 violations of the border regime, and about 40 violations of Russian legislation in the field of fishing and preservation of aquatic biological resources. The total amount of fines brought against infringers, amounted to about 850 thousand Rubles, said the Border Service.

It was originally planned that PSKR "Amethyst" will patrol maritime boundary in the waters near Murmansk, but due to recent events, "Amethyst", it was decided to transfer Crimea. "This ship is waiting in Murmansk, but decided that he would go to the south, in the Crimea, and will guard the border there," - said the head of the FSB Border Service Administration Petersburg and Leningrad region, Anatoly Zabrodin. General Director of JSC "Shipbuilding Company" Almaz "Leonid Grabovets said that this was the fifth ship of the series, released in the plant.

In total the company will release 26 such ships. Russian Federal Security Service placed an order for the construction of the next three border patrol ships of project 22460 with serial numbers 509-511. First PSKR worth 2.446 billion. Rub. must be delivered to the customer no later than December 2017, the other two - a year later. Their cost will be 2.569 and 2.565 billion. Rub. respectively. The place of delivery is specified Novorossiysk. The most likely potential contract performer - shipbuilding company "Almaz", surrendered five ships to the Federal Security Service of the project, three more are under construction.

June 26, 2009 year marine border guards, a significant event happened in St. Petersburg to shipbuilding company Almaz was launched on a new generation of border-guard patrol ship Rubin (22460 project) built specially commissioned by the Russian FSB border service. 13 November of the same year its state tests were successfully completed and after the signing of the acceptance certificate, the ship May 12, 2010 was admitted to the Balck-Azov Sea border SUBSTATION of FSB of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION.

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