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February 2002 News

  1. Commercial Spy Satellites Pose a Challenge to Pentagon Planners By Jessica Altschul JINSA Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs February 28, 2002 - John Pike, former Federation of American Scientists employee for almost 20 years, and head of GlobalSecurity.org, told National Public Radio that the media could argue "prior restraint censorship," which could turn into a lengthy court case on which the government does not wish to spend time or money.
  2. Colo. firm designs patrol fighter jet By Greg Griffin Denver Post February 28, 2002 -- John Pike, head of GlobalSecurity.com, an Arlington, Va.-based think tank, said Aviation Technology Group's concept is good and the company may be able to secure a modest research and development contract for further study.
  3. Campaign Against Terrorism Voice of America TV February 27, 2002 -- MR. BORGIDA: Joining us now in our studio, a frequent visitor on our program, John Pike. He is a military and defense expert. He is the Director of GlobalSecurity.org, here in Washington.
  4. Northrop Grumman lance une OPA sur TRW pour devenir un geant de l'armement americain By Eric Leser Le Monde February 26, 2002 -- Northrop Grumman n'est pas tres present dans le spatial, et TRW est le numero un dans ce domaine, explique John Pike, le directeur de GlobalSecurity.org, un organisme de recherche sur la defense.
  5. Witness From Space - Satellites and Forensics: Do They Share a Future? By Amanda Onion ABC News.com February 26, 2002 - John Pike, a satellite and security expert at Global Security Inc., says it's a long shot, at best. "The amount of time required to write a letter asking for images is small, relative to the potential benefit," said Pike, of the nonprofit organization based in Alexandria, Va. "But you're basically buying a lottery ticket. And, as you know, most lottery tickets don't pay off."
  6. Speak Clearly, Soldier, And Carry A Spare Battery By Andrew Zipern New York Times February 25, 2002 -- John E. Pike, a military analyst and director of GlobalSecurity.org, a military policy Web site, said that despite its drawbacks, the device was likely to be a big improvement over the usual routine of soldiers' fumbling through phrase books.
  7. "No es difícil imaginar en Colombia lo visto en Vietnam" By William Evans La Tercera, Chile February 24, 2002 -- John Pike, destacado analista militar norteamericano "No es difícil imaginar en Colombia lo visto en Vietnam"
  8. TRW Plays Key Role in Aerospace By JERRY HIRSCH Los Angeles Times February 23, 2002 - According to John Pike, director of the GlobalSecurity.org think tank in Alexandria, Va., TRW developed some of the first spy satellites that were able to electronically transmit images to U.S. intelligence agencies.
  9. Northrop Grumman bids $5.9 billion for TRW By ALAN CLENDENNING The Associated Press February 22, 2002 -- "Northrop Grumman doesn't have very much presence in space, and TRW is a leader in space. The theory is, it's a growth opportunity," said John Pike, director of the GlobalSecurity.org defense analysis think tank.
  10. Increased US military ties with Asian countries coincide with terrorism fight, quest for regional stability By SALLY BUZBEE The Associated Press February 17, 2002 - "If the Chinese chose to become alarmed, they'd have a lot of reasons to be alarmed," because of the growing U.S. military presence around them, said John Pike, a defense analyst for Globalsecurity.org in Washington.
  11. Carriers don't need anyone's permission By Rachel Davis Florida Times-Union February 17, 2002 - According to defense expert John Pike, head of the Alexandria, Va.-based think tank GlobalSecurity.org, the U.S. Air Force B-1 and B-52 bombers have unloaded more ordnance over Afghanistan. "The carriers have certainly been one of the more visible components over there, although they have not dropped as many bombs as the Air Force bombers," Pike said.
  12. Lessons of Afghanistan won't carry over into a fight against Iraq By Scott Canon The Kansas City Star February 16, 2002 - In 1991, President George Bush called on the Iraqi people to rise up, but American forces stopped short of completing a government overthrow. "We basically walked away from them," said Tim Brown, a military analyst at Globalsecurity.org. "There might be a question mark in the minds of people there about whether we can be counted on."
