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Beijing Military Region - Order of Battle
205th Motorized Infantry Brigade Hohhot Inner Mongolia
UI Motorized Infantry Brigade Datong Shanxi
AAA Brigade
Special Operations Dadui Daxing Beijing
Engineer Brigade (UN PKO force) Nankou Beijing
Engineer Water Supply Regiment
Logistics Subdepartments and Units
5th Subdepartment Taiyuan Shanxi
6th Subdepartment Fengtai Beijing
7th Subdepartment Shijiazhuang Hebei
8th Subdepartment Tianjin
27th Group Army Shijiazhuang Hebei
235th Mechanized Infantry Brigade Xingtai Hebei
80th Motorized Infantry Brigade Luquan Hebei
188th Mechanized Infantry Brigade Xinzhou Shanxi
UI Armored Brigade Handan Hebei
7th Armored Brigade (training Blue Force) Datong Shanxi
Artillery Brigade Handan Hebei
AAA Brigade Shijiazhuang Hebei
38th Mechanized Group Army Baoding Hebei
6th Artillery Brigade Pinggu Beijing
Mechanized Air Defense Brigade Shijiazhuang Hebei
Chemical Defense Regiment
Army Aviation Regiment Baoding Hebei
112th Mechanized Infantry Division Baoding Hebei
113th Mechanized Infantry Division Baoding Hebei
6th Armored Division “China Windows” Nankou Beijing
65th Group Army Zhangjiakou Hebei
194th Motorized Infantry Brigade Huai’an County Hebei
UI Motorized Infantry Brigade Chengde Hebei
UI Armored Brigade Zhangjiakou Hebei
14th Artillery Brigade Huailai Hebei
193rd Division (“Red 1st Division”) Xuanhua Hebei
Beijing Garrison
1st Garrison Division Beijing
3rd Garrison Division Shunyi
Tianjin Garrison
196th Infantry Brigade Yangcun Tianjin
1st Armored DivisionTianjin
Border Defense Units
Inner Mongolia Military District
1st Border Defense Regiment Wulatezhongzhen
2nd Border Defense Regiment Erlianhaote
3rd Border Defense Regiment Dongwuzhumuqinzhen
4th Border Defense Regiment Ejinazhen
5th Border Defense Regiment Baotou Guyang
6th Border Defense Regiment Haila’er
7th Border Defense Regiment Manzhouli
8th Border Defense Regiment Xinbaerhuzuozhen
9th Border Defense Regiment A’ershan
Patrol Craft Group
Reserve Units
Beijing Garrison
Beijing Chemical Defense Regiment
Beijing Garrison Reserve AAA Division
Tianjin Garrison
Tianjin Army 1st Reserve AAA Division
Hebei Military District
Hebei Army Reserve Artillery Brigade Qinhuangdao
Hebei Army Reserve AAA Brigade Zhangjiakou
Hebei Army Reserve Brigade Handan
Langfang Army Logistics Support Brigade
Hebei Army Reserve Artillery 72nd Division Tangshan
Hebei Army Reserve Infantry Division Shijiazhuang
Shanxi Military District
Shanxi Army Reserve AAA Brigade Taiyuan
Shanxi Army Reserve Infantry 83rd Division Xinzhou
Inner Mongolia Military District
Neimenggu Army Reserve 30th Infantry Division Hohhot

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