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Project 1164 Atlant
Krasina / Slava class
Guided Missile Cruiser

Project 1164 code name "Atlas" included a series of six ships. Total laid four, and built three "Moscow" ("Glory"), "Marshal Ustinov", "Varyag". The fourth ship of the project in 1164, "Admiral Lobov", founded in 1984, launched on August 1, 1990, and in 1993 became the property of Ukraine, in 1998 renamed the "Ukraine". As of 2004 there were only 3 ships of this type available in the Russian Navy.

information on the laying, launching and commissioning of all ships of this project is different. So, according to the plant-builder (provided by V.P. Zablotsky), the bookmark-descent-signing dates for the cruisers' acceptance act: “SLAVA” - November 6, 1976-27 July 1979-30 December 1982. “MARSHAL USTINOVA October 1979-25 February 1982 -15 September 1986. "CHERVON UKRAINE * '- July 31, 1979-26 July 1983-25 December 1989." LOBOV-July 28, 1983-11 August 11, 1990.

According to the Northern PKB (provided by V. A. Baranov), the same dates are slightly different: "GLORY November 1976-27 July 1979-31? December 1982. MARSHAL USTINOV October 5, 19787 February 25-25, 1982-15 September 1986." CHERVONA UKRAINE "August 1? 1979 July 28? 1983-26? December 1989." LOBOV "July 28, 1983 - August 11, 1990.

According to the data provided by the "Marine Collection": "GLORY" -5? November 1976-27 July 1979-30 December 1982. "MARSHAL USTIN -October 5, 1978? -25 February 1982 September 15, 1986." CHERVONA UKRAINE "-31 July 1979-28 August -1983 December 25, 1989." LOBOV "-29 August 19847 - August 11-11, 1990.

Comparing and reasoning logically, the factory data seems the most correct.

The technical design was approved on August 21, 1974.In total, it was planned to build 10 cruisers of the project 1164, then the program was reduced to 6 units. However, only 4 cruisers of this type were laid down, and 3 were put into operation.

Moskva (ex-Slava)

The Moskva cruiser was laid down on the slipway of the Nikolaev Shipbuilding Plant named after 61 Communards in 1976 as the Slava missile cruiser. Launched on July 27, 1979. In September 2020, the cruiser went to sea after a scheduled overhaul. The ship became part of the permanent readiness forces of the fleet.

The ship is equipped with 16 P-1000 Vulkan anti-ship missiles with a range of at least 700 km. Ammunition uses a combined flight pattern: part of the trajectory is overcome at high altitude, and near the target they decrease. The ship is also armed with S-300 Fort long-range air defense systems, which allow it to provide zonal air defense: to protect an entire area or squadron from enemy attacks.

Moskva is the lead ship of the Project 1164 Atlant class of guided missile cruisers in the Russian Navy. The ship is held under the patronage of the city of Moscow. On May 20, 1973, the ship was added to the lists of the Navy, on November 6, 1976 it was laid down at the 61 Kommunar plant in Nikolaev (building number 2008), on July 27, 1979 it was launched, and on December 10, 1981, the crew began to check in, On September 3, 1982, factory trials began, on November 3, 1982, the first embarkation, acceptance certificate was signed on December 30, 1982, the flag was raised, and on February 7, 1983, the cruiser became part of the Black Sea Fleet (150 brigade missile ships of the 30th division, although originally planned for the Pacific Fleet). Chief builder V.P. Furtat. First commander captain 2nd rank V.O. Moskalenko.

Marshal Ustinov [ex-Lobov]

The second unit, the Marshal Ustinov, on September 17, 1977 was included in the lists of the Navy, October 5, 1979 laid at the factory to them. 61 Kommunara in Nikolaev (building number 2009), was launched on February 25, 1982, the crew began to settle in May 1985, factory and state tests were carried out from April 11 to August 12, 1986, an acceptance certificate was signed on September 15, 1986, September 21 The flag was hoisted in 1986 and on November 5, 1986 the cruiser became part of the Northern Fleet (120 brigade of missile ships of 43 divisions) - initially with hull number "070", later number "088" and finally number "055".