  13. Nuclear Insecurity By Eric Umansky Slate.com February 15, 2002 -- As John Pike, a national security analyst at Globalsecurity.org, points out, everybody got additional temporary security funding from Congress after Sept. 11 and asked for and received increases for the new budget.
  14. La meteo marine au service de la guerre Par Jean-Michel Stoullig Agence France Presse February 15, 2002 -- La Marine americaine a une nette avance sur les autres pays en matiere de meteo et d'acoustique sous-marine, alors que traditionnellement les marines europeennes sont plus expertes en matiere de dragage de mines, estime John Pike, membre de l'organisation globalsecurity.org.
  15. US targets Saddam Julian Borger in Washington and Ewen MacAskill The Guardian February 14, 2002 - The US, Israel and Turkey were due to hold joint exercises codenamed Anatolian Eagle this year, but in another sign of accelerated preparations there will be three such exercises in the next few months, based at the Turkish air force base at Konya.
  16. U.S. weighs use of Iraqi dissidents By Howard Witt and John Diamond Chicago Tribune February 14, 2002 - "This is like Nazi Germany," said John Pike of Globalsecurity.org, a Washington think-tank. "Saddam has had a third of a century to perfect his security apparatus, and I think he has effectively extirpated any formal or informal resistance in areas that his forces control."
  17. Bush sees military as option on Iraq By Bryan Bender Boston Globe February 14, 2002 - ''They would like to effect regime change in Iraq as quickly and as cheaply as possible,'' said John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, a Virginia-based think tank that specializes in military analysis. ''They will work up the escalation ladder and try relatively low-cost things first.''
  18. Philippines military aid seen as test by GRACE HOBSON; RICK MONTGOMERY Kansas City Star February 10, 2002 - For the United States, the goal is to solve more problems than the mission may create, said John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org. "It's premature to suggest a strong analogy to Vietnam," Pike said. "But, hey, we're back in the jungle, fighting guerrillas."
  19. Defense Budget: Tough Choices Skirted? By Vernon Loeb and Bradley Graham The Washington Post February 10, 2002 - "We're going to spend a little more money on unmanned aerial vehicles and we're going to buy more JDAMs," said John Pike, director of globalsecurity.org, a defense policy think tank in Alexandria. "There's $ 2 billion you can point to in the budget that's innovative, and the rest of the money just sort of vanished, due to their inability to make hard choices."
  20. New Bases Indicate U.S. Presence Will Be Felt After Afghan War By Vernon Loeb Washington Post February 9, 2002 - All told, more than 50,000 U.S. military personnel now live and work on ships and bases stretching from Turkey to Oman and eastward to the Manas airport, 19 miles outside of Bishkek and 300 miles from the Chinese border.
  21. Sites Web; Vivre au XXIe siecle Liberation February 9, 2002 -- http://www.globalsecurity.org/
  22. China 'buys US satellite photos to target Taiwan' The Straits Times (Singapore) February 9, 2002 - John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org and a specialist on satellite imagery, said China has no satellite that can produce high-resolution photographs.
  23. Taiwan sub deal sparks shipbuilders' interest By David Lerman Daily Press [Hampton Roads, VA] February 8, 2002 - "They're terrified," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense policy think tank. "There's an enormous institutional culture within the Navy of being an all-nuclear submarine fleet."
  24. La guerra che verrà di PINO BUONGIORNO Panorama February 8, 2002 - Spulciando le voci più innocue del bilancio («selected activities», per esempio), John Pike, il direttore di Globalsecurity.org, una società di ricerche con sede in Virginia, ha scoperto che «chi passerà alla cassa sarà soprattutto George Tenet (il direttore della Cia, ndr) in particolare per le operazioni clandestine contro il terrorismo internazionale.
  25. U.S. Promises Russians It Won't Stay for Long in Central Asia Bloomberg February 8, 2002 - The Pentagon appeared to be repeating a policy from the Gulf War, where U.S. bases remain in several countries near Iraq more than a decade after the victory in Kuwait, said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington-based defense analysis group.
