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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Myasishchev Molot M-4 / Mya-4 - Origins

The Party and government sounded the alarm. Stalin called Tupolev, but he refused, arguing that at this stage, to fulfill all the requirements of the TOR was impossible using turbojets because excessive fuel consumption did allow to reach the required range, and a turboprop and did not provide the predetermined speed and altitude. Tupolev was deeply convinced of the correctness of this view and eventually got a job at creating intercontinental bomber with TMD (future Tu-95), because in order to reach America, required primarily to provide greater range. The "patriarch" of Soviet aircraft Tupolev was more than negative:

"I would never do such a plane because flutter large swept wings has not been studied, and transonic speeds, it is impossible to overcome!"

Moreover, the main designer of the plant number 156 led a well-founded arguments associated with the results of the domestic aviation science on the basis of calculations and experiments. Information about the B-52 he called the bluff from the ocean, and finally gave up:

"I'm doing and so distant Tu-16 turbojet, piston and Tu-85 will last us for many years ... "

Stalin was annoyed and made clear opponent that engage in such aircraft it will still have:

"It will not work - help, do not want - to make!"

"And I do not know!" - Ricocheted Tupolev. - "But Myasischev - he wants! He engaged in some cases in the MAI and even came with a proposal to make the Khrunichev strategic bomber with swept wings ... "

One designer was ready to take on the creation of a jet-engine superbomber. Vladimir Mikhailovich Myasischev, a student of Tupolev, led during the war OKB-482 serial and part design department of the Kazan aviation plant - 22. But after winning his KB and not run into a series of single own aircraft, was closed, and the Myasischev sent to teach at the MAI. While working in the MAI Myasischev conducted studies in which simulated the situation when the bomber route passed 200-300 km from the airfield defense (as it usually was during the Second World War in Europe), which was based interceptor jet P-80. At the same parameters were determined for a jet bomber, which gave a chance to overcome the barrier defense. Issued the results of studies Myasischev technical proposal submitted to the Ministry of Aviation Industry.

At the time the aviation professionals MAP and Air Force did not have consensus on the possibility of establishing such an aircraft. Not only Tupolev, but other prominent scientists and engineers denied it. Their opinion largely oriented the leadership. To this erroneous view opposed the correct position Myasishchev was necessary not only to ensure the feasibility of such a task, but also to confirm its weighty irrefutable evidence. Designs, and first operated on this topic was started in 1948

After closing the OKB-482 and ejection from the aircraft industry Myasischev went to work in aircraft manufacturing MAI dean of the faculty. He did not work with the party leadership institute, so he was demoted and transferred to chair of aircraft. Here he became closely acquainted with aviation engineer GN Nazarov, who became his deputy. An important step towards the return of these highly skilled professionals was the bid by Myasishchev about planning the research work together with TsAGI MAI but promising aircraft issues.

A significant amount of the plan held a section on parametric studies aircraft. The purpose of research was to obtain objective evidence (it was mostly) the ability to create long-range strategic bomber with turbojet engines and swept wings of high aspect ratio. Work was carried out with an impressive number of calculations, plotting and lots of preliminary sketches and diagrams. Over one and a half to two years Nazarov and Myasischev entered this problem in the practice of scientific research of the department of engineering, graduate and undergraduate students still managed to accumulate the necessary data and materials on the said topic.

At the new place he came into conflict with the local party organization, but instead of the expected regular repression against the "enemy of the people" (Myasischev was once convicted and still not rehabilitated), he received an offer to head the new bureau, which had to design and intercontinental jet bomber.

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