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S-300PMU2 Favorit SA-20 GARGOYLE

The S-300PMU2 Favorit variant is a new missile with larger warhead and better guidance with a range of 200 km, versus the 150 km of previous versions. The S-300 PMU2 "FAVORIT" air defence missile system is designed for defense of vital facilities of the state and its armed forces against mass strikes by modem and future aircraft, strategic cruise missiles, tactical and theatre ballistic missiles, and other air attack weapons over a full range of altitudes and speeds in heavy ECM environments. The universal mobile multichannel Favorit air defence missile system is a follow-on of the S-300 PMU1 ADM system and 83M6E command and control system and is distinguished by improved technical and operational characteristics. The improvements were achieved by introducing new engineering innovations in the S-300 PMU1, based on experience gained during its operation, and perfection of software support using state-of-the-art computer aids.

Unveiled at the MAKS'97 exhibition in August 1997, the S-300PMU2 Favorit represents a thorough modification of the S-300PMU1. The first tests were performed on 10 August 1995 at the Kapustin Yar firing range. One new element is the entirely new 96L6E autonomous mobile radar, which works in conjunction with the 83M6E2 control post and S-300MPU2 launchers. The new 48N6E2 missile, developed by MKB Fakel, weighs 1,800 kg, and is 7.5 m long and 0.5 m in diameter. After a cold start in the upright position with help of a catapult, the 48N6E2 accelerates up to 1,900 m/s in 12 sec time, and then approaches the target from above. The 48N6E2 differs from the older 48N6E in having a new warhead specially designed for destroying ballistic missiles, with a warhead weight of 145 kg versus 70-100 kg.

The S-300PMU2 Favorit can engage targets flying from 10 m to 27 km above the surface at a speed of up to 10,000 km/h. It is claimed that it has a kill ratio ranging from 0.8 to 0.93 against aircraft and from 0.8 to 0.98 against Tomahawk-class cruise missiles.

The S-300PMU2 Favorit system is comprised of:

  • 83M6E2 command post (CP)
  • up to six 90Zh6E2 air defence missile complexes
  • 48N6E2 air defence missiles
  • technical support facilities.

The 9M96E and 9M96E2 missiles are completely unifed in there board equipment structure, war equipment and design, and differ in sustaincr only. The missiles use "cold" vertical launch - before starting sue-tainer they launched from a container to height over 30 metres. While lifting to such a height a missile is tended toward the target by a gas-dynamic system. After starting the sustaincr, at initial and middle phases of the flight, inertial guidance with radio correction is used, and during target interception, - active self-guidance. If intensive maneuvering before contact with a target is required, the missile is capable to realise "supermanoeuvrability" mode. For this purpose gas-dynamic control system is used. This system imparts to missile unique -maneuverability all over the interception zone, at both high and law attitude. Equipping the missile with 24-kg warhead with controlled hitting field provides them with high efficiency in struggle with aircraft means of air attack. In every transport-and-launching container having sizes analogous to the containers for 5V55R, 48N6E, and 48N6E2 missiles (such as surface-to-air missile system S-300 PMU or S-300 PMU2) there arc four 9M96E or 9M96E2 missiles.

The 83M6E2 command post (CP) is intended for operational control of multi­channel SAM system S-300 PMU, S-300 PMU1. S-300 PMU2, S-200DE and S-200VE and cooperation among SAM system groupings and with higher command. The 83M6E2 is a highly mobile automated control aid pro­viding the above SAM systems with designation of targets including modem and future aircraft, cruise missiles, ballistic targets and other air attack means over the entire range of there practical employment, cooperation between SAM sys­tems (also under intensive jamming conditions). To control the SAM systems, the 83M6E2 uses its own radar data and data received from the controlled SAM systems, as well as information derived from higher control aids, elec­tronic reconnaissance troops and neighbouring SAM sys­tems groupings.

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