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Commander's Guide to Money as a Weapons System Handbook

Handbook 09-27
April 2009

CALL Handbook 09-27: Commander's Guide to Money as a Weapons System Handbook

Funding Warfighters' Relief in Place/Transfer of Authority Key Tasks

Chapter 16

The outgoing unit must provide guidance and procedures to ensure a complete financial handover takes place with the incoming unit. The incoming unit must ensure it does not ignore or violate management controls and continues to fund warfighters.

Relief in place/transfer of authority (RIP/TOA) outgoing unit key tasks:

  • The outgoing unit must ensure 100 percent clearance of outgoing paying agents (PAs) and field ordering officers (FOOs) prior to their departure from theater.
  • The outgoing commander should provide a listing of all unit projects in the initiation stage or projects currently in the approval process to ensure a proper handoff of all projects in the queue.
  • The outgoing commander should provide a comprehensive list of all outstanding special programs-funded projects and reward payments in the queue.
  • The outgoing commander should provide a list of all outstanding issues, corresponding actions to resolve the issues, and the expected completion dates.
  • FOOs and project purchasing officers (PPOs) will clear all contracting records and actions with the contracting officer.

RIP/TOA incoming unit key tasks:

  • Incoming unit PAs must complete training provided by the servicing finance unit before receiving U.S. appropriated funds or any other authorized funds.
  • Incoming unit FOOs and PPOs must complete training provided by the appropriate contracting office.

RIP/TOA incoming and outgoing unit shared key tasks:

  • Commanders of outgoing and incoming units will conduct a joint review of all recurring contracts, pending contracts, completed contracts, and periodic vendor payments to include funding sources and payment status to ensure contracts are not breached and disbursements are timely made. Incoming commanders will retain all documentation.
  • Outgoing and incoming supporting resource management personnel (G8/S8) will complete a joint Resource Management Assessment Review Checklist as contained in U.S. Army Forces, Central Command Publication 1-06, Financial Management Operations in the CENTCOM  AOR [U.S. Central Command area of responsibility].

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