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Az Zubayr

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The terrain in South Eastern Iraq is dry, dusty and treeless. Hardy Shia farmers scratch a living from postage-stamp farms dotting the sides of the road from Khawr Az Zubayr port to Az Zubayr town. As the task on the Al Faw wound down, the port of Khawr Az Zubayr and the meandering river linking it to Umm Qasr and the Arabian Gulf were declared green on 24 April 2003,

A sprawling munitions storage facility once housed the Iraqi Navy's mine warfare school. Thirty huge underground cement-walled bunkers are crammed with sea mines of local and overseas manufacture. There are well over a hundred other storage sites dotted around the facility. Each contains various types of ordnance lying in the sun with no protection other than low sand berms. Modern, well-built guard towers stand sentinel at each corner of the base confirming it was once a tightly guarded military secret. The high security fence that rings the facility has long since been stripped of wire and any other useful bits of angle iron by looters. Now scores of locals wander unimpeded between the bunkers and berms seeking anything of value providing an added consideration for Divers attempting ordnance clearance.

Camp Chindit

Originally run by the British, Camp Chindit is located on the outskirts of Basrah in Az Zubayr. There were approximately 100 British troops stationed at the camp, until control was handed over to the Iraqi Army in September of 2005. However, there is still a small contingent of British troops at the camp.

Shaibah Log Base (SLB)

Prior to its closure, the Shaibah Log Base was located in the western part of Az Zubayr.

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