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Commander's Guide to Money as a Weapons System Handbook

Handbook 09-27
April 2009

CALL Handbook 09-27: Commander's Guide to Money as a Weapons System Handbook

Afghanistan Security Forces Fund

Chapter 14

Congress has limited the Afghanistan Security Forces Fund (ASFF) to Title 10 funds (sometimes erroneously called Title 22) provided to Task Force (TF) Phoenix through the Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan for building, equipping, training, and sustaining the Afghanistan National Security Forces (ANSF), which includes the Afghan National Army (ANA), the Afghan National Police (ANP), special task forces, and border security. Proper uses of the ASFF include:

  • Expenses associated with training, manning, equipping, and construction for the ANSF.
  • Permanent physical and material support and contractual services to build and permanently equip the ANA garrisons.
  • Travel expenses of U.S. personnel traveling for the sole purpose of training the ANSF.
  • Travel by ANSF personnel.

Unauthorized use of the ANSF includes:

  • Purchasing goods, equipment, and services used by non-Afghan forces.
  • Purchasing items or services used to support U.S. forces, even if their mission is to train the ANSF.

Units should maximize the use of embedded training teams and police mentor teams to use ASFF funding to the greatest extent possible. TF Phoenix will be included during planning and coordinating to secure funding.

The unit on the forward operating base (FOB) should track monthly expenditures for ANSF support on a spreadsheet that identifies the requirement, dollar amount, document number, and reimbursement contract number. Shared FOBs will track all life support costs paid for by the U.S. but utilized by ANSF.

Operations and Maintenance, Army or Afghanistan Security Forces Fund

Units may use the following checklist for determining appropriate funding (Operations and Maintenance, Army [OMA] or ASFF):

  • Purpose: 
    • What is the purpose of the purchase?
    • Will U.S. forces use the equipment, supplies, and/or material (and retain them)?
    • Is the use "necessary and incident" to the U.S. mission? If so, use OMA funds.
  • Place: 
    • Where will the equipment and materials be used? 
      • If the products purchased will be used at a location currently being built, and U.S. forces will possess the products and occupy the base, use OMA funds.
      • If the products purchased will be used at a location that the ANA currently possesses or will possess, use the ASFF.
      • Camps or bases occupied by both Afghan and U.S. forces may result in base operations expenditures funded by both ASFF and OMA depending upon the composition of the camp or base.
  • Which force retains possession? 
    • If the U.S. will keep the equipment, material, or supplies, use OMA funds.
    • If the purchased goods or constructed facility will remain with the ANA or ANP, use the ASFF.
  • Equipment: 
    • Radios (for communications), cellular telephones, and computers are operational items and are purchased with OMA funds if the items are staying with U.S. forces.
    • If these operational items are provided to/for the ANA or ANP, use the ASFF.

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