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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Lermontov Industrial Association (IA) "Almaz"
Lermontov 4406'00"N 4257'00"E

Lermontov Industrial Association (IA) "Almaz" was established in 1950 at the town of Lermontov, the Stavropol Territory. The IA "Almaz" is located in an unique natural zone within the Caucasian Mineral Waters region. The industrial uranium mining enterprise, exploiting the Beshtau and Byk deposits, was a leader in the field of geotechnological methods of mining and hydrometallurgy. It was the first Soviet enterprise to use the process of underground uranium leaching. Work on complex processing of uranium-bearing phosphorites was initiated in the 1970s. Technology for scandium extraction was developed and the a pilot production was organized. A shop manufacturing mining equipment was set up as a subdivision of the enterprise and launched production of electrical immersion pumping plants for borehole underground leaching. The deposits in the Stavropol district and in the Northern Caucasus Mountains are exhausted. Sources of radioactive contamination were left at the site of the enterprise after the completion of work on uranium ore mining and processing.

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