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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Eleron Special Scientific and Production State Enterprise

Moscow's Eleron Special Scientific and Production State Enterprise is devoted to the development, manufacture, and implementation of security equipment and systems.

Sandia engineers, working with Eleron, created an automated security system prototype for nuclear materials transportion. In September 1996, 40 high-ranking Russians were given a rail car tour that climaxed with the activation of two advanced mechanisms that would delay any infiltrators attempting to take over the car. This rail car transportation security project achieved a significant milestone as the first two pilot upgrade cars were delivered. These cars are now in routine operation carrying nuclear materials in a much more secure configuration than before. After a successful evaluation period, including inspection by the US team, 33 more rail cars are to receive rapid upgrades.

In November 1997, Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) contracts were awarded to Eleron to produce the security design for the 12th GUMO Security Assessment and Training Center at Sergiev Posad, and to the US company Bechtel, as the prime contractor, to outfit and establish the facility. Bechtel's presence and operations at this facility started last week. The Ministry of Defense has already started training here. In addition, the Russian firm Tenzor has received a CTR contract to provide security equipment which will be used at the facility.

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