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The 36D6 [NATO designated TIN SHIELD] mobile radar system is designed to detect air targets and to perform the friend-of-foe identification. The radar system is able to provide targeting and bearing of active jamming, integrated computer-aided systems of control and guidance of antiaircraft guided missile complexes.

The 36D6 radar system is highly effective in detecting low, medium and high altitude targets, moving in wide speed range, including winged missiles with RCS equal to 0,1 m. The 36D6 is used in the structure of the air defense units as follows; independently, as an observation and air detection post; as part of computer-aided control systems; as part of antiaircraft guided missile complex C-300 PMU, where it is used as a reconnaissance and targeting system.

The 36D6 is a highly mobile radar system due to fast changeover from travel position to fire position and vice versa. Additionally, the station is equipped with a gyrocompass to provide self-orientation. The radar system itself and the power station (version without tower) arc transported only by 2 automobiles KRAZ-type.

The antenna system of the 36D6 can be installed on tower 40B6M1 with phase zone centers removed at a height of 23m which greatly improves technical characteristics of the system.

The radar system features a high interference immunity under active and passive jamming conditions and self-guided projectile protection.

The raw data processing equipment enables the constant false alarm rate, inc range ambiguity rejection, the effective rejection of ground clutter and meteors with the aid of digital moving target selection, the three coordinates selling and definition of radial velocities of targets, simultaneous data processing of 100 targets; 30-60 targets among them are processed in the automatic tracking mode.

The air situation data is routed in the digital from automatically and upon the interrogation to the integrated system and 3 operator's work stations connected in parallel. The target data is indicated on displays in the character-numeric form, convenient for the operator to read. It enables the operator to pick up the true target even in the severe air situation and to identify it, to localize the target, its heading and speed.

The 36D6 radar system has a remote control of operation modes and built-in test systems, which provide: the main radar characteristics automatics monitoring-through, detection finding and localization of faults of the radar it self, systems and separate units.

The 36D6 is furnished by the air direction system (FBUA-100); conditioner 1K23; the loud speaking and telephone communications. Inside the station there is the SPTA-0 set, which duplicates 99% of all the printed circuits available. For the 3 radars delivered there provided (supplied separately) a group SPTA, which contains a large deal of parts, subunits and assemblies, applied in the equipment.

Operation bend
     - azimuth. deg 360
     - elevation, deg -20 up to 30
Scanning rate, s (to azimuth) 5 and 10
Target detection .range in the difficult conditions:
     - with RCS = 0,1m2
     - at night-altitude 100m, km 42(46)
     - at night-altitude 1000-6000m, km no less than 80
     - at night-altitude 2000-18000m, km with RCS=0,1m2 147-175
     - at flight-altitude 60m, km no less than 20(32)
     - at night-altitude 100-300m,km no less than 30(40)
Detection ceiling, km 20
Target localization accuracy,
     - range, m 250
     - azimuth, min 20
     - altitude, m 400
Quantity of targets
     - being tracked simultaneously, no less that 100
     - including auto tracking 30-60
     - Ground clutter suppression ratio, dB
     - no less that 48
Transmitter power:
     - maximum, kW 350
     - medium, kW 3
Environmental conditions:
     - temperature, deg -50C +50C
     - humidity (at t +35C) 95%-98%
     - altitude above sea-level, m -100..-.+1000
     - wind speed (without icing), m/s 25
Power supply from power station:
     - PCH 380V/50Hz
     - diesel generator (220V/400Hz
Power consumption, kW 57(60)
Deployment/closure time
     - into operation/traveling position, h 1(2)
Mean-time between failures, h
     - no less than 400
In brackets given is data with the antenna installed tower 40B6M1.

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