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Abadan is located on the eastern bank of the Shatt-al-Arab on the Iran/Iraq border, approx. 47 n.m. upriver from Rooka Buoy. Abadan Harbor is located in Khuzestan Province, which runs through the Irvand International Route to the Persian Gulf and the Free Seas. The distance to the port is 120 km to the center of the province and 950 km to Tehran , with the first international airport and the railway line is 5 km.

Port is open throughout 24 hours with arrival and sailing being controlled by the tide. All berthing/unberthing takes place during daylight hours only. Vessels normally enter the Bar at 4 hours before HW at the Bar or at 2 hours after HW at the Bar. Those entering 4 hours before, arrive at Bawarda Anchorage generally during flood tide so must anchor for 6 hours awaiting ebb. Those entering 2 hours after HW, arrive Bawarda during ebb tide.

Considering the presence of two commercial and industrial cities in Abadan and Khorramshahr in Arvand Free Trade Zone, this region has the most growth among other free regions. This area with an area of ??34,000 hectares, along with two navigable rivers and adjacent to two Iraqi and Kuwaiti provinces, and providing various types of transportation such as sea, road, rail and air, provide a favorable environment for domestic and foreign investors.

The port of Abadan, as one of the oldest Iranian ports of the past, has played an active and active role in the oil industry. Due to oil wells and refineries, this port has a special importance in the south of the country, with a common border with Iraq, Kuwait and the Persian Gulf region for commercial and commercial exchanges.

The ports and roads of Abadan in recent years, according to international standards, were located within the limits of the Free Industrial Zone of Arvand, the close proximity to the railway lines, the Abadan Highway - Ahvaz for the transit of goods to the center of the country, the passenger terminal and the pier of the ships, the existence The warehouse and modern equipment for evacuation and loading have developed dramatically so that it has turned the port into one of the strategic ports. Hence, using special facilities and placing in the Free Industrial Zone of Arvand, special facilities, low-cost tariffs for exporters, will place this port as one of the best ports of the country in the field of export and import of goods.

Abadan port has two subsidiary ports (Chouebdeh port and Arvand Coast side port), where export operations of goods are dramatically implemented in these two ports . Establishment of an integrated management system ( ims), Marine Assistance Center ( mrsc) In the north of the Persian Gulf, located at Arvand Coast, the promotion of expert human resources has increased the safety factor and operations of the ports and marinas of Abadan (three ports) in the area of ??the ports targeted by the investors in the export and import sector.

  • Features and benefits of this port include:
  • Proximity to the countries of Iraq and Kuwait for trade and trade
  • Neighboring the refinery and the existence of oil export facilities;
  • Proximity to Imam Khomeini Port (RA) for transit or transshipment of goods;
  • There is a passenger terminal.
  • Having a civilian tow truck and a tugboat hire
  • Having a fuel dock post
  • Flexible flexibility from 60 tons to 2000 tons
  • Having Abadan Highway - Ahvaz

Also, due to the existence of two ports of Arvindkenar and Chouebdeh, the capacities of Abadan port are twofold. There are many rivers in the port of Arvandkenar for use of vessels in repair and maintenance of the park after discharge. The existence of a search and rescue submarine center covering the northern Persian Gulf region at Arvandkenar port. Existence of the necessary capacities for export of livestock, agriculture and fishery in Choue Bde port. Based on the program of the Arvand Free Zone Organization to allocate 260 hectares of land, Abakan's tank tank area becomes a well-developed port of land with an appropriate geographic range.

Due to the fact that Abadan has the shortest water border with Iraq and Kuwait, this port has a very high potential for creating maritime routes between the countries of the region as well as the expansion of the maritime tourism industry, which refers to some of its capacities:

  • Proximity to Iraq, Kuwait and other Persian Gulf states
  • Near the mouth of Arvand and the beautiful view of the Persian Gulf
  • Having a passenger terminal with a capacity of 400 passengers per trip
  • Having a pier with length and suitable water for simultaneously docking two ships with a gross capacity of 3000 tons
  • The ability to operate 2 daily voyages to countries of the region with a capacity of 400 passengers
  • Can do 4 seaplane tours per day with a capacity of 400 tourists
  • Enjoying the Arcade Naval Search and Rescue Station ( MRSC Arvand) is equipped with a fast-paced float and helicopter pad, and modern modern telecommunication equipment on the floating route.
  • The passionate presence of lightning caravans and their interest in sailing trips with holy defense.

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