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Commander's Guide to Money as a Weapons System Handbook

Handbook 09-27
April 2009

CALL Handbook 09-27: Commander's Guide to Money as a Weapons System Handbook


Appendix A

The National Guard and Reserve must establish their fiscal architectures prior to mobilizing. Active Army brigades and battalions must establish their fiscal architecture at home station prior to deploying. Units must appoint and adequately train paying agents (PAs), project purchasing officers (PPO), field ordering officers (FOOs), and unit claims officers; and these personnel must clearly understand their missions. Units can accomplish this training through a vigorous home station training program that includes education from the finance detachment supporting the brigade and the brigade's legal section. For the operation to work effectively, commanders must put some thought into whom they select for these positions. For example, the battalion PPO who conducts operations during the day should not also serve as the night battle captain.

Training developers, trainers, and observer/controllers should incorporate money as a weapons system scenarios into mission rehearsal exercises with resource management subject matter experts/mentors who coach PAs, FOOs, and PPOs on likely situations they will encounter while deployed.

See the Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) restricted Website and/or Army Knowledge Online for additional information regarding:

  • PA Class (Operations and Maintenance, Army, Transition Team Integration Funds, and operational funds)-24th Financial Management Company.
  • FOO Training-618th Contingency Contracting Team.
  • FOO Program-Joint Contracting Command-Afghanistan.

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