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ZBL-08 "Snow Leopard" - Survivability

The new wheeled armored vehicle fully embodies the design concept of modular armor protection. Through the form of base steel plate + composite armor, ceramic drape armor is added according to the different needs of users to meet the armor protection requirements of the vehicle. This protection mode is also in line with the international mainstream development trend of wheeled armored vehicle protection.

ZBL-08 "Snow Leopard" fully reflects the modular armor design concept, through the "matrix composite armor plate +" form, the installation of ceramic armor suit of armor, armored vehicles to meet the protection requirements. It adopts steel plate + ceramic composite armor technology. The steel plate holding the ceramic armor is double-hardness armor steel, which is hard on the outside and tough on the inside. The high-hardness outer armor can greatly consume the kinetic energy of the projectile and even break the projectile; while the tough inner armor can further absorb the residual kinetic energy without breaking itself. It is said that the ceramic armor material of the inner layer is alumina ceramic (Al2O3). This ceramic material is relatively cheap and has very good resistance to armor-piercing bullets.

The protective capacity of this composite armor against kinetic energy bombs is 350 mm, and the mass factor Em is 1.18 (the quality factor Em is for a certain armor, and the relevant armor with the same protection capability is equivalent to the weight ratio of homogeneous steel armor); for chemical energy bombs The protection capacity is 750 mm, and the quality factor is 2.54. The average density of Ml tank composite armor is 5488 kg/m3, while the density of homogeneous steel armor is 7850 kg/m3. The former is only equivalent to two-thirds of the latter.

This model is also in line with international protection wheeled armored vehicle protection on mainstream trends. The vehicle maximum protection class front 1000 m 25 mm armor-piercing incendiary anti-, anti-l2.7 mm side 100 meters armor-piercing incendiary. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with international standard in addition to the collective three defense equipment and automatic fire extinguishing devices, installed on both sides of the turret is still a unique smoke bomb launchers, smoke can be made when necessary to effectively circumvent effectively improve the battlefield viability.

The car is resistant to 12.7mm armor-piercing incendiary bombs at 100 meters in the front (the upper deck is protected by ricochet bombs), and at 100 meters from the side, it is resistant to 7.62mm armor-piercing incendiary bombs, and the rear 120 meters can resist 7.62mm ordinary bombs. By increasing the thickness of the draped armor, the protection level of the vehicle can be improved. With the same installation structure, the protection level of the vehicle can be increased to 1000 meters on the front to prevent 25mm armor-piercing incendiary bombs, and 100 meters from the side to prevent 12.7mm armor-piercing combustion shell.

In view of the weaknesses of the wheeled armored vehicles exposed in the Iraq War, the vehicles intake and exhaust shutters use a linkage plate flip mechanism that is opened and closed by hydraulic control, which not only ensures the vehicles intake and exhaust requirements, but also prevent the Molotove Cocktail [Chinese = "flame bottle"] attack in street fighting.

Each side of the turret is equipped with a set of 3 projectile smoke bomb launchers, and the car is equipped with a collective three-proof device and an automatic fire extinguishing device. The fire extinguishing system has a combination of automatic and manual functions. The automatic fire extinguishing system can automatically or manually start work when it detects a fire alarm signal.

The exterior of the car body can be coated with anti-infrared stealth paint to improve the survivability of the vehicle on the battlefield.

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