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Commander's Guide to Money as a Weapons System Handbook

Handbook 09-27
April 2009

CALL Handbook 09-27: Commander's Guide to Money as a Weapons System Handbook

Field Ordering Officer Funds

Chapter 9

Field ordering officer (FOO) funds are primarily used by units to purchase mission critical requirements that cannot be obtained through the higher headquarters' logistical air- or ground-delivery resupply plan or through the regional contracting center's (RCC's) existing, local contracts. FOO funds augment the existing supply plan and can fund items less than $25 thousand (K) on an as needed basis. Information technology requirements must have Joint Communications Utilization Review Board approval prior to execution. To mitigate unauthorized or improper purchases, FOOs must present a list of planned purchases for approval by the resource manager (RM) supporting operations prior to purchasing these items.

General business rules:

  • FOO funds can only support U.S. forces.
  • The paying agent (PA) may be held financially liable for all funds entrusted to him/her and may be held liable for fraudulent, illegal, or unauthorized payments. Failure to properly document purchases may result in holding both the FOO and the PA liable.
  • Requisition, supply, property accountability, and budget execution are command responsibilities. Commanders must ensure adequate controls are in place to account for all expenditures and acquisitions. FOO-purchased items remain in theater when the unit re-deploys.
  • FOO funds are issued in whole dollar amounts no greater than $10K for units not collocated with a finance unit. Units collocated with a finance unit can draw no more than $3K. Exception to policy requests made by units collocated with a finance unit to draw more than $3K and up to $10K must be in writing with detailed justification and signed by the first O-5 or above in the chain of command.
  • Any funding request for FOO funds greater than $10K must go through the appropriate board process and be placed on the quarterly spending plan to be briefed at the Program Budget Advisory Committee. Units must forward requests that exceed the $10K FOO fund limit on a recurring basis in writing with a detailed justification through the Office of the Resource Manager (CJ8) to the Chief of Staff.
  • Split purchases are prohibited. The single purchase limit is $25K. Units must procure requirements costing more than $25K through the supporting RCC via a purchase request and commitment (PR&C).
  • Goods or services must be received at the time payment is made.
  • Units may not use FOO funds for intelligence or information gathering and/or reoccurring service or construction requirements.
  • Units must clear the current FOO fund prior to issuing an additional FOO fund.

Requesting a Field Ordering Officer Fund

The unit will appoint the PA and FOO and both personnel will attend the FOO/PA training session to learn the roles and responsibilities of each position. Upon completion of the training, the unit will keep the ordering officer appointment letter signed by the contracting officer and a copy of special instructions, if applicable, in the FOO file kept at the contracting and RM offices.

Units develop a requirement and submit the requirement through the appropriate approval authority to the RM on a PR&C:

  • The unit will identify the PA and FOO on the PR&C in block 15. If the requirement is a request for replenishment of FOO funds, block 15 will also contain the statement "funds will only be issued upon clearing of FOO fund issued on DD/MM/YY."
  • The requesting FOO and PA must be together when opening a new account.
  • The requesting FOO and PA will provide the following documentation: 
    • Request for Appointment of Ordering Officer signed by an O-5 or above commander.
    • PA appointment orders.
    • PR&C with accounting classification approved and signed by the RM.
    • A list of items to be purchased signed by requesting official.

Clearing a Field Ordering Officer Fund

Coordinating with the RM and contracting and finance offices in advance will allow for more efficient clearing of FOO funds. PAs/FOOs will ensure Standard Form (SF) 44 (U.S. Government Purchase Order-Invoice-Voucher) is completed to standard and that all funds are accounted for. Ensure the form is complete and accurate. The vendor must sign the appropriate block in the seller portion of the SF 44 or attach an invoice signed by the vendor to the SF 44. The invoice and description on the SF 44 must be in English or translated into English.

The FOO and PA must clear contracting prior to clearing the RM and finance offices. Contracting will provide a memorandum certifying the SF 44s are valid and within the scope of the FOO's authority.

The FOO or PA will bring the clearing memorandum from contracting to the RM. The RM will review the SF 44 for completeness and appropriate use of funds and will provide a memorandum/stamp for the PA or FOO to bring to finance. Finance will not clear PAs or FOOs without a memorandum/stamp from the RM.

Once the FOO and PA have the appropriate documentation, they will proceed to finance to clear the current FOO fund and draw a new FOO fund.

The FOO and/or PA may be financially liable for repayment of any unauthorized or improper purchases.

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