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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Nuclear Weapons Facilities

Arzamas-16 produced the first Soviet atomic and thermonuclear bombs, using plutonium made at Chelyabinsk-40 near Kyshtym. A second parallel network of centers, providing a complete research and production cycle, located primarily in Siberia. These heavily protected facilities were located underground or in mountain ranges, as insurance against strikes aimed at the atomic centers in the Urals and the European part of the USSR. The main facilities in this parallel system were at Tomsk-7 and Krasnoyarsk-26. Later a new facility was constructed at Chelyabinsk-70.

Research, Test, and Production Facilities
Angarsk AEKhK Angarsk N 5228' E10352' Uranium Enrichment
Arzamas-16 Kremlev VNIIEF Sarova N 5449' E 4322' Design
Chelyabinsk-65 Osersk Mayak Chelyabinsk N 5542' E 6046' Plutonium reactors
Chelyabinsk-70 Snezhinsk VNIITF Kasli N 5604' E 6044' Design
Krasnoyarsk-26 Zheleznogorsk GKhK Dodonovo N 5622' E 9341' Plutonium reactors
Krasnoyarsk-45 Zelenogorsk Kansk N 5607' E 9429' Uranium Enrichment
Novaya Zemlya Northern Test Site N 7323'E 5445'Test
Penza-19 Zarechnyy Start Kuznetsk N 5312' E 4512' Warhead Production
Semipalatinsk-16 Kurchatov Kazakhstan N 5023'E 8011' Test
Sverdlovsk-44 Novouralsk UEKhK Verkh-Neyvinsk N 5717' E 6005' Uranium Enrichment
Sverdlovsk-45 LesnoyElectrochimpribor Niznaya Tura N 5839' E 5947' Warhead Production
Tomsk-7 Seversk SKhK Tomsk N 5638' E 8455' Plutonium & Uranium
Zlatoust-36 Trekhgornyy Zlatoust N 5447' E 5827' Warhead Production
Bochvar VNIINM Moscow N ' E ' Materials
Eleron Eleron Moscow N ' E ' Security
VNIIA Automatics VNIIA Automatics Moscow N ' E ' Electronics
Uranium Processing
Almaz Lermontov 4406'N 4257'E Uranium processing
Chita-46 Argun Priargunskiy Krasnokamensk 5003'N 11801'E Uranium processing
Chkalovsk Leninabad Vostokredmet Khodzhent 4015'N 6945'E Uranium processing
Dnieper Pridneprovskii VostGOK Dnieprodzerzynsk 4830'N 3437'E Uranium processing
Kirgiz MC Yuzhpolimetall Kara Balta Bishkek 4247'N 7415'E Uranium processing
Navoi PrikaspiyskiyNavoi 4004'N 6520'E Uranium processing
Prikaspisky KASKOR Aktau 4322' N 5300'E Uranium processing
Sibruda Abakan Abaza 5239'N 9005'E Uranium processing?
Tselinnyi Stepnogorsk 5124'N 7128'E Uranium processing
Vostochny Dnepropetrovsk VostGOK Zheltiye Vody 4755'N 3324'E Uranium processing
National-Level Nuclear Weapons Storage Sites
Borisoglebsk N 5124'E 4154'Storage Site
Bulyzhino N 5614'E 2820'Storage Site
Chebsara N5912'E3848'Storage Site
Dodonovo Krasnoyarsk Dodonovo N 56 'E 93 'Storage Site
Golovchino N 5034'E 3545'Storage Site
Karabash N 5524'E 6013'Storage Site
Khabarovsk N 48 'E135 'Storage Site
Komsomolsk-na-Amure N 50 'E137 'Storage Site
Krasnoarmeyskoye N 5112'E 4602'Storage Site
Malaya Sazanka N 5115'E12801'Storage Site
Mozhaysk N 5526'E 3546'Storage Site
Nizhnyaya Tura N 5837'E 5945'Storage Site
Olenegorsk N 'E 'Storage Site
Sergiev Posad 12th GUMO Moscow 5618'N3808'ESecurity HQ
Yuryuzan N 5447'E 5838'Storage Site
Zalari N5333'E10230'Storage Site
Zhukovka N 5334'E 3358'Storage Site


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