Varyag (ex-Chervona Ukraina)

In 1979, the cruiser "Chervona Ukraina" (Red Ukraine in Ukrainian) was laid down on 28 [31?] July at the plant. 61 Kommunara in Nikolaev (p. No. 2010), on November 5, 1982, was added to the lists of the Navy ships, on July 26, 1983 it was launched. The crew was formed on December 1, 1986. From August 15 to December 1, 1989 the factory sea trials, on December 25, 1989 the acceptance certificate was signed. Chief builder V.P. Furtat. The flag was raised on January 7, 1990. On August 10, 1990, the cruiser was included in the permanent alert forces. Since September 27, 1990, the transition to the Pacific Fleet (together with the destroyer "Fast"), with the call to Kamran (Vietnam). Kr. cap. 2 ranks V.K. Makarenko. November 5, 1990 the cruiser arrived in Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky. (11300 miles traveled in 42 days) and became part of the 173rd Brk of the Kamchatka Flotilla.

Ukrayina (ex-Admiral Flota Lobov, ex-Lobov)

The fourth and last ship of the series was laid down in the summer of 1984 under the name of "Admiral Lobov". The fourth unit was initially expected to be launched in 1990, though in practice this vessel remained incomplete as of late 1999, having transferred to the Ukrainian Navy. Launching was held August 1, 1990 March 18, 1993 at 75 per cent readiness Russia refused to finish building it, arguing that as a part of its fleet has a similar cruiser "Moskva" and the inability to raise funds for the completion of the ship.

On October 1, 1993 the cruiser became the property of Ukraine. The offer for the sale of the cruiser of Ukraine third country (its cost, according to various estimates, ranging from 450 to 700 mln. Dollars.), Provoked protests from Russia, as in the construction of the ship and its arms used the secret technology Soviet military-industrial complex. The ship stood for several years without maintenance and heating in the winter time repeatedly subjected to "raid" looters-seekers nonferrous metal.

On 21 February 1998 [some say 17 February 1998] the government of Ukraine announced plans to complete the fourth Slava-class cruiser [ordered for Russia as the Admiral Flota Lobov] as its new fleet flagship, the Ukrayina. The ship was to have been completed for the Ukraine Navy in November 2000, but lack of funds slowed work to the point that by early 2001 a new completion date was projected.

During joint US-Ukraine Seabreeze exercises in mid-September 2015, Naval Forces Commander Sergey Gaiduk announced plans to sell Ukraine's ill-fated naval cruiser Ukraine. According to Gaiduk it had no future operational role in Ukraine's scaled-down fleet, and could be sold to another navy or for scrap.

Oktyabrskskaya Revolutsia (ex-Rossiya)

Oktyabrskskaya Revolutsia was originally named Rossiya, but renamed on 30th December 1987. Work was apparantly never started and the ship was cancelled on 4th October 1990. On August 11, 1987, the ship was added to the lists of the Navy, on November 15, 1988 it was laid down at the Z. 61 Kommunara in Nikolaev (p. No. 2012) under project 11641. There was no official bookmark. It was removed from construction in 1989. It was planned for the Baltic Fleet. Some sources suggested that as many as two additional units began construction before the end of the Cold War, but the status of these hulls is unclear, and there is no indication of plans to complete them [should they in fact remain in existence].

Admiral Gorshkov

Work on Admiral Gorshkov was apparantly never started and the ship was cancelled on 4th October 1990. November 1, 1988 enlisted, was supposed to be built at the plant . 61 Kommunara in Nikolaev (p. No. 1213/2013), the procurement of materials began, was not laid. It was planned for the Black Sea Fleet.

Admiral of the Fleet Kuznetsov

It was supposed to be built for the Baltic Fleet. The statements of orders were not prepared and were not sent to counterparties; they were not included in the lists of the Navy.


It was supposed to be built for the Pacific Fleet.

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