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Project 1164 Atlant - Design
Krasina / Slava class
Guided Missile Cruiser

Missile cruiser of the project in 1164 designed to attack large surface ships of the enemy, and to ensure the stability of the ship's anti-submarine combat search-and-percussion groups to solve problems of collective defense compounds and convoys in remote areas of the oceans and seas. Auxiliary problem is considered to be anti-submarine warfare, fire support, assault, pounding the coast, occupied by the enemy.

By design, the ship has advanced superstructure, tower-like pyramidal foremast and mainmast. To improve the stability and seaworthiness of the frames have a strong housing collapse and stem a strong slope. In the first compartment at the bow collision bulkhead located auxiliary premises and storage. In the second compartment below the waterline en closure sonar "Platinum", above - the chain box Shpilevaya and storage. The third compartment almost completely covers turret room and cellar of 130-mm guns, fan and combat posts. The fourth slot is reserved for Kubrick and cabins, with aggregate facilities in the hold. In the fifth compartment, in addition to housing, the cellar is ammunition for depth charges.

In the sixth compartment placed combat information center CICS, which are connected to the conning tower commanding a lift. In the seventh compartment located support mechanisms, including a pair of drive nose wing devices stabilizers. Eighth compartment nasal engine room by marching turbines, gearboxes, the fat and steam turbines auxiliaries on the same frame, the ninth assembly compartment and a second pair of stabilizers. Then the aft engine room with reheat turbines. The Eleventh section - support mechanisms in the following - the cellar below deck SAM "Fort" with launchers drums, as well as cellars and drives the system jamming PC-2 (at the board), a freight elevator.

In the thirteenth and fourteenth compartments placed Kubrick crew are auxiliary and office space, torpedo tubes, and in the area of 300-310 frames cellars and PU anti-aircraft missiles "Wasp". The aft compartment, mainly serves to accommodate a towed antenna devices and systems for its lifting arm and also aft vygorozhena afterpeak. Throughout the ship has a double bottom (where the fuel tanks are located), developed a system of platforms. The main cellar of ammunition are carried on the ship, divided by bulkheads and equipped with irrigation and flooding. All these measures provide a constructive vitality and unsinkable cruiser in case of flooding of any three compartments except engine rooms.

The design light enclosures within the housing is used in addition to steel, aluminum alloys. Superstructure in the areas of flame impingement steel, the upper structure to facilitate made of aluminum alloys. The lower tier flagship command post, the senior officers cabins, mess. Power cuts have technological add-ons to it is not included in the overall strength of the body and not cracked due to bending stress. Developed with the air intake flues are located across the ship. Just behind chimneys mounted crane 8.5 tons.

The aft main deck as a separate island situated helicopter hangar, which is crowned by a 30-ton antenna "Fort", then in the stern helipad systems to ensure take-off and landing. There are, in addition to a set of life-saving equipment, boat commander Corporate Project 1404, and Project 1402 work boat.

Time of emergency preparation of the ship for battle and hiking - 12 minutes, the autonomy of the ship 30 days, unlimited seaworthiness. Application of the main weapons systems is possible with on-board list up to 15 degrees, pitching up to 5 degrees, winds of up to 20 m / sec. The diameter of the circulation - 655 meters. System calm pitching type 134-6 of the Criminal Code, has four automated wing area of 6 square meters. meters, with high speed rudder.

Main technical characteristics of head cruiser Project 1164 are as follows: standard displacement of 9380 tons, 11490 tons of the total, the largest 11720 tons. Main body dimensions: length 186.4 meters, width 20.8 m, draft amidships at full displacement of 6.28 m, draft of 8.4 meters bow bulb. The dimensions of the design waterline: 170h19,5 meters.

Crew of 485 people (including 66 officers, 355 warrant officer and 64 sailors on the "glory") to 476 people (62 officers) to follow). Residential block of premises for the officers has an excellent finish and enough space. Wardroom wood paneling with marquetry, paintings and carpets. Sailors who are used to regular saunas ship, striking here and a comfortable waterfall pool of sea water, therapeutic showers, extensive steam room, carved dressing room - Easy cruisers sauna serves as a wellness center in the long march. Well equipped clinic. The microclimate in the premises of the ship created by four refrigeration units BM-600.

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