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Project 1164 Atlant
Krasina / Slava class
Guided Missile Cruiser

Missile cruiser of the project in 1164 designed to attack large surface ships of the enemy, and to ensure the stability of the ship's anti-submarine combat search-and-percussion groups to solve problems of collective defense compounds and convoys in remote areas of the oceans and seas. Auxiliary problem is considered to be anti-submarine warfare, fire support, assault, pounding the coast, occupied by the enemy.

By design, the ship has advanced superstructure, tower-like pyramidal foremast and mainmast. To improve the stability and seaworthiness of the frames have a strong housing collapse and stem a strong slope. In the first compartment at the bow collision bulkhead located auxiliary premises and storage. In the second compartment below the waterline en closure sonar "Platinum", above - the chain box Shpilevaya and storage. The third compartment almost completely covers turret room and cellar of 130-mm guns, fan and combat posts. The fourth slot is reserved for Kubrick and cabins, with aggregate facilities in the hold. In the fifth compartment, in addition to housing, the cellar is ammunition for depth charges.

In the sixth compartment placed combat information center CICS, which are connected to the conning tower commanding a lift. In the seventh compartment located support mechanisms, including a pair of drive nose wing devices stabilizers. Eighth compartment nasal engine room by marching turbines, gearboxes, the fat and steam turbines auxiliaries on the same frame, the ninth assembly compartment and a second pair of stabilizers. Then the aft engine room with reheat turbines. The Eleventh section - support mechanisms in the following - the cellar below deck SAM "Fort" with launchers drums, as well as cellars and drives the system jamming PC-2 (at the board), a freight elevator.

In the thirteenth and fourteenth compartments placed Kubrick crew are auxiliary and office space, torpedo tubes, and in the area of 300-310 frames cellars and PU anti-aircraft missiles "Wasp". The aft compartment, mainly serves to accommodate a towed antenna devices and systems for its lifting arm and also aft vygorozhena afterpeak. Throughout the ship has a double bottom (where the fuel tanks are located), developed a system of platforms. The main cellar of ammunition are carried on the ship, divided by bulkheads and equipped with irrigation and flooding. All these measures provide a constructive vitality and unsinkable cruiser in case of flooding of any three compartments except engine rooms.

The design light enclosures within the housing is used in addition to steel, aluminum alloys. Superstructure in the areas of flame impingement steel, the upper structure to facilitate made of aluminum alloys. The lower tier flagship command post, the senior officers cabins, mess. Power cuts have technological add-ons to it is not included in the overall strength of the body and not cracked due to bending stress. Developed with the air intake flues are located across the ship. Just behind chimneys mounted crane 8.5 tons.

The aft main deck as a separate island situated helicopter hangar, which is crowned by a 30-ton antenna "Fort", then in the stern helipad systems to ensure take-off and landing. There are, in addition to a set of life-saving equipment, boat commander Corporate Project 1404, and Project 1402 work boat.

Time of emergency preparation of the ship for battle and hiking - 12 minutes, the autonomy of the ship 30 days, unlimited seaworthiness. Application of the main weapons systems is possible with on-board list up to 15 degrees, pitching up to 5 degrees, winds of up to 20 m / sec. The diameter of the circulation - 655 meters. System calm pitching type 134-6 of the Criminal Code, has four automated wing area of 6 square meters. meters, with high speed rudder.

Main technical characteristics of head cruiser Project 1164 are as follows: standard displacement of 9380 tons, 11490 tons of the total, the largest 11720 tons. Main body dimensions: length 186.4 meters, width 20.8 m, draft amidships at full displacement of 6.28 m, draft of 8.4 meters bow bulb. The dimensions of the design waterline: 170h19,5 meters.

Crew of 485 people (including 66 officers, 355 warrant officer and 64 sailors on the "glory") to 476 people (62 officers) to follow). Residential block of premises for the officers has an excellent finish and enough space. Wardroom wood paneling with marquetry, paintings and carpets. Sailors who are used to regular saunas ship, striking here and a comfortable waterfall pool of sea water, therapeutic showers, extensive steam room, carved dressing room - Easy cruisers sauna serves as a wellness center in the long march. Well equipped clinic. The microclimate in the premises of the ship created by four refrigeration units BM-600.


