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K-2 Airbase, Bayji

K-2 Airbase is located in Northern Iraq. The airfield is served by one runway 9,870 feet long. The airbase is named after the K-2 oil pipeline pumping station. Among the targets struck during the 1991 Gulf War was the critical K2 pipeline junction near Bayji [Beiji] that connects northern oil fields, an export pipeline to Turkey and a reversible north-south pipeline inside Iraq.

This K-2 Airbase should not be confused with K-2 Airbase in Uzbekistan or K-2 Airbase at Taegu, Korea.

Camp Lancer

In late April 2003 the 404th ASB (Aviation Support Battalion) located at a captured Iraqi air base near Bayji.

The big news at for TF3-66AR at Camp Lancer, in Bayji, Iraq, the first week of September 2003 was the graduation of the first class of the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps. The infantry company, Bravo Company, 1-22 Infantry had been training the initial force for the past few weeks. The Lancers finished a weeklong mission in the town of Ash Sharqat, an hour's drive north of the base camp. Ash Sharqat is a town friendly towards the United States and US soldiers enjoy helping the locals to improve their living conditions. The civil affairs team has been active helping to repair and restore schools and clinics both there and in Bayji. Progress continued on the containerized housing units, and TF3-66AR hoped to move in soon. Living conditions improved daily.

In November 2003, during Ivy Cyclone II, a series of strategic operations conducted across Task Force Ironhorse, and throughout other operations, many soldiers assume traditional infantry roles. For the members of 3rd Battalion, 66th Armor Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, conducting convoy security, raids and patrols are everyone's responsibility. Ever since 4th Infantry Division entered theater as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, soldiers from every job field have been called on to perform frontline duties in places where there are no frontlines. Filling in as security on convoys and missions has just become another part of regular duties for the computer technicians.

By late 2003 a number of contractors have started moving in. These include Washington Group, Bechtel and KBR (the company Dick Cheney is associated with). When KBR moves in, you know that's the place to be. They make sure their employees are living as well as can be. Parsons has been in contact with KBR for sharing Dinning facilities, well water for showers and the Rec Center (gym, movie theater, game room, etc.). By the end of January 2004 it will almost be like a mini city. Each one of these companies bring with them about 100 employees a piece. They each have different missions. The CEA (Captured Enemy Ammunition) project provides Bomb Disposal. The Washington Group is working on a project that involves the Tigris River. There are so many contract companies in Iraq, you never hear of them in the news. All doing various missions; restoring oil, water, electric, phones, destruction of unexploded ordnance. You name it and there most likely is a company here restoring it.

Imagery of the H-2 Airbase
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Overview of the Middle East with Iraq in the center

CIA Map of Iraq

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