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The SA-10A launch complex consists of a missile battery which includes a battery command post and engagement control center, the large CLAM SHELL 3D continuous wave pulse Doppler target acquisition radar, the FLAP LID A I-band multi-function phased-array trailer-mounted engagement radar with digital beam steering in hardened sites, and up to 12 semi-trailer erector-launchers which mount four tubular missile container-launchers.

The SA-10B mobile missile battery comprises the combined FLAP LID B engagement radar and engagement control/command post station mounted on a MAZ-7910 chassis, up to 12 TELs (SPU: mobile launcher unit), a trailer-mounted 36D6; CLAM SHELL 3D 360 scanning target designation radar, and a maintenance section.

The 76N6S low altitude target search radar / low altitude detector LAD is independent for detecting approach of going away air targets, including cruise missiles with small reflecting surface at low and extreme low altitudes under conditions of reflecting signals from objects and effective electronic conler-measurcs. The radar operates automatically and provides supply of target designation to anti-aircraft missile complexes S-300 PMU in respect of approaching and going-away targets by coordinates of speed, distance and azimuth in the scanned area by the target elevation angle of 1 or 2. The radar is all-weather one and may be used under various climatic conditions.

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