The main armament of the cruiser - a complex impact missile "Basalt" management system "Argon-1164" (antenna position is on the nasal side of the foremast). The complex is intended to destroy important single and multiple surface targets of the enemy. It can hold a single and salvo firing. Eight double nenavodyaschihsya launchers CM-248 are located pobortno (tilt angle - 30 degrees). Ammunition - 16 RCC. Issuance targeting for firing is provided satellite data reception equipment "Corvette-5", as well as the equipment receiving the information both from the Tu-95RTS, and from his own ship helicopter reconnaissance and target designation. Maximum range - 550 km. Warhead - explosive or nuclear-cumulative.

On the third cruiser Project 1164 "Red Ukraine" was established instead of the basalt complex "Volcano" with a maximum firing range of 700 km. Reloading missiles "Basalt" and "Volcano" is produced only in the database, using raketozagruzochnyh devices ..

The main anti-aircraft weapons - Multichannel collective defense missile complex "Fort". "Fort" is designed to destroy high-speed, maneuverability, and small targets at all altitudes up to ultra-small and medium-sized marine purposes. The complex includes a deck launchers drum type B-204 with eight drum units 8 TPK. The launch - underdeck vertical of the transport and launch container with the launch of the main engine after the rocket, which provides fire and explosion safety cellar. The rocket is made from the container under the starting manhole. After leaving the drum rotates missile missiles, bringing to the starting line the next rocket to TPK. Total ammunition 64 - rocket. The structure of the launcher B-204 also includes a boot device, establishing transport and launch container with the missile from the deck of the ship into the cellar on the guide drums.

Firing range - 5-75 km. The reaction time of the complex in a mode on duty from 16 to 19 seconds, rotating radar antenna provides simultaneous support of 6 goals and guidance on these two missiles in space sector 90x90 degrees.

SAM short range represented by two single-channel complexes 4K33 "Osa-M" (later - 4K33A "Osa-MA"), which is intended for self-defense against low-flying anti-ship missiles, aircraft, helicopters, and to destroy surface targets at a range of 1 to 10, and height up to 5 km. SAM "Wasp-M" installed at the board: Each complex has a double-girder suggestive in both planes launcher ZIF-122, a cellar for 20 missiles and its own control system and detection. Total ammunition - 40 missiles.

Armament represented two-gun 130-mm automatic gun mount AK-130 radar system with the MP-184 "Lion". Multi-band management system with radar and television channels sighting purposes. The maximum rate - 85 rounds per minute. Within reach of ammunition complex provides shelling coastal areas, ports and other coastal structures, fortified settlements during amphibious operations, naval forces against the shore; Artillery can lead a sea battle with surface ships and naval shelling targets medium and large sizes; affect different types of air targets, including low-flying missiles. Rate of fire is adjustable from single shots or bursts up queues. Firing range of 24.1 km, the barrel life of more than 1,500 rounds, 360 rounds of ammunition in the trunk.

To destroy low-flying targets at the turn of perforation of additional intervals, anti-small-sized surface targets, lightly armored coastal targets, the destruction of floating mines are rapid-automatic AK-630M - three batteries of two gun mounts and one SU. Fire control radar on the MR-123 "Vimpel" or sighting column. The rate of fire of 5,000 rounds per minute, range of lesion height of 5 km maximum range of up to 8 km. Total ammunition - 48,000 shots.

Antisubmarine armament cruiser includes SJC "Platinum" (MG-335). Range detection of submarines under favorable hydrological conditions is 15 km, when the antenna towed variable depth it is possible to "listen to" the horizons below the thermocline. In addition to detection, tracking, classification and determination of coordinates of detected targets, "Platinum" can deliver data in the ship's combat information system, or directly on the devices firing antisubmarine weapons, provides a two-way communication with submarines, recognition, and training operators hydroacousticians the built-in simulator. Antennas can be operated in active and passive modes, the Middle and Far searching.

