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World Wide Elections - 2019

In 2019, more people will vote than ever before. Nearly two billion voters in more than 50 countries around the world will head to the polls this year to elect their leaders. Some of the biggest elections include India - the worlds largest democracy with 800 million eligible voters, Indonesia - 187 million registered voters and Nigeria - 84 million registered voters.

this resource covers presidential and legislative elections in about 300 polities:

  • 200 [or so] sovereign states
  • 30 [or so] non-recognized para-states
  • 50 [or so] non-self governing territories
  • 29 union states in India [some of which are awefully big]

Election assistance such as that provided by the United States is distinct from the type of Russian election interference that has recently dominated headlines. Election assistance is a key element of international development, that does not support or oppose individual candidates in specific elections. It is practiced by nonpartisan, international non-governmental organizations, working with local partners to promote more professional and independent electoral institutions. American election assistance aims to promote democracy, overtly if possible, or covertly in the absence of a functioning democracry. Russian election interference aims to subvert democracy.

Country ElectionDateStatus
PuntlandPresident09 Jan 2019held
BoliviaPresident and Parliament - primaries27 Jan 2019held
GuineaParliament03 Feb 2019 vaporware
El SalvadorPresident03 Feb 2019held
NigeriaPresident and Parliament16 Feb 2019held
SenegalPresident24 Feb 2019held
CubaConstitutional referendum24 Feb 2019held
MoldovaParliament 24 Feb 2019held
EstoniaParliament 03 Mar 2019held
MicronesiaParliament05 Mar 2019held
Chuuk Referendum on independence 07 Mar 2019postponed
MaltaPresident (by Parliament)07 Mar 2019
Guinea BissauParliament10 Mar 2019held
North Korea Supreme Peoples Assembly (SPA)10 Mar 2019held
SlovakiaPresident 1st round16 Mar 2019held
ThailandParliament24 Mar 2019held
ComorosLegislature24 Mar 2019held
SlovakiaPresident 2nd round29 Mar 2019held
UkrainePresident31 Mar 2019held
San MarinoCapitani Reggenti 01 Apr 2019held
Solomons Parliament03 Apr 2019held
MaldivesParliament06 Apr 2019held
AndorraParliament07 Apr 2019held
IsraelParliament [early!!]09 Apr 2019held
IndiaParliament11 Apr 2019held
FinlandParliament14 Apr 2019held
IndonesiaPresident and Parliament17 Apr 2019held
UkrainePresident - runoff21 Apr 2019held
SpainParliament [early!!]28 Apr 2019held
BeninParliament28 Apr 2019held
Macedonia, NorthPresident30 Apr 2019held
SikkimRegional23 May 2019held
MicronesiaPresident (by Parliament)May 2019
MauritaniaPresident01 May 2019held
PanamaPresident and Parliament 05 May 2019held
South AfricaParliament08 May 2019held
South AfricaPresident (by Parliament)May 2019held
LithuaniaPresident12 May 2019held
PhilippinesParliament and Senate 13 May 2019held
AustraliaParliament 18 May 2019held
MalawiPresident and Parliament 21 May 2019held
European UnionParliament23-26 May 2019held
BelgiumParliamentary and regional 26 May 2019held
TuvaluParliamentJun 2019date ???
LibyaPresident06 Jun 2019vaporware
UNITED NATIONSSecurity Council07 Jun 2019held
KazakhstanPresident09 Jun 2019held
GuatemalaPresident and Parliament16 Jun 2019held
DenmarkParliament30 Jun 2019
LatviaPresident (by Parliament)30 Jun 2019
MaliPresidentJun 2019planned
GreeceParliament07 Jul 2019 early
JapanHouse of Councillors Jul 2019
GuyanaGeneral01 Jul 2019uncertain
AlgeriaPresident04 Jul 2019rescheduled
UkraineParliament21 Jul 2019
NauruParliament31 Jul 2019
NauruPresident (by Parliament)31 Jul 2019
AfghanistanPresident28 Sep 2019delayed
LibyaPresidentOct 2019proposed
HaitiParliamentOct 2019tentative
Sri LankaGeneral Election Oct 2019confused
CanadaParliamentOct 2019
PolandParliamentOct 2019
United Arab EmiratesParliamentOct 2019
OmanParliamentOct 2019
EthiopiaPresident (by Parliament)Oct 2019
CameroonLegislatureOct 2019delayed
Bougainville (PNG)Referendum on independence Oct 2019
San MarinoCapitani Reggenti (Chiefs of State)1 Oct 2019
PortugalParliament06 Oct 2019
MozambiquePresident and Parliament15 Oct 2019
SwitzerlandParliament20 Oct 2019
ArgentinaPresident and Parliament27 Oct 2019
BoliviaPresident and Parliament27 Oct 2019
BotswanaPresident and Parliament31 Oct 2019
UruguayPresident 1st round and Parliament31 Oct 2019
United KingdomReverse BREXIT May 2019conjectural
Gibraltar (UK)ParliamentNov 2019
Marshall IslandsParliament01 Nov 2019
BelarusParliament07 Nov 2019
NamibiaPresident and Parliament11 Nov 2019
TunisiaParliament17 Nov 2019planned
UruguayPresidential runoff30 Nov 2019
UzbekistanParliamentDec 2019
KiribatiParliamentDec 2019
MauritiusPresident and ParliamentDec 2019
SwitzerlandPresident (by Parliament)Dec 2019
SomalilandParliamentDec 2019delayed
CroatiaPresident31 Dec 2019
DominicaParliament31 Dec 2019
RomaniaPresident31 Dec 2019
TunisiaPresident31 Dec 2019
ChadParliamentary late 2019long delayed
Sprska (Bosnia Herzegovina)Referendum on independence????
Blue Nile, Abyei Referendum on joining South Sudan????
LibyaReferendum on Constitution????
Puntland (Somalia)President????
TogoReferendum on presidential term limits????
South Ossetia (Georgia)Referendum to join Russia????
SyriaKurd Regional assembly????
PalestinePresident and Parliament????
BelizeReferendum on maritime dispute to ICJ????
United KingdomPeople's Vote Reverse BREXIT 2019 ??conjectural
BelizeHouse of Representatives2018-2020not confirmed
TelanganaRegional07 Dec 2018held
Andhra PradeshRegional11 Apr 2019held
Arunachal PradeshRegional11 Apr 2019held
OdishaRegional24 May 2019held

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