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Project 1164 Atlant / Slava class - Propulsion

The main engine utilized two integrated automated machine M-21 third generation, which include two propulsion turbines efficient reversible M-70 10,000 hp, four accelerating reheat turbine (also reversible) M-22500 for 8KF l and two steam turbines standing TCA 1500 hp (with all sources in the hot exhaust gas of power increased to 2500 hp). Thus, the maximum continuous power of the main power plant is 113,000 hp cruiser (115,000 hp).

Full speed of the ship is 32.5 knots. Maximum cruising range of economic progress is more than 8,000 miles.

Although the project 1164 cruiser was designed on the basis of proven technologies, having the 1134B as a prototype, nevertheless, it has many original solutions. In particular, this applies to a power plant. For the first time, a heat recovery circuit was used on our warship, in which gases used in turbines with temperatures up to 400 degrees went not into a pipe, but into a steam boiler of a special design. The water in it turned into steam, which in turn overheated and went both to household needs, and to turbines that "helped" turn the screws, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the power plant by 20%, by 18 nodal travel by 12%, and at the same time and lowering the temperature of the exhaust gases.

As the main engines, two integrated third-generation M-21 automated units (Nikolaev South Turbine Plant) were used, which include two marching economical reversible M-70 turbines of 10,000 hp each, four afterburner accelerating turbines (also reversible) of the M- type 8KF for 22500 hp and two permanent steam turbines TUK 1500 hp (when you turn on all sources of hot exhaust gas, their power rises to 2500 hp). Thus, the maximum continuous power of the cruiser power plant is 113,000 hp. (115,000 hp).

Cruising turbines are located in the bow engine room, have two-stage shock absorption and work on shafts through two-speed gearboxes. The afterburner turbines (in the aft engine room) are mounted on single-stage cushioning and are connected to the shaft by soundproof couplings through pairing single-speed gearboxes that give 300 revolutions per screw. Power plant control is carried out from the central post by means of a cable system.

Such a power plant (using a heat recovery circuit) is sometimes criticized for complexity, but imagine a ship that has a completely broken power plant in battle, but it nevertheless moves, because the gas and gas turbines give the boiler steam, which sets in motion even weak ones, but turbines. The reserve never hurts, survivability "a lot" does not happen. And the boiler is already far from the one seen as a recycling one it is more compact, it uses steam separation, forced circulation of feed water, new type finned surfaces, titanium alloys and other technologies worked out in nuclear reactors. It is not for nothing that the Americans, on reflection, also used TUKs and an auxiliary steam turbine on their destroyers such as Arleigh Burke.

True, it can be noted that at present, it is generally accepted to consider COGAG rather than COGOG installations, where instead of combined vocational schools, all-mode ones are used, in which the power transmission systems to the screws are simplified and other disadvantages associated with the separate operation of the march and afterburners are eliminated. For the project 1164 cruiser, the cruising speed is clearly insufficient.

The requirements have also increased for air purification systems for engines in which the gas temperature has exceeded 1000 degrees, therefore not only louvre separators are used, but also various filters with vortex cleaning, which brings the salt content in the air to 0.04 mg / kg at the turbine inlet. Aggregate replacement of engines is carried out through a chimney.

To generate electricity, there are three power plants with a total capacity of 8250 kW, in which there are two gas turbine generators, with a capacity of 1500 and 1250 kW each, generating a three-phase alternating current of 380 volts (50 hertz). There is only one emergency diesel lighting generator.

The unique pitching soothing system type UK 134-6, which has four automated wings with an area of 6 square meters. meters, with an increased transfer speed. The system, in comparison with previous analogues, is more highly efficient, compact and maintainable.

There are a number of different original solutions, all kinds of pasting with unique materials that reduce physical fields, new contours of the stern (with a deep tunnel, to improve water leakage during the installation of BGAS), layout solutions that facilitate various work, etc. During the construction period at the Imeni 61 Kommunar plant, for the first time, plastic coatings were used on the launching device of such large ships (instead of coasters), universal beds and scaffolding, hydraulic equipment, and new welding equipment were used.

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