  26. Israel: Iran could have nuclear arms in 5 years By John Diamond Chicago Tribune February 8, 2002 - Pike said that so far there is no evidence Iran has begun construction of the reprocessing facility that would be needed to produce weapons-grade plutonium. Israel has been predicting for years that Iran will soon have the bomb, he said. "You've had this five-year estimate for the last decade," Pike said.
  27. China buys U.S. satellite data to target Taiwan By Bill Gertz The Washington Times February 7, 2002 - John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org and a specialist on satellite imagery, said China has no satellite that can produce high-resolution photographs.
  28. Where is Osama bin Laden? GREENFIELD AT LARGE - Cable News Network February 6, 2002 - JOHN PIKE, GLOBALSECURITY.ORG: ... the local economy there for the last decade has been predicated on smuggling drugs out, smuggling guns in. The notion that bin Laden would've been able to slip out of the country months ago, I think, is quite believable.
  29. Secret Service dons new roles for a new era Abraham McLaughlin The Christian Science Monitor February 6, 2002 - "Trying to protect the entire country - that's a fundamental mind shift from trying to protect one guy," says John Pike at Global Security.org. "They're in an all-or-nothing mode," he says, "and that's unsustainable."
  30. Pilotless Spy Plane Plagued by Flaws By MATT KELLEY Associated Press February 5, 2002 - "It's definitely still a work in progress," said military analyst John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense consulting and research firm. "I think the judgment of the Air Force over the last five years is that it's worth trying to fix, as opposed to just giving up on it."
  31. Bush budget packed with Boeing work By David Bowermaster Seattle Times February 5, 2002 - "They've extended the test phase on the V-22, so the anxieties that you end up with something that doesn't work have been ameliorated," said John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org, a nonpartisan defense research organization.
  32. Defense Increase Biggest Since '66 By GREG MILLER and JOHN HENDREN Los Angeles Times February 5, 2002 - John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org, a Virginia-based intelligence research firm, noted that an obscure line item hidden in the Air Force budget calls for an additional $1.9 billion in spending on "selected activities"--language that he said has previously served as budgeting code for the CIA.
  33. CIA gets big spending boost in president's proposed budget By JOHN J. LUMPKIN Associated Press February 5, 2002 - "George Tenet was given a blank check to wage covert warfare against al-Qaida," said John Pike, an analyst at GlobalSecurity.Org.
  34. Militaerische Kluft By Ottmar Berbalk; Peter Gruber; Christian Liebig Focus Magazin February 4, 2002 -- "Der Grundpfeiler unseres Erfolgs war ein perfektes Zusammenspiel von Satelliten-Aufklaerung, Eliteteams mit Ortungssystemen am Boden, massiven Luftstreitkraeften mit Praezisionsbomben", beschreibt John Pike von der amerikanischen Beratungsgruppe Global Security das Erfolgsrezept.
  35. Filipinos brace for war, with U.S. help By Alex Rodriguez Chicago Tribune February 4, 2002 -- "The U.S. has all kinds of surveillance technology that works well in the desert and doesn't work well in forested terrain," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense and security analysis group.
  36. Olympic-size security plan for 2012 Games By Chuck Squatriglia The San Francisco Chronicle February 3, 2002 -- "There aren't a million things they have to think about, but it's still a pretty long list," said John Pike, founder of Globalsecurity.org, a national security think tank. "It's a mammoth undertaking."
  37. Football? What football? By Mark Lepage The Gazette (Montreal) February 2, 2002 - Asked about The Game, a defence analyst named John Pike is on record as saying, "The point of terrorism is to get on television, to have the event seen by as many as possible." Wow - they really are just like us.
  38. It's the Super Security Bowl By Joan Walters The Hamilton Spectator February 2, 2002 -- "It's extraordinarily important nothing happen at this event," says John Pike, director of Global Security, a defence policy think-tank in Washington.
  39. War on terrorism sparks renewed defense spending By Norm Alster Electronic Business February 1, 2002 - But with so much about the course and duration of the war on terror still unknown, it's difficult to predict just which defense programs and which contractors stand to benefit most. "Nobody knows what the war will look like six months from now," notes John Pike, director of Global Security.org, an Alexandria, VA-based think tank.