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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Sergiev Posad [Sergiyev Posad]
12th Main Directorate [12th GUMO]
5618'N 3808'E

The Sergiev Posad facility northeast of Moscow is the central site for the delivery of security equipment, training, security assessment, and project development under the joint Department of Defense and Ministry of Defense Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) project. The project on Weapons Protection, Control, and Accounting (WPC&A) is designed to enhance the safety and security of nuclear weapons under the control of the MoD's 12th (nuclear weapons) Main Directorate [12th GUMO].

The Security Assessment and Training Center at Sergiev Posad will assess security needs and develop projects to improve security of nuclear weapons in storage, forming the basis for comprehensive upgrades to nuclear weapons storage sites. Several buildings at the MoD facility will be converted under DoD contract into a facility for MoD training, and for the testing and evaluation of advanced security protection technologies and procedures. This site will be the headquarters for a storage site physical security upgrade project. Integrated packages of advanced security upgrade equipment will be assembled at this facility for shipment to the MoD's nuclear weapons storage sites. This will enable the Russian MoD to continue to maintain the security of its nuclear weapons at the proper level as it faces the new challenges that come with entering the 21st century.

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