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*FM 5-482


Field Manual
No. 5-482
Department of the Army
Washington, DC, 26 August 1994

FM 5-482


Table of Contents

List of Figures

List of Tables



Chapter One - Bulk-Fuel Distribution System

1-1. Introduction

The Distribution System


Supply Levels

Host-Nation Support


1-2. Responsibilities

Theater Army

Quartermaster Branch

Engineer Branch

US Navy

Chapter Two - Equipment

2-1. The Army Facilities Component System (AFCS)

2-2. Aluminum Pipeline Facilities

5-Mile Pipeline Set

Mainline Pumping-Station Set

Pipeline Suspension-Bridge Set

2-3. Pipeline Items


Aluminum Pipe Coupling

Pipeline Valves


Miscellaneous Pipeline Equipment

2-4. Specialized Pipeline Tools and Equipment



Chapter Three - Planning for Bulk-Fuel Distribution

3-1. Introduction

3-2. Planning Organization

Joint Petroleum Office (JPO)

Theater Army


Engineer Command (ENCOM)

3-3. Port Support Operations

3-4. Transportation Support Requirements

3-5. Construction Staging Areas

3-6. Pipeline Route

Considerations in Route Selection

Procedure for Route Selection

Map Layout and Profile of Pipeline Route

Chapter Four - Design

4-1. Characteristics of Petroleum Fuels

Weight Density

Specific Gravity (SG)

API Gravity




4-2. Pipeline and Pumping Station Data


Head Capacities of Pumping Units

Use of Pumping Station Operating Graphs

Friction Loss

Computing Friction Loss

Reducing Friction Loss

Spacing of Pumping Stations

Modular Design

Construction of the Hydraulic Gradient Triangle

4-3. Location of Pumping Stations

Pumping Station 1

Pumping Station 2

Stations on Equal Elevations

Stations on an Upgrade

Stations on a Downgrade

Pressure-Reducing Stations

Field Location of Pumping Stations

Poor Locations for Pumping Stations

4-4. Treatment of Unusually Steep Grades

Chapter Five - Construction

5-1. Introduction

Task Organization for Construction

Construction Standards

5-2. Coupled Pipeline Systems

Coupling Procedures for 6-and 8-Inch Aluminum Pipe and 4- and 6-Inch Steel Pipe

Expansion and Contraction of Coupled Pipelines

5-3. Hose-Line Systems

600-Foot, 6-Inch Hose-Reel Assembly

4-Mile OPDS

50- and 500-Foot, Lightweight, Collapsible, Discharge, 6-Inch Hose

12-Foot, Noncollapsible, Suction, 6-Inch Hose

12-Foot, Noncollapsible, Discharge, 4-Inch Hose

Collapsible, Dispensing, 1-, 1 1/2-, and 4-Inch Hose

12-Foot, Suction, 4-Inch Hose Assembly

5-4. Pipeline and Hose-Line Obstacle Crossing

Road and Railroad Crossings

Stream, River, and Ravine Crossing

5-5. Pump Stations

Site Selection

Pad Construction

Standard Pad Layout

Pump Placement

Pump-Station Construction Checklist

5-6. Testing Pipeline Systems


Certificate of Operability

Measuring Pressure

Hydrostatic Testing (Fill and Test)

Compressed-Air Testing

Locating Obstructions in a Pipeline

Chapter Six - Maintenance and Repair

6-1. Responsibilities

Operator Maintenance

Organizational Maintenance

Support Maintenance

6-2. Safety Precautions

Fire and Explosion


Fuel Inhalation and Skin Contact

6-3. Coupled Pipeline

Temporary Repairs

Permanent Repairs

Chapter Seven - Bulk-Fuel Storage Facilities

7-1. Tactical Petroleum Terminals



Regulating Facilities

Tank Farms

Site Criteria

Flexible Hose Lines

Hose Connection Devices

4-Inch, Single-Stage, 350-GPM Pump

Filter Separator

7-2. TPT Site Selection and Earthwork

Site Selection


General Site Preparation

Tank Pad and Berm Construction

Pads for Other Equipment

7-3. TPT Layouts

General Layout

Tank-Farm-Assembly (Module) Layouts

Contaminated-Fuel-Module Layout

Fuel-Dispensing-Assembly Layout

Tanker-Truck Receipt-Manifold Layout

Optional Configuration Layout

Typical Pad and Berm Design

Appendix A - Formulas

A-1. Conversion Formulas

A-2. Bernoulli Equation

A-3. Darcy-Weisbach Equation

A-4. Reynold's Number

Appendix B - Steel Pipeline Systems

B-1. Equipment

Steel Pipe

Lightweight Steel Grooved Pipe

Standard-Weight Steel (API STD5L) Pipe

Bolted Coupling

Pipe Saw, 8-Inch Capacity for Hazardous Locations

Tapping Machine

Deadweight Tester

B-2. Coupling Procedures

For 8-Inch Steel Tubing

For 8-Inch and 12-Inch Standard Steel Pipe and 12-Inch Steel Tubing

B-3. Expansion and Contraction of Coupled Pipelines

B-4. Welded Pipeline Systems

Construction Methods





Buried Pipe

Bending Pipe

Welding Repairs

Pipeline Painting

B-5. Welded Pipelines

Temporary Repairs

Permanent Repairs

B-6. Hose Lines

Appendix C - Pump Curves and Design Charts



Authorization Letter

DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

*This publication supersedes TM 5-343, 20 February 1969.

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