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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

KASKOR Joint Stock Company
Aktau, Mangyshlak Peninsula, Kazakhstan
4322' N 5300'E

    Central Mining Co.
    Caspian Mining and Metallurgical Combine (until 1992)
    168 Bogenbai Batyr Street 
    Almaty 480012 Republic Of Kazakstan
    Telephone: +7 3272 62-55-87
    Telefax:   +7 3272 50-62-88

Created in 1992, the KASKOR (Prikaspisky) Joint Stock Company is a large-scale ore mining and processing enterprise that incorporates 28 divisions on the basis of the Caspian Mining and Metallurgical Combine. The latter was originally formed in 1959 as a result of the presence of uranium-phosphorus deposits within the inhabited territory of the Mangyshlak Peninsula inside the Republic of Kazakhstan.

One of the KASKOR divisions is a major chemico-hydrometallurgical plant (CHMP). A big enterprise focudsed on the complex processing of local uranium-phosphorus ores and graphite concentrate delivered from the Kola Peninsula. The basic end-products produced by the company are uranium concentrate, scandium oxide and fluoride, crystalline scandium, alumino-cadmium hardeners in addition to rare-earth concentrates of the light and medium-weight groups.

The plant also produces fodder dicalcium phosphate (precipitate), food dicalcium phosphate (dentaphos) and ammonium sulfate from the large-tonnage process waste.

The chemico-hydrometallurgical plant's tailings is located in a natural hollow, 5 km north of the plant's site, while the burial ground site is located 12 km away from the town of Shevchenko and 6 km away from the CHMP. Able to accomodate 6000 t of radioactive waste, it took 25 years for the burial ground to be filled from the moment it entered service.

The GREC storage facility is located 10 km away from the town and is waterproofed using both isobutylene and concrete.

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