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US Forces Japan Order of Battle (as of 19 December 2011)

US Forces Japan - Ground

TOTAL ~50,000
US Army Japan / I Corps (Forward)
Special Troops Battalion
US Army Corps of Engineers - Japan District
78th Aviation Battalion
Military Police Battalion - Japan (Provisional)
441st Military Intelligence Battalion (Provisional)
US Army Japan Band
10th Support Group
1st Battalion, 1st Air Defense Artillery
35th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion
83rd Ordnance Battalion
505th Quartermaster Battalion
516th Signal Brigade
58th Signal Battalion
78th Signal Battalion
US Army Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
599th Transportation Group
835th Transportation Battalion
836th Transportation Battalion
Marine Forces Pacific
III Marine Expeditionary Force ~ 20,000
31st Marine Expeditionary Unit1,5004 M1A1
BLT 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines
Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 265
Detachment, Marine Attack Squadron 311
Combat Logistics Battalion 31
3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade (CTF-79)
3rd Marine Division
Headquarters Battalion
1st Combat Assault Battalion
3rd Reconnaissance Battalion
Jungle Warfare Training Center
3rd Marine Regiment
1st Battalion, 3rd Marines
2nd Battalion 3rd Marines
3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines
1st Battalion, 12th Marines
4th Marine Regiment
UDP Battalion 1
UDP Battalion 2
12th Marine Regiment
1st Battalion, 12 Marines
3rd Battalion, 12th Marines
3rd Marine Logistics Group
3rd Dental Battalion
Combat Logistics Regiment 3
3rd Combat Logistics Battalion
4th Combat Logistics Battalion
Combat Logistics Regiment 35
9th Engineer Support Battalion
3rd Maintenance Battalion
3rd Medical Battalion
3rd Supply Battalion
Combat Logistics Regiment 37
31st Combat Logistics Battalion
Special Operations Command Pacific
2nd Joint Special Operations Aviation Component
US Army Special Operations Command  
US Army Special Forces Command  
1st Special Forces Group (Airborne)
1st Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne)


US Forces Japan - Air

Wing Squadron Location Aircraft Personnel
Land Based Aircraft
Fifth Air Force
18th Operations Group, 18th WingKadena AB, Japan
44th Fighter Squadron 24 - F-15
67th Fighter Squadron 24 - F-15
909th Air Refueling Squadron 15 - KC-135
961st Airborne Air Control Squadron 2 - E-3
31st Rescue Squadron
33rd Rescue Squadron 8 - HH-60G
623rd Air Control Flight
18th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
18th Operations Support Squadron
35th Operations Group, 35th Fighter WingMisawa AB, Japan
13th Fighter Squadron 18 - F-16
14th Fighter Squadron 18 - F-16
610th Air Control Flight
35th Operations Support Squadron
374th Operations Group, 374th Airlift WingYokota AB, Japan
36th Airlift Squadron 10 - C-130H
459th Airlift Squadron 4 - C-12J
? - UH-1N
374th Operations Support Squadron ? - C-12J
? - C-130H
? - UH-1N
Marine Forces Pacific
III Marine Expeditionary Force
1st Marine Air Wing
Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron
Marine Wing Liaison Kadena Kadena AB, Japan
Marine Aircraft Group 12Iwakuni, Japan
Marine All Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 242 12 - F/A-18
Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 12
Marine Aircraft Group 24MCBH Kaneohe Bay, HI
Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 362
Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 363
Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463
Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 24
Marine Aircraft Group 36Futenma, Japan
Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 262 12 - CH-46E
Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 265 12 - CH-43E
Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 152 12 - KC-130R
Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 36
Marine Air Control Group 18Futenma, Japan
Marine Air Control Squadron 4
Marine Air Support Squadron 2
Marine Tactical Air Control Squadron 18
Marine Wing Communications Squadron 18
Personnel Support Detachment 18
Marine Wing Support Group 17Futenma, Japan
Marine Wing Support Squadron 171
Marine Wing Support Squadron 172

US Forces Japan - Naval

7th Fleet
Ashore Naval Commands
Command Unit Location Aircraft Personnel
Commander, Task Force 70/75
Commander, Task Force 72
Naval Special Warfare Unit One (NSWU-1; CTF-71)
Commander, Logistics, WESTPAC (CTF-73)
Submarine Group 7 (CTF-74)Yokosuka
Expeditionary Strike Group 7 (CTF-76)Okinawa
Amphibious Sq 11Sasebo
Mine Countermeasures Sq 7Sasebo
Fleet Surgical Team 7Sasebo
US Naval Forces, Japan  
Ashore Naval Aviation
Location Unit Squadron Aircraft Personnel
HSL-51 WarlordsNAS Atsugi? - SH-60B/F
Det 5, VRC-30 ProvidersNAS Atsugi2 - C-2A
Afloat Naval Aviation
Location Unit Squadron Aircraft Personnel
CVN 73 George Washington
Carrier Air Wing 5 72 ~2,500
VFA-27 Royal Maces 12 - F/A-18
VFA-102 Diamondbacks 12 - F/A-18
VFA-115 Eagles12 - F/A-18
VFA-195 Dambusters12 - F/A-18
VAW-115 Liberty Bells4 - E-2C
VAQ-136 Gauntlets4 - EA-6B
HS-14 Chargers4 - SH-60F
2- HH-60H
Afloat Warships
Group Ship Class Crew VLS Cells
TOTAL 7,442 896
LCC 19 Blue RidgeLCC 198420
George Washington Strike Group 6,600 896
CV 73 George WashingtonCVN 683,2000
CG 63 CowpensCG 47 364127
CG 67 ShilohCG 47 364127
Destroyer Squadron 15
DDG 54 Curtis WilburDDG 51 32390
DDG 56 John S. McCainDDG 51 32390
DDG 62 FitzgeraldDDG 51 32390
DDG 63 StethemDDG 51 32390
DDG 82 LassenDDG 51 Flt IIA 380 96
DDG 85 McCampbellDDG 51 Flt IIA 380 96
DDG 89 MustinDDG 51 Flt IIA 380 96

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