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Project 1164 Atlant - Marshal Ustinov [ex-Lobov]

The second unit, the Marshal Ustinov, on September 17, 1977 was included in the lists of the Navy, October 5, 1979 laid at the factory to them. 61 Kommunara in Nikolaev (building number 2009), was launched on February 25, 1982, the crew began to settle in May 1985, factory and state tests were carried out from April 11 to August 12, 1986, an acceptance certificate was signed on September 15, 1986, September 21 The flag was hoisted in 1986 and on November 5, 1986 the cruiser became part of the Northern Fleet (120 brigade of missile ships of 43 divisions) - initially with hull number "070", later number "088" and finally number "055".

The first commander was cap.2 rank V.D. Veregin. From December 7, 1987 to June 23, 1988, military service in the Mediterranean Sea with the call to Tartus (Syria), 16,780 miles were traveled. April 6, 1989 visit to the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy and the Minister of Defense of France. July 21-25, 1989 visit to Norfolk (USA), together with the destroyer "Excellent" and the tanker "G. Gas-nov" under the flag of v-adm. I.V. Kasatonova (cap. Cap. 2 ranks G.I. Frunza), further combat service in the Mediterranean Sea with calls to Tartus (Syria) and Algeria, December 14, 1989, return to Severomorsk. Navy Civil Aviation Prize following the results of rocket firing. July 16-20, 1991 visit to Mayport (USA) with the military-industrial complex Simferopol and the Dniester tanker under the flag of the Russian Navy Gromova (15005 miles traveled). June 30 July 5, 1993 visit to Halifax (Canada) with the military-industrial complex Admiral Kharlamov and the Dniester tanker under the flag of adm. O.A. Erofeeva, then joint maneuvers with ships of Canada and the USA, after which July 7-11, 1993 a visit to Boston (USA). Since 1994, the cap. 2 ranks SI. Avakyants.

The Marshal Ustinov may at one point have been laid up in refit, though sources are in disagreement on this point. From September 2, 1994 to December 14, 1997, factory repair in St. Petersburg (Severnaya Verf), comprising 13 bsrk. Replaced 2 turbines. Ustinov was in overhaul in the Baltic since 1994; she was previously assigned to the Northern Fleet but may not return there.

Under a December 1996 agreement China purchased two Russian Sovremenny-class destroyers. With the Russian Navy's consent, Severnaya Verf used some of the money to repair the Large ASW ship Admiral Levchenko ($98 million), Large ASW ship Severomorsk ($33 million), and cruiser Marshal Ustinov ($54 million) for the Northern Fleet. As of 2004 the latter had completed its repairs and became operational once again.

Northern Fleet cruiser "Marshal Ustinov" passing repair and modernization of military shipyard "Ship Repair Center" Zvezdochka "in Severodvinsk, will be armed with the new missile system and will be back in 2016. It was 29 September 2015, company CEO Nikolai Kalistratov told Tass. "It was decided to put the ship on a new set of (missile), which is no. The ship will be handed over to the Russian Navy, as stipulated in the contract, in 2016," - he said.

"Marshal Ustinov" came to the pier "star" in June 2011 for scheduled maintenance. In November 2012 it was raised out of the water and placed on a solid foundation of the stacker. In the dock were carried out to repair the drainage, drainage systems and fire ship, line shaft, propellers, stabilizers and other systems and mechanisms, color outer casing and tanks. In June 2013 the cruiser was launched, and modernization work continued afloat. Earlier it was reported that the cruiser will be given after the modernization of the Navy in 2015.

Missile cruiser "Marshal Ustinov" was built at the Nikolayev shipyard in 1978. In the battle force of the Northern Fleet adopted in September 1986. In 1994-1997 was the modernization of the St. Petersburg JSC "Severnaya Verf". "Marshal Ustinov" - missile cruiser Project 1164 "Atlas". Its displacement - 11.38 thousand tons, the length - 186 meters, width - 20.8 m, speed - up to 34 knots (about 63 mph), cruising range - about 8 thousand miles, the crew - 510 people. The main armament - 16 launchers, supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles P-500 "basalt", capable of carrying nuclear warheads. The Russian Navy had three such missile cruiser "Moskva" - the Black Sea Fleet, "Varyag" - the Pacific and the "Marshal Ustinov" - in the North.

Russian missile cruiser, Marshal Ustinov, is back in service after five years of extensive repairs, the shipbuilding company Zvyozdochka responsible for the works said 26 December 2016. "The ship repairs center Zvyozdochka has completed factory repair works at the 1164 Atlant-project [Slava class] Marshal Ustinov missile cruiser," the company said in a statement. The cruiser left the Zvyozdochka shipyard last Saturday and headed for the city of Severomorsk, the home base of Russia’s Northern Fleet. During five years in the dock the warship went through a hull reconstruction and had many of its internal engines, including propulsion, repaired. Its sensors and electronic warfare systems were replaced with digital equivalents.

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