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Iraqi Airfields Pre-2003

The mission of the Iraqi Air Force under Saddam Hussein was to conduct independent air attacks against enemy targets, to participate in the defense of the country against hostile air action, and to support the Army and Navy by air strikes, reconnaissance, and air supply and transport. Major air bases were located at Al Sahra, Al Taqaddum, Amara New, Baghdad/Muthenna, Balad Southeast, Irbil, Injanah, Jalibah, Karbale Northeast, Kirkuk, Mosul, Najaf, Qayyarah, Rasheed, Safwan, Salman Pak, Salum, Samarra East, Shaibah, Shayka Mazhar, Sabakhu, Tallil, and Ubaydah Bin al Jarrah. There are two major international airports in Iraq, at Baghdad and Basrah: in addition, there are over 100 other airports of varying sizes scattered around the country.

Iraq Airfileds Maps


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Airfield Type Runway Length
Al Asad Military 13,055
Al Fathah Military 9,900
Al Iskandariyah New Military 10,249
Al Jarrah Airbase Military 10,500
Al Mufrash putative airport
Al Muhammadi Small Civilian 10,052
Al Sahra Military 10,000
Al Taji SOC IOC Military 5,500
Al Taqaddum Airbase IOC Military 13,150
Amarah Airbase IOC Military
An Nejef New IOC Military
An Numaniyah Military
Ar Rumaylah Southwest Small Civilian 9,908
Ar Rutbah Highway Strip IOC Military 12,433
As Salman Airbase IOC Military
Az Zubayr Airbase IOC Military
Baghdad Saddam IAP Civ/Mil 13,123
Baghdad Muthenna Military 9,843
Balad Southeast Military 11,515
Baquba Small Civilian 4,391
Bashiqah Small Civilian 3,530
Bashur Civilian 6,700
Basrah Intl Civilian 13,100
Basrah Maqal Civilian 6,063
Erbil Northwest Small Civilian 9,608
Ghalaysan New putative airport
H1 Airbase IOC Military 9,857
H 2 Military 12,795
H 3 Airbase SOC IOC Military Airbase 10,170
H 3 Northwest Military Airfield 9,700
H 3 Southwest Military Airfield 8,200
H 3 Highway Strip Military Dispersal 9,843
Habbaniyah Military 7,800
Jalibah Southeast Military 9,800
Juwarin Highway Strip Military
K 1 Civ/Mil 6,574
K 2 Military 9,870
Karbala Northeast Small Civilian 9,743
Khan Bani Saad Small Civilian 3,685
Kirkuk Airbase SOC IOC Military 10,719
Kut Al Hayy East Military 9,843
Mosul Airbase IOC Military 8,684
Mudaysis Military 9,800
Nukhayb Airbase IOC ????
Qalat Salih Military 9,800
Qalat Sikar Military 9,700
Qasr Tall Mihl Small Civilian 3,330
Qayyarah South Small Civilian 9,909
Qayyarah West Military 12,075
Radif Al Khafi Small Civilian 13,123
Rasheed Military 8,300
Ruwayshid Military 8,858
Saddam IAP Civ/Mil 13,123
Safwan Small Civilian 9,800
Sahl Sinjar Military 9,800
Salman Pak East IOC Military 9,500
Salum Military 10,000
Samarra East Military 9,800
Sarabadi Civilian ???
Shaibah Military 9,800
Shaykh Hantush Hwy Military
Shaykh Mazhar Military 11,300
Sirsenk Small Civilian 7,744
Subakhu Small Civilian 9,815
Shaykh Jåsim putative airport
Tal Ashtah Military 9,700
Tall Afar Military 9,839
Tallil Airbase SOC IOC Military 12,142
Tikrit East Military 9,700
Tikrit South Civil-Military 9,100
Tuz Khurmatu Military 9,800
Umm Qasr Small Civilian
Wadi Al Khirr New Military 9,700
Wadi El Murbah Hwy putative airport

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