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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Molot M-4 / Mya-4/ 3M
Myasishchev 'Bison'


  • 3M/M-6 by V.M.Myasichev
  • M-4 / Mya-4 / 2M, Myasichev 'Bison' by Alexandre Savine
  • 3M/M-6 by V.M.Myasichev
  • Russian Strategic Nuclear Weapons, Pavel Podvig, ed., IzdAT, Moscow, 1998, 492 pp. (in Russian). Authors: Oleg Bukharin, Timur Kadyshev, Eugene Miasnikov, Pavel Podvig, Igor Sutiagin, Maxim Tarasenko, Boris Zhelesov
  • V. Ilin, "Information for Reflection - Tanker Aircraft" AVIATSIYA I KOSMONAVTIKA No 9, Sep 92 (signed to press 29 Jul 92) pp 46-47

  • "A History of Strategic Arms Competition 1945-1972" (U), Volume 3, A Handbook Of Selected Soviet Weapon and Space Systems, United States Air Force, June 1976. pgs 54-60

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