The main anti-submarine weapons - two five-funnel rotary torpedo PTA-53-1134 caliber 533 mm. Shooting is done via on-board cargo-port. Antisubmarine torpedoes SET-65 has a speed of 40 knots, a range of up to 16 km. Warhead weight - 205 kg. Ammunition - 10 torpedoes. It can be applied range of self-propelled sonar simulators, which are also launched from the torpedo tube. You can fire torpedoes, anti-submarine rocket complex "waterfall-NK".

Universal bombometnaya reactive system "Cyclone-2" is used for destruction of the ship torpedoes to deal with underwater saboteurs, as a last resort submarines (detection at distances less than 6 km) and for firing at coastal targets. The system includes two 12 barrel RBU-6000 installation of power-driven device and charging; reactive depth charge RGB-60; fire control devices "Storm". Bombs from the cellar served with special lifts, after loading the last of the trunk system automatically switches to hover mode. After firing, it automatically returns to the charging. A provision hand drive installation.

Range of up to 6 km, depth of defeats the object of 500 meters, fuse or percussion, or remote (to a certain depth). All these data are entered by means of fire control devices, immediately before the shot. Total ammunition bomb 144 (6 volleys for each RBU) instead of RGB-60 can be used more advanced F-90 missiles (RPK-8).

Radio-electronic equipment a three-axis radar complex MR-800 "Flag" (station MR-700 "Fregat-M" and MR-600 "Sunrise" with the data processing system "Baikal-F" (later - "Floodplain") and antenna identification) capable detecting in the centimeter and decimeter aerial targets at a distance of 480 km and a surface up to 40 kilometers (without the helicopter). From the third ship radar "Fregat" is replaced by a more modern "Fregat-MA". It has two antenna arrays in the form of flat blades "back to back", for short-range (size 3,4h3,3 m) and long-wave frequency range (size 3,54h2,42 m), with a unified system of information processing. "The Dead Zone" - 2 km, the permissible conditions of 20 degrees of excitement in the cut-bank and 10 degrees when pitching.

Lighting far surface surveillance and target acquisition (via satellite) stations is carried out "Corvette." Navigation system "Salgir-U" includes three types of radar MR-212 "Vaigach". Means of communication are combined in a complex "Typhoon-2" are complexes of space communication "Tsunami-BM" and "Crystal". Management subsystems implemented CICS "Woodcutter-1164." On the cruiser has a 12x10 PU interference of the PC-10 and 2x2 PU (ZIF-121) interference PC-2, as well as a full range of radar equipment set MP-152 "Ring" for the detection of operating radio and radar stations, homing missiles, their direction finding, suppression paths missile guidance and other counter (MCI-3, MP-150, MP-152 "Gurzuf", etc.).

On the cruiser can be based one helicopter Ka-27.

Power plant

The main engine utilized two integrated automated machine M-21 third generation, which include two propulsion turbines efficient reversible M-70 10,000 hp, four accelerating reheat turbine (also reversible) M-22500 for 8KF l and two steam turbines standing TCA 1500 hp (with all sources in the hot exhaust gas of power increased to 2500 hp). Thus, the maximum continuous power of the main power plant is 113,000 hp cruiser (115,000 hp).

Full speed of the ship is 32.5 knots. Maximum cruising range of economic progress is more than 8,000 miles.

Marching turbine located in the forward engine room, have a two-stage shock absorption and work on the shafts through a two-speed gearbox. Reheat turbine (in the aft engine room) are mounted on a one-stage and amortization connected with the shaft couplings soundproofed through pairing single speed gearboxes that allow 300 rpm on the screws. Management of power plant is carried out from the central station by means of wire-system.

Cruiser applied heat recovery circuit, in which gas turbines used in temperatures up to 400 degrees in the steam leaving the boiler special design. The water is converted into steam, which in turn overheats and is both for domestic use and in the turbine, which "helps" rotate the screws, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the power plant by 20% to 18 knots move to 12%, and at the same time reduces the temperature of the exhaust gases.

To generate electricity are three power plants with total capacity of 8250 kW, which is located on two gas turbine generators with a capacity of 1,500 and 1,250 kW, producing three-phase alternating current of 380 volts (50 hertz). There is one emergency diesel generator lighting.

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