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96L6 / 96L6E - CHEESE BOARD Radar

Unveiled at the MAKS'97 exhibition in August 1997, the S-300PMU2 Favorit represents a thorough modification of the S-300PMU1. The first tests were performed on 10 August 1995 at the Kapustin Yar firing range. One new element is the entirely new 96L6E autonomous mobile radar, which works in conjunction with the 83M6E2 control post and S-300MPU2 launchers.

The Lianozovo Electromechanical Plant and the Lira KB design bureau displayed a model of their 96L6 radar vehicle at the IDEX '97 exhibition. The phased-array centrimetric system is mounted on a MAZ-7930 (8x8) truck chassis and is intended for use with the S-300PMU and S-300PMU1 air defence systems as an upgrade to replace several existing radar's with a single more capable system. The 96L6 can function as a low-altitude detection set surveillance radar and as a battery command post. The maximum detection range is 300 km and it can track up to 100 targets simultaneously at speeds between 30 to 2,750 m/s. If required, the radar antenna assembly can be fitted to a 40V6M tower unit for better low-altitude coverage. The 96L3 is considered an all-weather all-altitude radar system.

The 96L6E all-altitude radar is designed for detecting, determining the state nationality, identification of classes, locking-on and tracking the routes of air targets, outputting target designa­tion and three-coordinate information about all detected air targets to the users over the radio channel and/or fiber-optics com­munication link. The procedure of radar data transmitting to the user is specified by coordinated interface protocol, and under hardware control by the method of replacement of reprogrammed interface cards. The radar can be used in composition of the systems S-300 PMU, S-300 PMU-FAVORIT, including combat operations conducted by one battalion and combining the functions of the low-altitude radar, surveillance radar and command post, as well as in radio-engineering and air-defence subunits as a combat-mode radar.


model 96L6E
nickname "Cheese Board"
Types of Phased array radar
96L6E "Cheese Board" phased array radar
can be towed by the KrAZ-260 vehicle or pulled by the MAZ-7930 vehicle
96L6E/40V6M 5N63 phased array radar mounted on a
40V6M semi-trailer with an elevated height of 23.8 meters.
96L6E/40V6MD 5N63 phased array radar mounted on a
40V6MD semi-trailer with an elevated height of 38.8 meters.
total weight
Discovery distance 5-300 km
Discover height
target speed30-2800 m/s
Identify tracking distance
Scan azimuth
  • 360 degrees (high altitude detection mode);
  • 0-60 degrees (fan scan mode);
  • 360 degrees (low altitude detection mode);
  • Scan elevation
  • 0-20 degrees (high altitude detection mode);
  • >120 degrees (fan scan mode);
  • 0-1.5 degrees (low altitude detection mode);
  • Band C band
    Wavelength Centimetric
    Pulse repetition time
    Pulse repetition frequency
    Receiving time
    Stop time
    Track target number >100
    Rate of updating of the information:
    - In the bottom zone6
    - In average and top zones12
    Antenna revolutions
    Peak power
    Average power
    operator 3
    The available Time from a march, 5 minutes
    Radar deployment time < 3 minutes
    Radar boot time < 40 seconds
    Service time

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