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U.S. Marine Corps - Small Wars Manual (1940 Edition)

Table of Contents

Chapter I. Introduction

Section I - General Characteristics
Section II - Strategy
Section III - Psychology
Section IV - Relationship with The State Department
Section V - The Chain Of Command - Navy and Marine Corps
Section VI - Military-Civil Leadership

Chapter II. Organization

Section I - The Estimate Of The Situation
Section II - The Staff In Small Wars
Section III - Composition Of The Force

Chapter III. Logistics

Section I - Introduction
Section II - Supply
Section III - Transportation

Chapter IV. Training

Section I - Character and Purpose of Small Wars Training
Section II - Training During Concentration
Section III - Training En Route On Board Ship
Section IV - Training In The Theater Of Operations
Section V - Training Programs and Schedules

Chapter V. Initial Operations

Section I - Neutral Zones
Section II - Movement Inland
Section III - Military Territorial Organization
Section IV - Methods of Pacification

Chapter VI. Infantry Patrols

Section I - Small War Tactics
Section II - Orders and General Instructions
Section III - Organizing the Infantry Patrol
Section IV - Feeding the Personnel
Section V - The March
Section VI - Reconnaissance and Security
Section VII - Laying Ambushes
Section VIII - Attacking Ambushes
Section IX - Attacking Houses and Small Bivouacs
Section X - Stratagems and Ruses
Section XI - River Crossings
Section XII - Special Operations

Chapter VII. Mounted Detachments

Section I - Introduction
Section II - Care of Animals
Section III - Procurement of Animals
Section IV - Mounted Detachments
Section V - Hastily Organized Mounted Patrols

Chapter VIII. Convoys and Convoy Escorts

Chapter IX. Aviation

Section I - Introduction
Section II - Composition and Organization
Section III - Selection and Preparation Of Bases
Section IV - General Conduct of Air Operations
Section V - Employment of Reconnaissance Aviation
Section VI - Combat Support
Section VII - Air Transport

Chapter X. River Operations

Section I - River Operations In General
Section II - Types and Characteristics Of Boats
Section III - Preparations for River Operations
Section IV - Occupation of A River

Chapter XI. Disarmament of Population

Chapter XII. Armed Native Organizations

Section I - General
Section II - Organization of A Constabulary
Section III - Operations and Training
Section IV - Auxiliary Forces
Section V - Civil and Military Relationship

Chapter XIII. Military Government

Section I - General
Section II - Establishment and Administration of Military Government
Section III - Applications of Principles To Situations Short Of War

Chapter XIV. Supervision of Elections

Section I - General
Section II - Personnel
Section III - Electoral Mission
Section IV - National Board of Elections
Section V - Registration and Voting

Chapter XV. Withdrawal

Section I - Introduction
Section II - Withdrawal from Active Military Operations
Section III - Final Withdrawal

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