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Iranian Seaports - Bandar

Major Commercial Ports

Name of portLongitude (°) Latitude (°)Harbor capacity
Shahid Rajaey, Bandar Abbas56.266666727.183333370,000,000
Imam Khomeini49.105555630.435555650,000,000
Bandar-e Mahshahr30.467870849.172382940,000,000
Shahid Bahonar 56.209123727.152075310,000,000

The word "bandar" is an Arabic broken plural of the Persian word meaning “moorage” or “port”. The great plateau of Persia, which resembles in many respects the veldt of South Africa, breaks precipitously towards the sea all along the southern boundary of the country. But the abrupt mountains, though they frequently seem to hang right over the waters of the Gulf, never quite project to the shore, but are protected from the waves by an intervening space of shelving land which varies in width from one to twenty miles. There is, therefore, no place on the Persian coast where the mountain scarp so intrudes on the sea as to form a natural harbor. At the same time it rises so abruptly and so near the shore, that the rains which scour its face have no time, even if they were frequent enough, to combine into a great river before they reach the sea, or vanish in the torrid sands at the foot of the cliffs.

The only variations in this grand but monotonous landscape are formed by occasional spits of sand and coral which run out into the sea at Bushire, for instance, and Naband and Jask, and by islands like Sheikh Shuaib, and Kishm, and Ormuz, which, lying off the mainland, form channels which are more or less protected from the prevailing winds. It is quite true that the protection which is given by the sandy spits at Jask and Bushire is not only poor in itself, but rendered even less useful by the shelving bottom, which prevents an ordinary cargo-steamer from coming near the shore. Still, they form the beginnings of harbors which might easily be improved, as, for example, in the case of Bushehr, where a little dredging converted an open roadstead into a splendid haven. Then, again, the Islands of Kish and Ormuz are so situated as to provide almost unlimited anchorage. As for the Arab coast, it possesses some of the finest harbors in the whole of the East.

There are said to be 300 small ports in Iran, and the direction of the management of 37 small ports was determined by 2019, according Rohanbakhsh Behzadian of the the Port Directorate for Ports and Maritime Affairs. [These "ports" must be administrative entities, rather than geographically separate locations] He stated: "The boom of small ports will cause a population aggregation to be distributed along the coast of the country." He added: "In addition, the boom of small ports will be a factor in preventing the employment of immigrants from these ports to large cities, so the role of the geopolitics of small ports in this regard can be contemplated. Behzadian said that the possibility of transferring small ports to the private sector would always be and will be ready, said: "Currently, the ports of Fereydoun-e-Astara and Caspian Sea coast of Caspian Sea and the ports of Deylam, Kangan, Genaveh and Chobeida ports in the Persian Gulf have been privatized to the private sector... The transfer of small ports to the private sector requires their profitability and can not be floated without investing in infrastructure and infrastructure.

Representatives of the Iranian Government have signed investment contracts with private entities worth USD 1 trillion to develop Iranian ports, the country’s Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) said 22 March 2017. The contracts include investments of USD 10 billion in Mazandaran Province, USD 20 billion in Khorramshahr Port, USD 100 billion in Gilan Province, USD 70 billion in Amirabad Port and USD 130 billion in Bushehr Province. Moreover, some USD 45 billion will be invested in Sistan and Baluchistan Province, USD 210 billion in Khuzestan Province, and USD 350 billion in Mazandaran Province, according to the PMO.

The private investments are related to the construction of warehouses, storage facilities and port equipment as well as development and capacity promotion of ports. Following the lifting of economic sanctions, Iran launched a 2025 strategic economic plan aimed at doubling its USD 415 billion economy. To achieve this mission in the next decade, the Iranian Government has to ease the current climate of economic recession, reduce unemployment and become the largest exporter and the largest economy in the region.

“Iran has to diversify from its dependence on oil & gas, enhance manufacturing in non-oil sectors, develop a knowledge-based sustainable economy, and attract investments to the tune of USD 1.5 trillion,” business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan said.

Iranian Seaports - Bandar Iranian Seaports - Bandar

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