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Beijing Military Region - Order of Battle - 2002

Group Army
(Jituan Jun)
BattalionLocationUnit #Equipment
Beijing MR
MR Combined Arms Tactical Training BaseJuhr66242
MR Tankmen Training BaseChangzhi66426
MR Helicopter Unit66347
MR Special Operation Dadui66413
MR Water Supply Engineer REGT
MR RSV Logistics BDE
U/I Armored BDE (poss 28 AR BDE)Datong66378
U/I AAA BDEZhangjiakou66109
24 Group ArmyChengde66169
U/I Artillery BDEChangli66248
U/I AAA BDEQinhuangdao66039
U/I Armored Division (prob 1 AD) Tangshan66166Type-96 MBT
70 Motorized Infantry Division 66203
U/I Motorized Infantry Division (prob 71 MID)52824
27 Group ArmyShijiazhuang66267
U/I Armored BDEHandan66075
135 Motorized Infantry BDE66220
U/I Motorized Infantry BDE66172
U/I Artillery BDEHandan66077
U/I AAA BDEShijiazhuang66010
38 Mechanized Group ArmyBaoding66393
6 Artillery BDEPinggu County66362
1 BNPinggu County152mm T
2 BNPinggu County130mm T
3 BNPinggu County130mm T
4 BNPinggu County122mm MRL
5 BNPinggu County120mm Anti-Tank
U/I Mechanized Air Defense BDE66440
U/I Helicopter REGT66347Zhi-9
6 Armored Division Changping52884
U/I Armored REGTType-98G MBT
U/I Armored REGTType-88B MBT
U/I Armored REGTType-88B MBT
U/I Mechanized Infantry REGT
112 Mechanized Infantry Division Xincheng51033
113 Mechanized Infantry Division Baoding51036
114 Mechanized Infantry Division Taihangshan51039
63 Group ArmyTaiyuan66389
U/I Armored BDEYuncheng
U/I Motorized Infantry BDEDatong66043
U/I Infantry BDE66148
U/I AAA BDEPingyao County66245
U/I Artillery BDEDatong66054
U/I Communications REGTTaiyuan (Prob)51382
188 Motorized Infantry Division Xinzhou66014
65 Group ArmyZhanjiakou66455
U/I Armored BDEZhanjiakou66164
207 Motorized Infantry BDEWanquan66088
U/I Motorized Infantry BDEHuai'an County66498
U/I AAA BDE52968
14 Artillery Division Huailai66183
193 Division (Red 1st Division)Xuanhua51052
Beijing Garrison
U/I Division
U/I Beijing RSV AAA Division51601
Tianjin Garrison
U/I Motorized Infantry BDE66481
U/I Tianjin Army RSV AAA Division
Hebei Military District
U/I RSV Infantry DivisionShijiazhuang
72 RSV Artillery DivisionTangshan
Shanxi Military District
83 RSV Infantry DivisionXinzhou
Nei Monggol Military District
U/I RSV DivisionHohhot

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