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Commander's Guide to Money as a Weapons System Handbook

Handbook 09-27
April 2009

CALL Handbook 09-27: Commander's Guide to Money as a Weapons System Handbook

Department of Army Form 3953 (Purchase, Request, and Commitment)

Appendix D

A purchase is an acquisition of materials, supplies, services, or construction that is made using a contract between the U.S. and a private contractor. The purchase, request, and commitment (PR&C) is one of the instruments that initiates the acquisition process. Purchases may be made for materials, supplies, services, and construction which:

  • Are unavailable through U.S. government (USG) supply sources.
  • Have an availability date through USG sources that will adversely affect mission accomplishment.
  • Are authorized for purchase.

Requiring activities submitting requests for purchases using the Department of Army (DA) Form 3953 must also provide a memorandum of justification signed by the primary staff officer/unit commander stating the item is unavailable or not available in a timely manner through normal supply channels. The memorandum must explain the impact on the mission if the requested item or services is not purchased. Each PR&C and justification memorandum must have a legal review prior to processing by the resource manager supporting operations.

The purpose of the DA Form 3953 is three-fold:

  • To initiate the procurement process and provide a documented, bona fide need that can be scrutinized by the proponent (for instance, automation [G6/C6]) prior to purchase.
  • Provide a medium for fund certification/availability of funds.
  • Document signature approval of the requirement.

A DA Form 3953 is required for the local purchase of goods and/or services if utilizing a hardcopy request. U.S. Army Forces, U.S. Central Command (ARCENT) forward directorates of contracting may utilize the on-line Standard Procurement System (SPS).

Records keeping:

  • If a hardcopy PR&C is prepared by the initiating activity, the original copy is required to go to the budget analyst with all supporting documents. The requestor will maintain a copy in the staff section's/unit's files.
  • When preparing a PR&C using SPS, a hardcopy will be printed and given to the requestor. It will be maintained in the requestor's staff section/unit files.

Instructions for completing and processing the DA Form 3953:

Initiator completes the following DA Form 3953 blocks:

  • Block 3: Date of requisition
  • Block 4: Contracting office
  • Block 6: Initiating unit/officer
  • Block 7: Requesting activity
  • Block 8: Property book office and address
  • Block 9: Date required (do not use "as soon as possible" [ASAP])
  • Block 10: Name of person to contact for more information
  • Block 11: Telephone number of person to call for more information
  • Blocks 12 and 13: Authorization documents
  • Blocks 14-18b: Description of the material, service, or item required. Include pertinent data such as specifications; model size; drawings or pictures; delivery schedules; quantity; unit of issue; estimated unit and total cost; and suggested sources of supply, if known. If the estimated cost exceeds $2,500, provide three suggested sources of supply or attached a memorandum of justification stating why only one source is appropriate. Provide additional data/ statement of work to describe the supply and/or service as required.
  • Block 25: Summarize the purpose of the purchase. Provide a complete statement explaining why the item is unavailable or unavailable through the normal supply channels in a timely manner. State the impact on the mission if the requested time or service is not provided using local purchase procedures.

The initiator hand carries (high priority requests) DA Form 3953 to the approving authority who approves and completes blocks 34-36 or disapproves the request.

The initiator forwards or hand carries (high priority requests) the PR&C to the property book officer who approves and completes Blocks 31-33.

The initiator forwards the PR&C to the appropriate budget analyst for processing and funding. If a fund site is required, the budget analyst will complete blocks 19-22. In the area of responsibility, requirements above $200 thousand must go the Coalition Acquisition Review Board .

The budget analyst forwards the PR&C to the contracting cell.

Figure D-1. DA Form 3953 (Purchase, Request, and Commitment) 
Figure D-1. DA Form 3953 (Purchase, Request, and Commitment)

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